Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Could this be the Most Important Factor in Student Success?

Welcome back students! As you return for the fall session and prepare for academic success, we thought it would be helpful to take a look at an issue that potentially has the most impact on class grades and degree completion.

Obviously there are many factors that affect your grades and how long it takes to graduate. However, many educational scholars argue that class attendance can better predict overall college success than most any other factor. We agree.

At Peirce, we clearly see the connection between students who regularly attend class and those who succeed. We’re convinced there is a direct relationship between absences, GPA, and degree completion.

For example, take a look at these statistics:
  • 97% of students who attend every class pass their course.
  • Students who miss 3 or more classes per course have a 75% chance of failing and generally end up owing a balance of their financial aid.
  • Missing even 1 class increases your chance of failing a course.
Peirce has a longstanding commitment to students who have busy schedules. Whether you’re raising a family, attending classes while working full time or just want to accelerate the time it takes to earn your degree, we’ve designed programs that help you reach your academic and professional goals in much less time than traditional college courses.

However, as a result of this accelerated pace, a single class can be equivalent to three or four classes in a traditional college course. With only eight classes in each session, even missing just one could have a significant impact on success in the class as well as the impact that the class will have on your future. Missing 2 classes equates to 25% of the entire course, making it extremely challenging to catch back up.

Then there is the financial consequence of missing class. Your financial aid, including any refund you may be due, could be disqualified because of class absences. If you fail or have to withdraw from a course, you may not receive your refund and will still have to pay for that class.

Unforeseeable events can happen to anyone and sometimes missing a class is unpreventable. But if you suspect there’s a possibility you may miss one or more classes in a single session, consider our online courses that allow more flexibility.

Good luck on your studies this session! If you need any support please take advantage of the many student services we offer to help you succeed.