Monday, January 4, 2016

Peirce College Names its NEW Innovative Class Delivery Format—Introducing Peirce Fit

For 150 years, Peirce College has been serving working adult learners, and we’re constantly assessing how we can evolve to meet your needs. One of the biggest challenges that we hear from our students is how difficult it is to fit going back to school into their already busy lives. Most of our students are juggling work, family, and other responsibilities, and adding one more commitment to their to-do list can be overwhelming.

Over the past nine months, Peirce has been piloting an innovative, flexible course delivery format. If you’re currently a student here at Peirce, you may have already taken a course in this format or heard about it from a friend. And if you have, you know that it allows you to control on a week-to-week basis if you would like to attend class on campus or complete the work online—and when life is unexpected, it allows you to choose what you need at a moment’s notice! 

Peirce College is one of the first institutions in the country to fully embrace this kind of flexibility, so we thought the new course delivery format needed a unique Peirce name. We chose Peirce Fit because these courses were specifically designed to help our working adult students fit earning their degree into an already busy life.

Peirce Fit is already offered across four degree programs, including Health Information Technology, Health Information Administration, Healthcare Administration, and our Master’s of Science in Organizational Leadership & Management. By fall 2016, Peirce Fit classes will be available across Peirce College’s entire curriculum.

We’ve gotten great feedback from students who have taken Peirce Fit courses that this flexibility removes many of the barriers they face going back to school. Once Peirce Fit is implemented across all programs, you won’t ever have to worry about missing class due to the unexpected. Instead, you can stay late at work to help your boss finish the big project, or attend an important parent/teacher conference, and complete the coursework online. Or, if you usually take online classes, Peirce Fit allows you the option of an on campus experience if you want to meet your classmates or ask a professor for help in person. Regardless of the mix of delivery options you choose as you complete your course, you’ll enjoy Peirce College’s student-centered faculty approach.  

If Peirce Fit sounds like the right fit for your learning and lifestyle, contact your Academic Advisor today at or by calling 215.670.9177 to learn more about what Peirce Fit courses are available in your program and how to register.