Monday, March 30, 2015

Peirce College Accounting Degree Prepares Students for Large Growth in Demand

According to the Bureau of Statistics, employment of accountants is expected to grow 22% by 2018. As new innovations, processes and technology emerge, the skills students will need to excel as accounting professionals must also reflect these changes.

Our career-oriented Accounting program prepares students for diversified positions in the field of accounting. The strong concentration on accounting topics in the curriculum is enhanced with the integration of appropriate business and general education courses. In addition, students learn critical skills such as the importance of understanding and grasping accounting knowledge domestically and globally, quantitative analysis, teamwork, and critical thinking.

At Peirce, these skills are taught to students by academically and professionally qualified faculty dedicated and committed to student-centered learning. A forward-leaning model, coursework is student outcome-focused, relevant to the marketplace, and offered in an accelerated format fully online or on campus to meet the needs of today’s busy professionals. In addition, career development services, instructional infrastructure, and academic supportive services available to all students.

After completing the program, graduates will meet the accounting credit hour education requirements to sit for the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) examination, though there are additional requirements before the license is granted.  Peirce offers a Graduate Scholars program to eligible undergraduate students allowing them to complete six graduate credits that can be applied to both undergraduate and graduate levels, a great benefit for accounting scholars pursuing the total 150 credit hours required for the CPA.

Peirce graduates have found employment in all areas of accounting, performing various supervisory, analytical and other challenging functions in organizations such as:
  • Government agencies
  • Small to medium size companies
  • Public accountancy
  • Graduate studies
While accounting is not for everyone, those who thrive in such an orderly, data-driven profession can enjoy a financially, professionally, and personally rewarding career. Peirce College Accounting degree program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), a testament of its top quality.

Skilled accountants are in demand, and the Peirce College Accounting program positions its graduates to take advantage of the tremendous number of opportunities to make a positive impact on businesses and other organizations needing their services. To learn more about the program, visit the Accounting program page on the Peirce website or contact an admissions representative today.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Peirce College Continues to Offer a Variety of Benefits to Military Students

Peirce has always had a long-standing commitment to members of the Armed Forces who choose to continue their education. From our founding when we first opened our doors to provide returning Civil War vets with the preparation needed to return to the workforce, through both World Wars and up until the present, the support of veterans has always been deeply engrained in our culture.

An important part of supporting our military students is our participation in DANTES, a program sponsored by the Department of Defense and in partnership with the American Council on Education (ACE) that helps service members to pursue their educational goals. This program, which stands for Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES), allows our military students to
earn college credit based on their knowledge and experience obtained both during and after their service.

In addition to DANTES, we provide a range of benefits for military students that can help ease the financial burden of returning to school. These benefits include the Protect and Serve grant, a special tuition-based scholarship designed specifically to fit the busy, mobile lifestyle of military members and their families. The grant can reduce tuition by up to 25% and spouses and dependents are also qualified.

Peirce College is also a long-standing member of Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges (SOC), and we have a full Military Support Team dedicated to answering any questions you may have.
The Peirce learning environment is ideal for military students who come with so many skills acquired through their service. Qualities like attention to detail, ability to function in stressful situations, and teamwork are all developed while in service, and they contribute to the success that Peirce military student while pursuing their degree.

Learn more about the DANTES exam, administered by The Chauncey Group International, a division of the ETS. Your credit eligibility for courses based on other standardized tests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis based on the American Council on Education’s (ACE) standards. You can also learn more about Peirce’s support for military students by visiting our Military Student FAQs page.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Peirce Recognized with Four 2015 CUPPIE Awards

I’m excited to announce that, for the fifth year in a row, Peirce College has been recognized by CUPRAP (College and University Public Relations and Associated Professionals) in their annual CUPPIE awards for outstanding work in our marketing and communications campaigns. These awards acknowledge our efforts to develop and implement advertising that speaks directly to our prospective students and what we believe in here at Peirce College.

This year, Peirce received awards in four categories:
  • Gold in the radio category
  • Gold in the outdoor category
  • Silver in the agency-produced online category
  • Bronze in the video category
 Through the annual CUPPIE awards, CUPRAP recognizes colleges, universities and independent schools that advance the understanding of higher education through their marketing.

It is an honor to be recognized once again for the quality of our work, especially given the caliber of our neighboring institutions. We always strive for impact and authenticity in our campaigns so that prospective students have real and credible information on which to base their decisions.

CUPRAP boasts nearly 350 members from 100 institutions who work in public relations, media relations, marketing, publications, sports information, and web and graphic design. Peirce was selected from more than 380 submissions for the awards. The entries were judged by experts in the field of communications in education, designers, writers, educators, corporate executives and media professionals.

Friday, March 20, 2015

The Impact of Social Media in Criminal Justice

Social media has impacted almost every industry over the past decade and the criminal justice field is no exception. In recent years, we’ve seen a rather swift adoption of social media networks by law enforcement, changing the face of how our police and investigators pursue criminals and interact with their communities.

According to some sources, in up to 80% of cases, social media is referenced to build a case or conduct an investigation. That is absolutely staggering when you consider that mere years ago, that number was at zero. Let’s explore how social media is impacting law enforcement, criminal investigation, community interaction, and criminal justice as a discipline.

Crime & Investigations
When it comes to investigating crime, social media has become a critical component. Authorities are posting crime scene photos and surveillance footage on police department Facebook pages, Twitter streams, and YouTube channels, getting the word out about recent crimes and open cases.

Not only are police departments publishing content to help apprehend criminals, but they are also acquiring subpoenas that allow them to go through private messages for investigative purposes.

In some cases, by gaining access to suspects’ social media accounts, investigators are better able to build and make a case. It’s not uncommon for such private messages to include damning correspondence that directly links the suspect to the crime, like this reopened case from a Virginia court in 2012.

Community Outreach
Social media as a part of community building and outreach strategy can also be extremely effective for law enforcement agencies. The Philadelphia Police Force maintains one of the largest active communities on Facebook, and posts everything from surveillance footage to officer spotlights to even important emergency advisories, such as inclement weather and utility outages.

By providing the community with valuable content about their city, town, or jurisdiction, law enforcement is able to build on consistent engagement with those they protect and serve. Through consistency and strategic messaging, they are essentially able to transform their communities into extensions of their criminal justice systems; their virtual eyes and ears across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media networks.

At Peirce, we make it a point to stay up-to-date with the trends and technologies impacting the current criminal justice landscape. This currency and relevancy is incorporated throughout the program to prepare students to graduate with the skills needed to excel in this constantly evolving field. To learn more about the Peirce Criminal Justice program, visit the Peirce Legal Studies page or contact admissions by email or at 215-670-9214

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

WWI Creates Opportunity for Women at Peirce

As we celebrate Women’s History Month at Peirce College, we reflect back on one of the most tumultuous times in our country, and in modern civilization: World War I. This global conflict from a century ago actually helped create the shift from women largely being homemakers, to filling jobs that were critical to the country – many of them created specifically because of war time needs. In addition to women entering the workforce in record numbers, they also began taking college courses in numbers not previously seen. Peirce proudly welcomed these women and played an important part in preparing this American civilian army to fill these positions.

Heeding the calls from former President Teddy Roosevelt during the 1917 Peirce commencement address, in which he stressed the need for civilian participation, Peirce quickly mobilized.

The college, which at the time had recently been renamed Peirce School of Business Administration, quickly initiated a number of special programs and activities to help the country face its national emergency. Among these programs were Peirce’s specialized War Courses. “These focused, intensive programs prepared America’s working army to support the country at home by giving them the skills needed to fill positions in government, at the Red Cross, and clerical positions in the draft depleted private sector,” says Bart Everts, the Reference and Instruction Librarian at Peirce College.

Courses like typewriting, calculating, and business arithmetic - cutting edge and in-demand at the time – ran from 10 – 30 weeks as well as offered courses to students during the summer. Stenographers in particular were in huge demand and Peirce offered several courses to help fill this gap. “The courses were thorough, but able to quickly get women out and filling these critical positions,” says Everts. With husbands and sons now overseas, many of these courses were flexible, offering day or evening classes as a way to accommodate busy working women.

Though Peirce saw a significant increase in enrollment by women, these courses were also extended to local branches of the Armed Services, such as the Army Ordnance Field Service, and Naval Reserves to train war time recruits in typing and other modern military bureaucracy related roles.

By the end of the war, it became clear that women were not just “fill in” workers while men were overseas fighting, but skilled workers that would continue to play an important role in the nation’s workforce. At Peirce, in the nearly 100 years since the Great War, women have continued to make up a large part of the student body and today are responsible for over 70% of total enrollment.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Top 3 Apps for Peirce College Students

While balancing the many responsibilities that adult learners have can present challenges, we’ve found that Peirce students seemingly find ways to become more efficient and effective each session. As the mobile revolution continues to pervade our lives, more and more apps are being developed that can continue to increase our productivity and keep us organized.

From file management to optimizing daily tasks to staying up to date with your courses, we’ve rounded up three apps that can help you be more efficient and stay productive.

1.  File Management: Google Drive
Assignments today can be a mix of all sorts of media, from documents to images to even video. And with the number of devices you use, having access to all of your work can be a challenge. Google Drive provides a useful solution – now you can access your coursework from anywhere, even if you’re only at a desktop at the library. Since Google Drive is cloud based, simply save your files to
your laptop, mobile, or from a web browser and it automatically syncs across all devices. You can also invite classmates to collaborate on folders and files, streamlining group projects.

2. Priorities:
The streamlined interface allows you to enter to-dos based on ‘today,’ ‘tomorrow,’ and ‘later,’ and it also features both timed and location-based reminders. The app will allow you to set up tasks and subtasks and share them with your group when collaborating on projects. You can also prioritize classes, assignments, meetings, and more, and the app syncs across devices, on both iOS and Android.

3. In the Classroom:  Pearson Learning Studio Courses
Pearson Learning Studio allows you to access course content and related material right from your mobile device. The app also includes an activity stream that lets you view and interact with discussions, grades, and submissions. You can see due dates for various assignments and up to date announcements from instructors. The Pearson Learning Studio is like your on-the-go classroom and course organizer!

What are your favorite apps to keep you organized and productive as a busy student?

Friday, March 6, 2015

Peirce College Celebrates Women in Leadership

Peirce was founded on, and has historically been led by, visionaries. In 1893, when numerous institutions of higher education embraced a status quo that excluded women's participation in higher education, Peirce leaders opted, instead, for inclusion. They blazed the trail and created an environment that made education accessible, attainable, and relevant for women. This month’s 150th anniversary cartoon celebrates Peirce’s unwavering focus and commitment to women and the development of their—of our-- leadership. 

Today, we continue the Peirce tradition of serving women. In fact, well over 70% of our students are women, many of them pursuing an education while also juggling myriad responsibilities including family, work, and community. Since opening our doors to women, we have always ensured they have been supported.

Our celebration of women and support of their development and leadership couldn’t be more timely!  After all, March is Women’s History Month!  It is also the springboard for the implementation of our College’s three-year Strategic Plan.  We are currently in the process of implementing our next wave of innovation, expanding our geographic footprint, deepening our relationships with businesses, and providing even more expedient paths to degree completion complemented by customized support services.  All that we do will continue to support the women we educate and serve.

Going forward, our next 150 years will expand the work we have done in our first 150. Back then, we were not afraid to embrace change.  Today, we are even further driven and more proud than ever of our pioneering spirit. It’s simply been a part of the Peirce DNA.  It is this makeup that has kept us steadfast in our commitment to educating and empowering women.   As the needs of women have evolved, both personally and professionally, we have decided to not just keep pace.  Instead, we have resolved to  be as proactive as we were when our first leader, Thomas May Peirce, vowed that following the beaten path and accepting the norm wasn’t good enough for Peirce College. We remain committed to his courageous vision and spirit. 

We invite you to celebrate Women’s History Month with us throughout the month of March and beyond.   You can start by joining us in the weeks ahead by participating in two informative events at Peirce College:
  • Women in Leadership Speaker Series: This panel discussion featuring senior leaders from local businesses and industries will be held on March 12th. Here, we will also honor two outstanding Peirce women who have done remarkable work academically and professionally.
  • Women Who Are Leaders in Intimate Partner Violence: This event is a discussion led by our Legal Studies Division.  We will be featuring Peirce College Professor and victim advocate, Kate Watson, along with Assistant Professor and Criminal Justice Studies program manager, Bob Brzenchek. The event will also feature other speakers including a representative from Philadelphia Police Department’s Special Victims Unit. The discussion will be held on March 17th, from 5:30-7PM during the Criminal Justice Studies capstone course.
In March, we hone in on and celebrate women as students, graduates, employees, and stakeholders. But our commitment isn’t limited by the constraints of a calendar. Just as we did 150 years ago, we will continue our legacy of celebrating, educating and supporting all students with quality and equality year-round.  It was our leader’s decision in our initial stages and it remains a constant we are most proud of today.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Women in Leadership Spotlight: Mary B. Peirce

As we celebrate Women in Leadership as part of our 150th anniversary, we honor a true pioneer in adult education and a pivotal figure in Peirce’s rich history, Mary B. Peirce.

Mary B. Peirce, the eldest daughter of Thomas May Peirce, became the third principal of Peirce school when she assumed the role in 1898. She holds the distinction of the longest serving principal at Peirce College, having held the position for 62 years until her death in 1960.
Mary B. Peirce, a true pioneer in adult education
and a pivotal figure in Peirce College history

Being aware of the prejudice during the time period against women holding positions of power, she initially had misgivings about accepting the position. However, after encouragement from prominent businessmen such as John Wanamaker and Boise Penrose along with other friends of her father, she accepted the position. Nonetheless, she still adopted the practice of using only her initials, M.B. to disguise her femininity.

Mary Peirce was highly educated having attended Philadelphia High School for Girls and as a graduate of Dickinson College. However, she had little administrative experience and thus would delegate out some of the day-to-day operations to school director, Louis B. Moffett.

During her time at Peirce, the school would see growth and expansion in all areas, from enrollment to curriculum and even international relations. She played an instrumental role in guiding the school into the 20th century, and led the school through pivotal events such as the Depression, both World Wars, and technological advancements on a scale the world had never seen before.

Among many achievements, Mary Peirce was responsible for the creation of the Spanish-American department at Peirce, the establishment of the Information Department, which was “maintained not only for the benefit of its graduates and former students, but for the general public as well,” and in 1915, the move to Peirce’s current location at 1420 Broad St. An innovator in her time, she established the Advertising course in 1901, the Secretarial course in 1910, and Peirce’s new two-year option in 1920. 

Learn more about this influential leader of Peirce College who introduced many changes that evolved the school in order to better meet the contemporary needs of working adults, by visiting her 150th Anniversary, “Many Leaders, One Purpose” page.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Peirce Career Development Services Presents Women in Leadership Event

Have you ever wondered how highly successful women balance work, life, and family? Now is your chance to find out. This month, as part of the 150th anniversary, we celebrate women in leadership and invite you to join us for our annual Women in Leadership event on March 12th.

 The event, sponsored by TD Bank, is an excellent opportunity to network with Philadelphia employers and hear from industry leaders about how they have achieved success. This year, our panelists will include: 
  • Jeanie Heffernan, SVP, Human Resources at Independence Blue Cross
  • Markita Louis, SVP Community Affairs and General Counsel at Clarifi
  • Tammy Pollard, Director, HR Learning and Organizational Development, AmeriHealth Caritas
  • Amber Racine, Immediate Past President  at Raynes McCarty-Attorney & Barrister's Association & Co-Chair at Philadelphia Bar Association’s Women in the Profession Committee
  • Jannet Walker, Deputy Program Director, Management Processes at Philadelphia International Airport
While numbers from 2013 indicated that only about 15% of CEO and leadership positions were occupied by women, there is plenty of evidence that these numbers are on the rise. In a recent McKinsey study of 60 major corporations, women made up 27% of vice presidents, 24% of senior vice presidents, and nearly 20% of CEO-level executives. If you’ve ever asked how they did it or thought about how you can achieve the same level of success, this event is for you. 

The Women in Leadership event will be held at Peirce on Thursday, March 12th from 5:30 – 7:30 in rooms 51 & 52. Tickets are free, but seats are limited. Learn more and register here.