Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Peirce Welcomes Jordan Greenwood as Legal Studies Advisor

We’re excited to welcome Jordan Greenwood to Peirce as the Legal Studies advisor! In this role she’ll help students who are pursuing degrees in Criminal Justice, Paralegal Studies, and Legal Studies in Business to plan for academic success and take advantage of the many resources Peirce has to offer. We had a chance to sit down with Jordan to discuss her role, thoughts on preparing students for today’s workforce, and advice for helping students achieve success at Peirce.   
Can you tell us about your background and why you came to Peirce?
My background is equal parts community outreach and academic advising, mostly within the Philadelphia area.  I earned my Bachelor’s from Temple and moved away from Philadelphia for graduate school.  When I finished my Master’s, I knew I wanted to come back and work with students largely from the Philadelphia area and as I narrowed down my search, Peirce kept popping up.  I took a closer look at the school, realized that its mission fit really well with my own goals and decided to apply for the Legal Studies advisor position.
Jordan Greenwood

Any goals or focus areas for continuing to improve/enhance the Peirce Legal Studies program?
The strong relationship between the Legal Studies faculty and the Advising Center is important and I’m excited for it to continue to develop.  Ed Miller and Bob Brzencheck, in particular, have been instrumental in making this happen.  Future collaborations between the Advising Center and the Legal Studies faculty will really help students to feel more supported and able to succeed at Peirce.

 What do you see as the biggest challenge facing students entering today’s legal field? How do you plan to help students overcome that challenge?
The biggest challenge is staying ahead of new developments in the field – particularly in terms of technology.  Fortunately, there are so many resources for students to take advantage of at Peirce.  The Criminal Justice and Legal Studies in Business programs have been completely revamped so that they better match current skills needed by employers, and the Paralegal Studies program has recently added several new technology-oriented classes.  I’m looking forward to working with students as they chart out their degree plans to help them make the most of these new offerings.  Students are also able to work with Career Services to market these skills in the best way possible towards prospective employers.

What advice would you give a student who isn’t sure if a career in the legal profession is right for them?
Talk to Legal Studies professors!  Talk to Career Services!  The biggest piece of advice I have would be to reach out to the many knowledgeable people they already have access to as Peirce students.  If that goes well, I would recommend taking an introductory course – but the first step is to reach out and start the conversation.

What are some goals students should be setting, academic or otherwise, as they prepare for a career in the legal field?
Organization skills, time management, and professional growth.  These three are pretty interrelated, and they are crucial for success in any field.  A well-developed organizational system that works for you makes managing your time so much easier.  Likewise, both organization skills and time management techniques can help you plan for professional growth and see where it fits in your day-to-day career. 

What advice do you have for busy working adults looking to pursue a degree?
My strongest piece of advice is to be mindful of your commitments.  I love working with students that are excited to come to Peirce and to finish their degrees – but the best way to do that isn’t necessarily to overload on courses every session until you earn your degree.  By being mindful of their commitments, students are able to evaluate the amount of time they can devote to classes each session and focus on succeeding in those courses. 

What are some common pitfalls students should avoid related to academic achievement?
Time management is probably the largest pitfall for students, in terms of academic achievement.  Fortunately, it’s also easy to improve. The Walker Center runs workshops that help students improve study skills and time management techniques, and we’re always happy to help students plan manageable class schedules at the Advising Center.  Once time management skills improve, many other pitfalls – missing classes or assignments, taking on a heavy course load – tend to fade. 

Thanks, Jordan for that insightful interview and welcome to Peirce! Students who have questions about Legal Studies or want to discuss planning out your academic program, can reach Jordan via email.