Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Featured Learner Series: Steve Moleski Shows the Power of Focus and Perseverance

“I never want to be in this situation again.”

This was Steve Moleski’s primary thought when his employer unexpectedly laid him off in 2011.  Up until that time, Moleski had been enjoying a career in the real estate industry, having held positions as a mortgage broker, loan officer, and sales person. But at this crossroads in his life, he knew he needed to make a change - not only for himself, but for the good of his son, Stephen, who had been born in late 2009.

“My son will have a better life than I did,” Moleski recalls vowing to himself, and inspired by that promise, he enrolled in college for the first time in 2011, attending Manor Junior College.  As he was finishing up his associate degree in 2013, Moleski was determined to continue his education.

By that point, he was employed once again, in the City of Philadelphia’s Department of Records.  He became aware that to maximize his opportunities in the City’s employment system, he would eventually need to earn a bachelor’s degree. Peirce became an attractive option for a bachelor's once he learned that the City was a partner employer with the College: this afforded him a 25% discount on tuition.  Combined with the facts that the College had a robust business program and was located just down the street from his office at City Hall, he says his decision was easy – “a no-brainer” - to choose Peirce.

In addition to meeting his school commitments, Moleski also had to balance sometimes conflicting demands of family and work. During the time he attended Peirce, Moleski had been promoted to lead a team of five who serve the title registration needs of the City.  His success in the new position came as a result of fierce commitment to inspire his staff to defy expectations and provide consistently excellent customer service to all whom they encountered.

While his academic achievements at Peirce were many, they required a tremendous amount of focus and a will to succeed. But in the end, his perseverance paid off: on June 10, 2015, Stephen Moleski graduated magna cum laude with a BS in Business Administration, concentration in management.  During his time at Peirce, he had been on both the Dean’s List and President’s List, and earned selection to Delta Mu Delta, the business honor society. Armed with his degree, and utilizing his tenure with the City of Philadelphia and prior experience in real estate, he intends to take on new professional challenges to keep advancing professionally.  

Looking back, Steve Moleski is proud of his accomplishments, but knows it was not easy: he reflects that isolating himself to study, making financial sacrifices, and spending so much time away from his young son meant “I gave up a lot”.  However, he takes great satisfaction in knowing that earning his degree was all worth it:  for the sense of empowerment it has given him, the opportunities to flourish throughout the rest of his career, and the chance to give his son the best future possible.