Friday, February 12, 2016

Peirce Fit Success Story: A Faculty Perspective

For Peirce faculty, evolving to meet the needs of our students is nothing new; it’s in our DNA.  For over 150 years, Peirce College has been focused on working adult learners.  We offered evening classes at the turn of the 20th century (a surprising idea for the time!) so that working students could attend, and we were a national leader in online education, rolling out full online degree programs in 2000. 

At Peirce, we’re lucky to have faculty who are experts in providing dynamic instruction to working adult learners.  We know that the landscape in higher education is changing, and we’re committed to learning from our students, getting feedback, responding to it and embracing change. 
That’s why we’ve radically expanded our student centered- approach to education once again, with Peirce Fit™.  Peirce Fit allows you to control on a week-to-week basis whether you attend class on campus or complete the work online—and when life is unexpected, it allows you to choose what you need at a moment’s notice.   

Working with Peirce students every day, I see the significant demands on their time, and how balancing it all while earning their degree can be challenging.  Many of my students work one or more jobs, have families, and are active in their community.  While they are committed to earning their degree, these barriers to attending class are very real. 

Peirce Fit removes these barriers, and offers students the flexibility they need to stay on track to complete their degree.  It empowers them to take ownership of their own learning; each week, they can choose which option (online or on campus) is the best fit for their life.   

Some of my students prefer to come to class on campus, but will take advantage of the online option during a week where they are preparing for a big presentation at work.  Other students attend most of their classes online, but will choose to come to campus one week if they want to meet with me in person, or interact with their classmates face to face.   

Each week, I’m thoughtful of both groups of learners—on campus and online—and I’m customizing my approach to the subject matter based on the students’ choices.  Whether I’m teaching two students on campus and the other eight online, or five on campus students and five online students, my instruction is tailored to fit the classroom dynamics, and their needs, each week.

Regardless of the mix of delivery options they choose as they complete their course, students are receiving high quality, personalized instruction; that’s our calling card at Peirce.  Our flexibility allows students to worry less about trying to fit it all in, and focus more on earning the degree they need, to get the career they deserve.  

You can fit learning into your life.  We can help you.  To learn more, click here.