Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Women’s History Month and National Criminal Justice Month Converge in a series of Events at Peirce

Did you know that March is National Criminal Justice Studies month?  In that spirit, the criminal justice studies department at Peirce will honor those who serve on the front lines of the criminal justice profession, those who really make an impactful dent in crime, and those who are thought leaders in our field.

I’d like to invite you to attend two events based around those monthly themes. These events are designed to provide you with insight and first-hand knowledge from various members of the criminal justice community.

Women who are Leaders in Intimate Partner Violence - March 17th 5:30-7PM        

Bob Brzenchek,
 Assistant Professor and Criminal Justice Studies Program Manager  
On March 17, as we’re kicking off our second ever class who will graduate with associates in Criminal Justices Studies, we’ll be holding the National Criminal Justice event, “Women Who are Leaders in Intimate Partner Violence.” Peirce College professor, Kate Watson, will begin the event with a presentation on intimate partner violence. Watson, who is also a victim advocate at UPenn and Drexel, is an expert in social services and regularly speaks on these issues around the country.

Following Kate Watson’s presentation, myself along with other speakers, including one from the Philadelphia Police Department’s Special Victims Unit, will also speak to issues that recognize the growing number of women as law enforcement professionals and criminal justice students.

The event will be held on March 17th, from 5:30-7PM during the Criminal Justice Studies capstone course. It will be open to any Peirce Criminal Justice, Paralegal, and Legal Studies in Business students. If there is enough room, students from other majors are also welcome to join.          

Gangs and Crime: Integrating Predictive Gang Prevention March 19th 9:00AM – 4:00PM

The next Criminal Justice event will be a presentation by myself along with two detectives who not only provide consulting around the country, but actually serve in the streets on the front lines in the war against gang violence. These award-winning gang investigators and Senior Detectives, Garrick Poncynzski and Ben Pieper, will join me on March 19th from 9:00AM – 4:00PM. During the workshops we’ll discuss various issues and skills needed to combat gang problems. Topics include team building, funding your gang task force, identifying and assessing gang threats in your area and much more.

The event is open to all Peirce students, law enforcement professionals, intelligence officials, and others with an interest in combating gang violence.

Lastly, I’d like to note another event I’ll be speaking at taking place on March 3 at the Academy of Criminal Justices Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida. This is the annual meeting of practitioners and students throughout the entire United States in the criminal justice field. I’ll be representing Peirce at the event by presenting at one of the criminal justice-specific training seminars for instructors. There will also be a number of round tables where practitioners can collaborate on various best practices in the field, current trends, and new technologies that are being leveraged in our space. It is an excellent opportunity for students and practitioners to information share and collaboration with one another

I encourage you to join us for these events as they provide insight into working in the criminal justice system and expose you to a variety of thought leaders who have spent their careers in the field.

To RSVP to Women who are Leaders in Intimate Partner Violence please email rmbrzenchek@peirce.edu.  

To RSVP to Gangs and Crime: Integrating Predictive Gang Prevention click here.