Friday, April 22, 2016

Peirce Fit: A Unique Classroom Experience

When prospective students first learn about Peirce Fit™, Peirce’s revolutionary learning platform that lets you choose week-to-week to attend class on campus or online, they often ask me questions about what their classroom experience will be like. 

With the flexibility that Peirce Fit offers, you will find yourself in a unique classroom environment, with some of your classmates attending class on campus and others choosing to complete their work online. Teaching in this learning model, I've noticed three key benefits that impact and enhance students' classroom experience, whether it’s either virtual or on campus: increased community, more student satisfaction, and a culture of innovation, both among students and professors. 

As a professor, my goal is to create an environment where all students, regardless of how they choose to participate, feel as if they are on the same team. We utilize video conferencing, online chat rooms, and email to make sure that all of our students have equal access to me and to their classmates. A key benefit that I've noticed with the Peirce Fit learning model is the increased engagement between our diverse body of students; both those working online and those attending class on campus. Usually, these students would never cross paths and wouldn't be able to learn from each other's experiences. Now, Peirce Fit has increased the sense of community among them, and they're able to interact, lean on, and grow with each other. 

Secondly, in my experience, the flexibility that Peirce Fit provides fosters a more satisfied student body than a traditional classroom. Students are able to create a learning schedule that works best for them, that fits their schedule, learning style, and lifestyle needs. Since on campus class sizes may be smaller, there's also time for more personalized face-to-face interaction on a weekly basis. Alternatively, for the first time, online students have the chance to test out how the on campus dynamic feels, and if it works for them, without having to commit to a full session of an on campus course. The same goes for on campus students that want to dip their toe in online learning. Removing these barriers, alleviating student stress and empowering them to take control of their educational journey is one of the things I love most about Peirce Fit. 

Finally, Peirce Fit challenges all of us in the Peirce community – students, professors, and administrators – to really confront the puzzle that is adult education. All adult learners are juggling multiple priorities and trying to make the pieces fit into their lives; family, community, career, and personal growth. The Peirce Fit puzzle piece is less rigid than traditional higher education; it fits into the space where the student has a need and creates a work around for them to achieve their success. This provides a support to our students and allows them the ability to really challenge and push themselves in the classroom, to maximize their college experience. With this "no excuses" mentality, I'm constantly amazed at the innovation my students demonstrate, and as their teacher, it's a challenge, and a pleasure, to try to keep up! 

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