Thursday, December 10, 2015

Peirce College Professor Kathleen Watson Elected to National Board

Peirce Healthcare Professor Kate Watson was recently elected to the Dental Quality Alliance, a board which votes on health policy and professional standards of practice for healthcare providers across dentistry.  Her position is effective immediately and will require her to travel to Chicago twice a year for Board meetings.

Professor Watson will be able to use her experiences and expertise in patient-centered care, cultural competency, public health, and health policy in order to better serve the Board and to inform her own votes.  Professor Watson is excited to learn more about the challenges of dentistry, as a subset of the healthcare industry, and promises to share her new findings with students in the healthcare administration program here at Peirce.

"I'm already lucky that I get to share my experience in mental health and social services with students, but now I will be able to share knowledge about an area of the industry that is relatively new to me,” Professor Watson explained.  

Did you know that many professional organizations are required to have a public member on their board?  A board of directors usually seeks a public member who is outside of the profession, but who may have some experience that would useful.  For example, Professor Watson has no experience in dentistry, so she is considered “outside of the field.”  However, Professor Watson has many years of experience working in healthcare and analyzing healthcare policy, making her a good candidate for this type of position. 

Peirce students would also be excellent candidates for the public member position because of their experiences in business, legal studies, and healthcare.  As a public member, you would be present in the board meetings, and in most cases, you would have full voting rights, with the opportunity to effect change.  This is an excellent way to network and to add something unique to your resume.   

If you're interested in sitting on the board of a professional organization and unsure how to proceed, contact me at  For additional resources to help you bolster your resume, click here