Monday, July 28, 2014

Peirce College unveils 3 new programs to help you achieve your dream career

unveiling 3 new programs.
At Peirce College, we strive to create degree programs that are innovative in meeting the needs of today’s employers, and also fit the needs of our students, allowing them to get the most out of earning their college degree.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce three new programs that are now available to current and prospective students: Legal Studies in Business, a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice Studies, and Technology Management.

Legal Studies in Business. This program combines a law and business curriculum– so students are able to pursue career paths in both industries.

The program focuses on making sure students are comfortable with all aspects of the legal and business arenas by emphasizing contract principles, policies and regulations, and compliances. The faculty teaching this course holds expert and leadership positions in the legal studies and business community, and will take a hands-on approach in teaching students who are entering this field.

 This degree can be completed online in a fully accelerated format, and graduates will receive academic credentials in line with the needs and demands of a JD program, an MBA program, a dual JD/MBA degree, or MSOLM. It is transfer-friendly, serving the needs of bachelor degree completers.

BS in Criminal Justice Studies. This cutting edge Criminal Justice Studies program is focused on the issues of today and structured to give students an industry-leading exposure to top professionals currently in the field. The faculty members leading this program consist of homeland security professionals, FBI agents, police officers, and more.

Key benefits of this program include the fact that it is stackable with the College’s current associate’s Criminal Justice Studies program, and credits are easily transferrable from local community colleges.
Unlike other similar programs in the area, this program is fully available online, and helps those students who are new to the field in addition to those already employed and looking to boost their career with the foot-in-the-door they need to excel.

Technology Management.The College’s new Technology Management is a great option for our students who are already working in the IT field and have some college credits, and are looking to complete their degrees. Our unique course map allows them to further develop higher-level technology skills and finish their degrees.

This program focuses on the integration of technology and business.  Other areas of focus include:

•    Technology strategy and budgeting
•     Policy issues
•    Managing and leveraging an organization’s data
•    Systems project management
•    Understanding an organization’s technology needs and designing and integrating successful technology solutions

Graduates of this program will leave Peirce with a bright future, as this industry is projected to experience a large number of job openings. In fact, according to BLS and PAWorkStats, IT positions are expected to grow by 18 percent nation-wide over the next 10 years, and by 8 percent in Pennsylvania alone.

We are very excited to be able to add these programs to the ever-growing list of opportunities Peirce College offers our students! If you have more questions about any of these programs, please contact the Admissions department at