Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Is It Time for a Career Change? How to Succeed in Three Fast-Growing Fields

Technology. Healthcare. Leadership.  U.S. industries are desperately in need of professionals with knowledge in these areas, but what are the best opportunities within each field? Moreover, if you’ve thought about making a career transition, what fields show the most promise? Here are some of the top jobs in 2015 and how Peirce can help you succeed in them.

Medical coding

Medical coding professionals are in high demand as the healthcare industry prepares to adopt the new federally mandated ICD-10 coding standard this October. With more than 123,000 new codes, ICD-10 is a major update to the outgoing ICD-9 system, creating a need for professionals who are well versed and experienced in the new classifications.

Earning a Medical Coding Certificate and taking the AHIMA Certified Coding Specialist (CCS) Exam will prepare you for a medical coding career. Pursuing an associate degree in Health Information Technology or a bachelor’s degree in Health Information Administration after you earn your Medical Coding Certificate will further strengthen your qualifications. Peirce’s Medical Coding Certificate, HIT and HIA degree curricula prepares students with the knowledge they need to earn their credentials and be part of the solution health industry professionals need as they update to ICD-10. 


Reports show IT industry growth will continue, which means a bright future for technology professionals of all stripes. The worldwide information technology industry is projected to grow 5.1 percent in 2015, according to CompTIA’s IT Industry Outlook 2015 report. That’s up from 2014’s 3.4 percent forecast. 

IT professionals are more essential to the workplace than ever before. According to Computerworld’s 2015 Forecast survey, IT security, cloud computing, business analytics, application development, and wireless/mobile will be some of 2015’s biggest employment growth areas. 

An Information Technology degree is almost always a required qualification for whatever IT path you choose. Peirce’s IT degree program helps students gain a complete repertoire of IT knowledge, technical and leadership skills, and hands-on experience with new and emerging technologies that makes them stand out to employers.

Integrated leadership

Leadership has always been a vital skill for career success. As workforce dynamics evolve, the definition of a leader is changing. Modern leaders must be collaborative and adaptable professionals who empower colleagues to solve problems. 

Today’s best leaders are versed in managing a global and diverse workforce, comfortable considering diverse viewpoints and making decisions, and committed to their team members, inspiring that loyalty in return. 

Earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Integrated Leadership is one way to strengthen your leadership skills. Peirce’s degree completion program lets you apply up to 90 previously earned college credits toward an Integrated Leadership degree. This approach speeds you to degree completion and arms you with modern leadership skills to advance your career.  

If you plan to continue your education on a graduate level, Peirce also offers a master’s degree in organizational leadership and management, with some opportunities to earn graduate studies credit toward this degree while you are still completing your bachelor’s.  

Building your career in an in-demand field is a great path to potential higher pay and better job security. Contact us to earn more about these careers and how you can make yourself more marketable to employers or schedule a meeting with our Admissions team for help completing Peirce’s application .