Thursday, October 29, 2015

Peirce College Advisor Gives Back to the Community

For Peirce College advisor Sonia Lewis, helping non-traditional and adult learners meet their goals is a passion that extends outside of her role at the College.  She feels called to give back to the community and help others access education. Sonia is a volunteer at Ready, Willing, and Able (RWA), an organization that helps Philadelphians facing serious social and economic barriers by providing occupational training, housing, and support services. 

Because of her extensive experience working with and counseling adult students, Sonia jumped at the opportunity to provide literacy tutoring for RWA members.

“Education is a common bridge to success for all people,” said Sonia. “It can remove stigmas and barriers, and it can increase opportunity and wealth. When adults are empowered and have access to education, everyone wins.”

In honor of her commitment to the program, Sonia was recently featured in a volunteer profile for the Mayor’s Commission on Literacy.  To learn more about Sonia’s volunteerism and how her students inspire her, click here.

Thanks for all you do, Sonia! We’re so proud that you’re a part of the Peirce College Community.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Our Very First Winter Session is Coming…help spread the word and you could win a FREE COURSE!

Winter Session is almost here, and we need you to help us promote it! Film your very own commercial on your camera or mobile device, telling your fellow students why they should enroll in an intensive course over the winter. The only requirements are including these three benefits in your video:  

  • Earn 3 credits in 3 weeks with Peirce’s new online winter session!
  • Peirce faculty are here to help.
  • Enroll by December 14th.  Contact your Academic Advisor today!

Everything else is up to you! Make it funny, make it serious, make it studious; whatever you choose, just let people know they can get a jumpstart on spring semester by earning 3 credits in 3 weeks during Winter Session!

Videos will be shared on Facebook and the community will vote for the best video. The winner will get a free Peirce College course.  And, in addition to receiving a 3 credit course free of charge, the winner’s video will also be published on the Peirce College advising portal and Peirce College's YouTube channel.  Remember, creativity is encouraged!

More details about the voting process will be coming soon on the blog, so stay tuned!  If you would like to view an example of a Winter Session commercial to get your creative juices flowing, click here.

To enter the contest, email your video to by November 20th.  Good luck!

If a winter session course sounds like the right fit for you, contact your academic advisor today at  The deadline to enroll is December 14th.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Peirce College: 150 years of supporting working adult learners

Since we were founded in 1865, Peirce College has evolved our support services to meet the unique needs of working adult learners.  From our decision to start offering night classes at the turn of the century, to being a pioneer in online education in the early 2000’s to our new flexible interchangeable delivery format, Peirce is always looking for how we can best bring education and support services to our students and help them achieve their goals.

At The Walker Center, we use a customized approach to work with students and identify the best support services for them.  Whether you prefer one-on-one tutoring, learning with a group by taking a workshop, or building a support network by participating in student associations, we can help point you in the right direction.

For more information on Peirce’s customized student support services and how they can make higher education accessible for you, click here

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Peirce Professor Honored for Entrepreneurial Success

Professor Kate Watson was recently honored by her alma mater for her entrepreneurial work in the field of health and wellness.  The event was held September 18th, in Towson, Maryland.

As the owner of a consulting company called Watson Wellness Promotion, Professor Watson has the opportunity to help grow and develop the clinical skills of health and social service providers across many different disciplines.  She meets with physicians, nurses, nutritionists, dentists, social workers, psychologists, and many other professionals to help them understand ways to better serve their patients and clients.  With that in mind, Professor Watson offers workshops in Motivational Interviewing (a counseling technique aimed at helping patients change their behaviors), trauma-informed care (a style of working with patients that takes into consideration their past trauma histories), sexual assault response and intervention, and culturally competent care.

In her acceptance speech, Professor Watson said, “My background is in mental health, and I worked for a number of years as a clinician, doing patient care.  At that time, I certainly did not identify as a businesswoman.  My work was absolutely in service to others. To be honored as an entrepreneur was surprising because I hardly think of myself that way.”

Professor Watson went on to share what she has learned after owning a business for 3 years.  She said, “One thing that I’ve come to learn is that the desire to run a successful business and the dedication to service others does not need to be mutually exclusive.  I’ve come to appreciate that the best run businesses are those that are socially responsible and that operate with a core set of values.  That I still get to do work that helps people, but I get to do it in a way that allows me to call my own shots and set my own goals makes me extremely lucky.” 

To learn more about how Peirce students benefit from the real world knowledge and career experience their professors bring to the classroom, click here