Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Top 3 Apps for Peirce College Students

While balancing the many responsibilities that adult learners have can present challenges, we’ve found that Peirce students seemingly find ways to become more efficient and effective each session. As the mobile revolution continues to pervade our lives, more and more apps are being developed that can continue to increase our productivity and keep us organized.

From file management to optimizing daily tasks to staying up to date with your courses, we’ve rounded up three apps that can help you be more efficient and stay productive.

1.  File Management: Google Drive
Assignments today can be a mix of all sorts of media, from documents to images to even video. And with the number of devices you use, having access to all of your work can be a challenge. Google Drive provides a useful solution – now you can access your coursework from anywhere, even if you’re only at a desktop at the library. Since Google Drive is cloud based, simply save your files to
your laptop, mobile, or from a web browser and it automatically syncs across all devices. You can also invite classmates to collaborate on folders and files, streamlining group projects.

2. Priorities:
The streamlined interface allows you to enter to-dos based on ‘today,’ ‘tomorrow,’ and ‘later,’ and it also features both timed and location-based reminders. The app will allow you to set up tasks and subtasks and share them with your group when collaborating on projects. You can also prioritize classes, assignments, meetings, and more, and the app syncs across devices, on both iOS and Android.

3. In the Classroom:  Pearson Learning Studio Courses
Pearson Learning Studio allows you to access course content and related material right from your mobile device. The app also includes an activity stream that lets you view and interact with discussions, grades, and submissions. You can see due dates for various assignments and up to date announcements from instructors. The Pearson Learning Studio is like your on-the-go classroom and course organizer!

What are your favorite apps to keep you organized and productive as a busy student?