Thursday, January 8, 2015

Philadelphia Inquirer Highlights Value of Partnership between Peirce College and University of the Arts

Last January we told you about our strategic partnership with the University of the Arts that helps better prepare students for today’s job market. Through the partnership, Peirce offers current students of the University of the Arts a variety of courses in management, marketing, application development, and entrepreneurship along with many other courses that will help them build careers in business and as creative entrepreneurs. Peirce students can also take courses at University of the Arts in graphic design, multimedia, photography, performing arts, and many other courses that align with their personal and professional interests.

Recently the Philadelphia Inquirer reported on the value of this partnership along with other initiatives to help students throughout the region develop personally and professionally as they head out into the modern workforce. 

The article echoes the sentiment of University of the Arts President Sean T. Buffington who stated when the partnership was announced a year ago, “Artists and designers are increasingly building careers as creative entrepreneurs, and business leaders see more and more opportunity in the arts fields. The University of the Arts is excited to partner with Peirce College to help both student communities develop the skills necessary to succeed in the creative economy.”

James J. Mergiotti, Peirce College president and chief executive officer also sees the value the partnership brings to Peirce, “This cross registration agreement provides new opportunities for our students. Partnering with UArts will broaden Peirce students’ creative abilities while upholding our mission of equipping them with the career-related knowledge and tools they need to reach their educational and life goals.”

To learn more about the types of courses offered by Peirce to University of the Arts students take a look at the full list of courses.

If you’re a current Peirce student interested in enrolling in courses at the University of the Arts through the partnership and have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or above, earned at least 12 college-level credits, and completed any applicable developmental courses, you can get a full list of the courses offered to Peirce students here.

Learn more about the partnership and how to enroll in courses by contacting your advisor at or 888.868.4269 ext. 9177.