Monday, January 11, 2016

It's a New Day in Higher Education-- Help Us Spread the Word about Peirce Fit!

Last week, we announced the newest innovation from Peirce College – Peirce Fit™!  

Peirce Fit is completely unique to Peirce College, and we’re excited to tell the world that it’s a new day in higher education; with the flexibility offered by Peirce Fit, adult learners can fit going back to school into their busy lives.

To really get the word out, we need the help of our Peirce Family!  Please consider sharing your experience with Peirce College with friends, family members, employees, or co-workers who need to earn their degree and would benefit from the flexibility Peirce Fit offers.  There are a few ways you can get the conversation started and help us spread the word:

·         View our new Peirce Fit commercial and then share it with your friends, family or coworkers
·         Like or share our stories about Erika ‘11 and Alyssa ‘16 on your social media accounts
·         You’re more powerful than you think.  Talk to your friends, family members, co-workers or employees about your own Peirce story--hearing your experience could be the nudge they need to start making their own dream a reality.  
·         Tell everyone you know!

Whether you’re a current student, a Peirce alum, an employee, professor, board member, or just a friend of Peirce, thank you for your support and helping us tell the world about this revolutionary approach to education! To learn more about Peirce Fit, click here.