Monday, February 9, 2015

President Mergiotti Featured in Philadelphia Business Journal

For nearly six years, President Jim Mergiotti has been leading the charge for innovation here at Peirce College and for higher education in general. Recently, he was celebrated for this and his student-centric approach in a feature by the Philadelphia Business Journal where he was named one of The Future Transformers of Philadelphia!

In the article, the PBJ details some of his achievements and innovations, from the beginning of Peirce Online in 2000, which gave students a new realm of flexibility in course options, to the school’s first master’s degree program in Organizational Leadership & Management, which the College introduced in 2013

President Mergiotti featured in Philadelphia Business Journal as a Future Transformer
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President Mergiotti was a unanimous selection in 2009 as the college’s seventh president, after serving as Peirce’s VP of Administration and, subsequently, as its Chief Operating Officer over the prior eleven years. In his own words, Peirce College “is in the business of transforming lives” of non-traditional college students of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds. "We provide skills, knowledge and experiences that in return provide a lifetime of opportunity for students.”

As we celebrate the College’s 150th anniversary, President Mergiotti is already laying the foundation for Peirce innovations over the next 100 years. “I envision Peirce being the recognized higher education leader in providing adult learners a direct and customized path to employer-valued skills and credentials,” he states on our 150th anniversary website.

At Peirce College, we appreciate President Mergiotti’s guidance, leadership, and innovative spirit and congratulate him on being listed as a Future Transformer of Philadelphia!