Monday, November 23, 2015

Soft Skills: The Secret Edge to Getting the Job You Want

Part 3: Having a Positive Attitude 

This blog post is the final post in a series exploring the importance of soft skills in job interviews and the workplace.

In previous posts, we’ve focused on the how soft skills can be the edge you need to advance in the workplace, and how good communication and collaboration are key to ensuring your success.

This week we’re focusing on something that can make or break how your communication and collaboration skills are perceived by an employer; a positive attitude.

Keeping it Positive  
Your attitude comes across no matter what form of communication is being utilized, and it’s essential in fostering good collaboration.  Keep these tips in mind when presenting yourself to a potential or current employer:
  • Being positive isn’t just about smiling all the time; but it helps. Enthusiasm, eagerness to learn, and an easy going nature are all traits that are appreciated in the workplace, and employees who exude them are usually the ones most sought by leaders.
  • Seek solutions. Negative people point out obstacles, while positive people point out how they can be overcome.  Instead of complaining about problems, try to stay oriented on creative ways to fix them.
  •  Remain professional. Negativity usually comes from an emotional place; in the workplace, it’s important to remain focused on the facts instead of how something might make you feel. If there is a problem, try to stay professional in how you approach solving it instead of getting emotional.  
The bottom line is that you shouldn’t tell someone about your positive attitude; you can show them.  Demonstrate these tips in how you approach your work, and employers will see you shine. 

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