Tuesday, October 28, 2014

THE REAL DEAL: Peirce Greek Reunion Recap

Imagine being in a room filled to the brim with a group of people who were part of one of the most fun, rewarding periods of your life. Sound like a dream? If you were a member of a fraternity or sorority at Peirce from the 50s through the 80s, the Peirce Greek Reunion on October 19 was indeed the real deal.

The event brought together 140 members of the school’s Greek community for an unprecedented celebration of the ties that bind, Peirce-style. Brothers and sisters representing four decades of the Greek experience gathered at Galdo’s Catering in South Philadelphia.

Old friends – some of whom had not seen each for decades- joyfully reconnected, swapped stories, and caught up with one another. College president Jim Mergiotti welcomed the guests and Peirce legend Ray Palzer’52 shared his heartfelt, funny memories of the Greek community. Add a cocktail reception, a festive meal, and dancing (there was *a lot* of dancing), and you had a very memorable experience for some very happy Peirce alumni.

“What a wonderful evening - we were all 19 years old again”, Gene Fazzie ’70 said of the reunion. Fazzie and his co-chair Carl Grozinski ’69 worked with an active committee of their fellow Greeks for over a year to plan reunion. As they were leaving the Reunion, guests were abuzz with talk of not if, but when the next reunion will take place. Stay tuned!

Enjoy this photo album of the Peirce Greek Reunion, and if you would like to be a part of planning future events, contact me at the Alumni Office by email or 215-670-9003).