Tuesday, December 9, 2014

10 Questions to Ask Yourself when Considering a Career Change

The latest jobs report from November indicates that jobs are now growing quicker than they have since the turn of the century. This growth, combined with the recovery of the recession, is prompting more people than ever to consider transitioning into a new career.

Though it’s not just the economy driving the increase in career transitions. In today’s job market employees are more mobile than ever. Most will change jobs many times during the span and many employees will make 2-3 complete career change before retirement.

Nonetheless, transitioning careers can be intimidating, especially if you’re not prepared. The good news is that there are things you can do to make your transition seamless and significantly increase your chances for success.

So if you’re currently thinking about a career change or think that a possible career change could be on the horizon for 2015, start by asking yourself these questions. Taking the time to think through the answers will help you lay a strong foundation for your career transition:
  1. My current career is ________________________. Based on the skills I’ve gained through experience and new skills I’m willing to learn, how easy or difficult would it be to make a transition to a career in _______?
  2. Is the industry I’m considering experiencing growth?
  3. What aspects of my background are the most helpful in making the transition to a new career field? Which would be the biggest obstacles?
  4. What degrees or certificates are needed to obtain a position in my new career?
  5. The things I like the best about my current career are: _____________________. Will I find some of those same things in my new career? What about the things I dislike?
  6. How will this career align with my overall professional goals?
  7. What sacrifices and commitments might I have to make to switch into this new career field?
  8. Are their networking events or informational interviews I could attend to learn more about the field and expectations?
  9. What are the industry's biggest challenge now and in the future? How can I best position myself to help an employer overcome those challenges?
  10. What type of training or education do I need to be successful in this career?
In addition to the questions above, ask yourself how your upcoming career switch will align with your personal goals. Would a position in the new career challenge you, give you meaning, purpose, and personal satisfaction?

If you’re considering a career change and would like to speak to someone about how to make the change a reality, contact the Career Development Services at cds@peirce.edu , or call 215.670.9202 to make an appointment.