Thursday, August 27, 2015

Peirce Faculty Members Weigh in on New Intensive Course Format

Last week, we told you about our new intensive course offerings, which give our students the option to complete classes and earn college credits in less than half the time as other Peirce courses.   It’s the latest of many flexible delivery options that Peirce is developing, as we outlined in our strategic plan earlier this year.

For 150 years, Peirce has been committed to providing working adults with the flexibility and support that they need to earn their degree and achieve their goals quickly, so they can get back to focusing on what really matters.  The faculty at Peirce is especially sensitive to the needs of our students.  Many Peirce faculty have experience being adult learners and juggling career, family, and other responsibilities while working to accomplish their academic goals. Maybe that’s why, when we piloted the new intensive course format, we received such positive feedback from Peirce faculty members. 

From a faculty perspective, professors saw the benefit of teaching in an intensive format; it encouraged them to lead more focused class discussions, and prioritize more time for class work.  They also recognized and appreciated the high caliber of students this format attracted; faculty members described students enrolled in intensive courses as motivated, self-reliant, organized, and serious about completing their degree.  This encouraged engaging classroom discussions and made class time pass quickly.

Does a class like this sound like the right fit for your life?  Contact your academic advisor today or visit the My Advising tab on  It could be the jump start you need to get you to graduation and degree completion more quickly.