Friday, May 15, 2015

Peirce Student Innovation Series: Innovation in Entrepreneurship and Small Businesses

This post is part of our new Innovative Student Series that profiles stories of Peirce students and alumni and how innovation is impacting the industries they’re studying and working in. Stay tuned to the blog for more stories highlighting the crossroads of innovation, higher education, and workforce trends.

These days, it seems as if entrepreneurship and innovation are being more closely tied together than ever before. From innovative Silicon Valley startups to small businesses to stay-at-home entrepreneurs leveraging the power of the internet to reach customers on a global scale, the opportunities to start or expand your business have never been greater.

Adam Winston
I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Peirce student, Adam Winston, who is pursuing a Business
Administration Degree in our Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management program. In the interview we explore how Adam is creating his business plan based off of his part-time job, the role of technology for entrepreneurs, and the impact of Peirce on his plans for entrepreneurship.

What about entrepreneurship interests you?
I look forward to the independence entrepreneurship can provide.  I want to create a business that helps me follow my own destiny and explore my personal passions, instead of fulfilling someone else’s. By pursuing an entrepreneurial career, I’m afforded the opportunity to serve my community while doing something I enjoy.

What role do you think technology plays in entrepreneurship?
Technology is revolutionizing how we do business by allowing us to instantaneously connect with businesses and potential customers around the world. It is an essential resource for any entrepreneur who wants to compete in today’s market. 

Tell us about your business plan for ENT 401?
My business plan for ENT 401 is an opportunity to turn my animal care position into an organized and profitable venture. While attending Peirce College, I would help busy neighbors with their pets, specifically dogs.  I quickly discovered that serving this need for my community was not only profitable, but also rewarding.

ENT 401 taught me how to construct a comprehensive business plan to test the viability, feasibility, and reality of turning a fulfilling part-time job into a full-time venture. Now with the skills I’ve learned at Peirce, my business plan is a realistic road map for me to turn my part-time job into a full-time business.

How has Peirce prepared you for entrepreneurship?
The fundamental knowledge Peirce College provides has given me the confidence to take my first steps as an entrepreneur. I’ve learned how to think like an organized and ethical entrepreneur. Overall, Peirce College taught me classic frameworks that allow entrepreneurs to make methodical decisions and strategies.

Adam will walk the stage at Peirce’s 150th commencement in June.  Congratulations, Adam, and thanks for sharing your story with us!

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