Monday, June 9, 2014

Introducing Analise Dennis of Peirce College’s inaugural Criminal Justice Studies graduating class!

Earlier this week, we shared the story of Norman Watford, a Peirce student and Marine who is graduating on June 9 as a part of Peirce’s very first graduating class from our Criminal Justice Studies program.

graduate as a part of our inaugural class tonight!
Norman’s classmate, Analise Dennis, an aspiring member of the juvenile justice field, has also agreed to share her story with us by answering some questions about Peirce, the program, and her educational journey as a whole.

How did you find Peirce?
Well, I found out about Peirce when I was researching colleges in Philadelphia about a year and a half ago. I was living in Atlanta at the time, and after visiting Philadelphia and getting to look at Peirce, I made my decision to move so I could attend.

What specifically made you choose Peirce?
After attending to an extremely large and busy university in the past, the atmosphere at Peirce was more appealing to me. In the end, I chose Peirce because of the accommodating schedules available and the more intimate learning settings in the classroom.

What was the admissions process like, coming from so far out-of-state?

The admission process was easy! I applied and was welcomed as a student very quickly.
Do you have anything specific you want to highlight about your experience with the CJS program?
Yes. I loved having the guest speakers come into the classroom from various fields of the criminal justice system. It sparked discussions with my classmates and inspired me to look into new research topics – which I really enjoyed.

How do you feel that Peirce’s Criminal Justice Studies program has prepared you for a career in the field?
In my capstone class, I was taught how to sit in a panel interview, something I had never done before. My professor organized different professionals from various areas of the Criminal Justice field to come to campus to participate in this, so it really was a hands-on experience.  Learning how to conduct myself in an interview with multiple people asking questions was very rewarding.  
Also, my classes have always been extremely interesting. Each day, I was interested to see what speaker will come in next, or what we will be discussing. My professors have always been super supportive towards me and my classmates and our futures.

What are you most looking forward to about Commencement?
Besides getting my associate degree, I am really and truly excited to see my fellow classmates graduate with me! We have all been together for a couple years now, and I’m so eager to see them get their degree as well!

What would you like to do with your degree after graduation?
Continue my education! I plan to earn my bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice Studies at Peirce College and then continue on to my master’s degree in the future. Hopefully I will get a job in the juvenile justice field.

What advice would you give to other potential adult learners who are considering going back to school?
I believe that you can definitely always make time in your schedule to learn more! The more I learn, the more motivated I am to learn even more! Continuing your education is hard at first, but it gets easier – I promise! 

We are so excited to watch this very special class of Peirce graduates walk across that stage tonight! Thank you for sharing your story with us, Analise, and congratulations!