Monday, May 19, 2014

Introducing one of Peirce College’s very first Human Resource Management graduates!

CONGRATULATIONS: The inaugural Human Resources
Management class will graduate on June 9.
Over the past few years, the field of human resources has achieved faster-than-average growth as HR professionals are taking on increasingly strategic roles in organizations within many industries.

Because our understanding of the job market in Philadelphia plays a large part in the College’s program development, we decided to introduce our Bachelor of Science degree in Human Resource Management in 2011. Now, in 2014, our inaugural class will graduate on June 9!

We sat down with Ursula Days, a member of this graduating class, to discuss what made her choose Peirce, this area of study, and her plans for using her new degree.

After attending Murrell Dobbins High School in the Germantown section of Philadelphia, Ursula entered the workforce with a health insurance agency. She spent 10 years working successfully with customers in the agency’s call center when she decided it was time head back to school and further her education.

Ursula started taking classes at the Computer Learning Center in the City before it closed abruptly five months later. Although she still received credit for the core classes completed, experiencing this setback made Ursula wary of enrolling in another college right away. So, she made a career move that brought her to the City of Philadelphia as a supervisor in the revenue department, and began a family.

As you might know, the City of Philadelphia offers different options when it comes to helping its employees complete higher levels of education, and over the course of the next several years, Ursula became aware of these opportunities and attended an open house at Peirce. The energy and enthusiasm of the Peirce faculty drew her in, and she enrolled in the Business program with a concentration in Human Resources. When the College introduced its Human Resources bachelor’s degree option, Ursula was eager to switch and focus on her passion.

Ursula quickly found that the convenience of Peirce made her experience of returning to school incredibly positive; after hearing about it through the City for so many years, she was happy to find out that the College was as reputable as it sounded, and was in walking distance of her office. The short commute was a perk that convinced Ursula to begin her journey, but it was the professors that got her to stay.

“I felt like each time a professor saw me struggling with something, or if they could tell that I didn’t understand something, they were willing and able to assist me. If something was going on, they could tell, so I felt like the teachers were able to give me a truly personal experience. I had that one-on-one attention I was looking for; they would ask me all the time, ‘Was everything okay? Did I have any questions?’ They were always encouraging me to look more into this, use those resources. So I found the teachers to be very helpful, caring, and compassionate.”

After graduating in June, Ursula plans to use her new degree to expand her career in the human resources field.

Congratulations to Ursula!