Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Students, Strengthen your Leadership Skills with our Retreat!

At Peirce College, we understand that many of our students want to earn their college degree so they can transition into leadership roles, apply for new positions at different organizations, and take the next step in their careers.  We encourage students to spend their time at Peirce honing the leadership skills they will need to meet these goals, and taking advantage of opportunities inside and outside of the classroom.

Each year, The Walker Center for Academic Excellence sponsors a Student Leadership Retreat.  We invite students to take some time away from their busy lives to focus on building their leadership skills and abilities in an environment that is outside of the classroom.  The retreat is focused on a variety of workshops and activities to develop and strengthen communication skills, emotional leadership, strategic decision making, and personal brand identity.  

At the end of the retreat, students have a chance to incorporate these skills and show off their personal brand in a leadership presentation for their peers.   And it’s not just business! We understand that our students are juggling multiple responsibilities, including school, work and family, and we make sure that the retreat incorporates downtime so that students can enjoy the time away and relax. 

To learn more about what attendees take away from this annual event, you can read one student’s perspective after attending our retreat last year here.

This year’s retreat will be held from March 14 through March 15 at ACE Conference Center in Lafayette Hill, Penn. We’ll provide transportation to and from the retreat.  Attendees are asked to attend a mandatory orientation, either online or on campus. We require a $20 non-refundable deposit for registration. If you’re interested in the opportunity, contact the Walker Center at 888.467.3472, ext. 9251, or email Spots are filling up quickly, so give us a call today!