Wednesday, November 25, 2015

This Holiday Season, Help Peirce Students Reach their Finish Line

The number of Peirce alumni and students, who are not only runners but also running marathons, seems to be growing by the day.  Whether it's veteran athletes like Alumni Association President Reggie Waller or first-time marathoners Nellie Otero or Vera Barnes, there are any number of Peirce people who have achieved the truly formidable goal of running 26.2 miles.  These Peirce athletes must demonstrate discipline, concentration, and desire as they train, and as they cross the finish line at the conclusion of the race, they have the ultimate satisfaction of knowing that in a very big way, they accomplished what they set out to do.

In this way, they’re joined by thousands of Peirce students who continually show their own brand of strength, grace, and endurance by balancing work, school, family and other obligations. They partner with Peirce in getting the skills necessary to succeed in the workforce. While their goal of degree completion is a big one, with support from their Peirce community, hard work, and commitment, they’ll walk across the Kimmel Center stage at graduation and cross their own “finish line."

But we need your support to help them get there.  In this season of gratitude, please consider giving to the Peirce College Annual Fund.  To best provide for our learning community, and in celebration of Peirce’s 150th anniversary, we have set a big goal for ourselves this year.  We want to raise $150,000 so that essential academic support and career counseling services can be bolstered, new courses of study can be developed to meet the region’s increasing need for skilled employees, and to make supportive financial aid and scholarships available to ensure that all students are able to achieve their goals.

Any amount is welcomed toward our goal; your participation is what makes the difference.  Giving Tuesday is December 1st; please visit our secure donation website for more information and to make a donation. Thank you in advance for taking the opportunity to help our Peirce students cross the finish line and achieve their goal of earning a college degree. 

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, and to all of our Peirce runners, whether you're chasing a literal finish line or focusing on finishing your goal of degree completion - congratulations and keep moving onward!