Friday, February 13, 2015

EACH DAY IS VALENTINE'S DAY: Dr. Rita Toliver-Roberts and David Roberts ‘12

While the Peirce experience is a shared bond among our 17,000+ alumni and the faculty and staff who serve them, some pairs of Peirce people feel the connection more deeply than others. There are many couples who met while going to school here, persuaded their better half to attend the College as they did, or otherwise parlayed their Peirce connection into a love match.  However, in observance of this Valentine’s Day, we turn the spotlight on one very special Peirce couple.

Before he even enrolled for his first class at the College, David Roberts, a member of the class of 2012 who is now an IS Manager at Thomas Jefferson University, understood better than most prospective students about the benefits of a Peirce education:  his wife is Dr. Rita Toliver-Roberts, the College's Vice President, Academic Advancement.  After working several years in computer technology and securing varied IT certifications, David decided to come to Peirce to earn his IT degree.  As a student, he enjoyed learning from practitioner faculty who appreciated his work experience, and also established strong professional relationships with his professors like Dr. Pat Coyle and Bob Huebner. 

Dr. Rita Toliver-Roberts' true passion for providing educational opportunities to our learning community has proven not only inspirational to her husband but also extremely impactful in the lives of the thousands of students with whom she has interacted during the 18 years she has served at Peirce.  Her own academic credentials are formidable:  she has a BA in Psychology from Rowan University, an MS in Counseling from Rider University, and her Ed.D. from Rowan University.  And the Peirce family connections don't stop with her husband, since her twin sister Renee Toliver-Bailey also graduated from the College. 

Through their individual achievements, David and Rita are proud to provide a strong example of the value of education for their two children, David and Sydney.  Nowhere has this fact been better demonstrated than on a very special night in June 2012 at the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia.  At that year's Commencement ceremony, Dr. Rita Toliver-Roberts had the honor of presenting her husband David with his Peirce diploma.   

Don’t you just love it when a Valentine’s Day story has a picture perfect ending …especially one which finds Peirce at the heart of the tale!