Friday, May 27, 2016

Peirce College Launches a New Way to Earn Your IT Degree

At Peirce College, we’re constantly evolving to meet the needs of our working adult learners.  Just this year, we’ve launched Peirce Fitä, a revolutionary new learning format that lets you choose week to week whether to attend class on campus or online, and expanded our Graduate Studies portfolio to include a degree in healthcare administrationNow, we’re excited to announce a new way for you to earn your bachelor’s degree in Information Technology: we’re introducing our first competency-based education bachelor’s degree in IT with a concentration in Networking, Administration, & Information Security.  

Competency-based education is an innovative learning platform that has been transforming higher education; it’s flexible and affordable, and awards students’ the opportunity to turn their existing knowledge and experiences into college credits by testing out of the competencies they’re already familiar with.  Peirce College is excited to be the first Philadelphia-based college to bring this kind of stream-lined learning to the region’s adult learners.

With our IT CBE program, students will be able to:

  • Earn college credit for their existing skills, professional experience and education.  Big projects at work, industry certifications, previous college credits—all of these things can translate into college credits that count towards your bachelor’s degree in IT with our CBE program.
  • Access an easy-to-follow plan with ongoing support from their personal CBE coach. Since CBE learning is self-paced, there’s no set classroom or professor. Instead, your coach will create a customized plan for you to focus on just the competencies you don’t have yet, allowing you to earn your degree more efficiently.
  • Have the flexibility to study wherever and whenever they like. CBE is a fully online learning option that empowers students to control when they learn.  There’s no set schedule, so you can more easily balance work, family, and other priorities while earning your degree. 
  • Take as many credits as you want for one set tuition fee per term. In addition to being extremely efficient and flexible, CBE is also highly affordable.  Students pay one fixed price per term and earn all the credits they can. There is no limit to how many credits a student can earn. 

In today’s workplace, a bachelor’s degree is quickly becoming the standard. With a Peirce bachelor’s degree in IT, you’ll be ready to say “yes” to that promotion, greater earning potential, and a more accelerated career trajectory.

To find out if CBE at Peirce is the right option for you, click here to take a quick survey.

For more information about Information Technology degrees at Peirce, click here

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Featured Learner: Timmi Kilgore ’16

Getting Started
Education isn’t a journey that begins at point A and ends at point B.   Many people will find detours, stops, and other challenges along the way.  What matters in the end is how you get back on track, and how far you go.

Timmi Kilgore first started on her path to higher education at Peirce College in 1983 when it was still a junior college.  She described herself at the time as “young, and a little immature.”  It wasn’t the right time in her life to pursue her education.  After a year, she ended up leaving Peirce.   

Going back
Since then, Timmi’s built a career in healthcare, become the proud mother of five children, and a grandmother to six.  Despite constantly drilling into her children and grandchildren the importance of going to school and continuing their education, she still lacked her degree.  In 2010, she decided it was time to change that. 

“In 2010, I got tired of just preaching about education.  I decided I couldn’t tell my children to do something that I still haven’t done,” Timmi explained. “I got up the courage to go back to school.”

Thinking about balancing earning her bachelor’s degree after being out of school for nearly three decades, Timmi had to be sure that she picked the right college to continue her studies at.  That’s when she remembered Peirce.

“I toured many other schools and tried to make a decision on where to go, and then remembered Peirce College. Peirce wasn’t a junior college anymore. It had turned into a four year school , offering bachelor’s degrees.  They even had a bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration, which is what I’ve built a career in.  Without hesitation I signed up and decided to return to Peirce College."

When she first came back to school, Timmi faced some of the same challenges many of our students face when they add a bachelor’s degree to their already full plate. However, with hard work, perseverance, and determination, Timmi quickly started to soar.  “I’ve won awards for academic achievement, and I’m currently on the President’s List,” Timmi shared of her achievements.

Going forward
Timmi decided her bachelor’s degree would only be the first stop on her education journey.  She decided to make it her goal to earn a graduate degree, and Timmi’s timing was perfect.  Peirce College launched their inaugural Graduate Studies degree program in 2013, and subsequently established its unique Grad Scholars program that allowed students to earn graduate studies credits while they simultaneously finished their undergraduate degrees.  That’s how Timmi is graduating with her bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration this June, with graduate studies credit already under her belt.

Earning her bachelor’s degree is a huge accomplishment for Timmi, but the example she’s setting for her children is even more important for her.

“I will be the example that I’ve always talked to my children about.  This June, they’ll definitely be able to appreciate the benefits of hard work and dedication when they watch their mother walk down the aisle and accept her diploma.”

Going far
It’s hard to deny the impact that school has had on Timmi’s life, or the deep connection she feels with Peirce.   

“I feel like I am Peirce,” Timmi explained.  “I have been part of Peirce’s evolution from junior college, to college, and now into a college that offers graduate studies.”

After graduation, Timmi plans to continue to excel in her chosen field of healthcare administration; and she says she has Peirce to thank.  She’s learned a lot of valuable skills while earning her bachelor’s degree, but the most important lesson Timmi took away from her experience goes beyond classroom or career opportunities.

“This journey has been priceless.  There have been many bumps in the road, but I wouldn’t trade any of my experiences because they all made me the woman I am today,” Timmi said. “I am grateful for the opportunity and the privilege to be a part of Peirce’s legacy. This journey has taught me that it’s never too late to achieve your dreams and that the sky is the limit.  You just got to believe.”

For more information on how you can earn a bachelor’s in healthcare administration at Peirce College, click here

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Announcing our 2016 Peirce Idol!

The votes are in! Friends, family, students, colleagues and friends of Peirce have all weighed in to choose our 2016 Peirce Idol.  Now, we’re happy to announce that our 2016 Peirce Idol is….
Stephanie Bouloute!

Stephanie is a Paralegal Studies major.  For a look back at her winning audition, check out the video below:

Congratulations, Stephanie!  We look forward to seeing you take the stage at Commencement, and can’t wait to hear your rendition of the national anthem.

We would also like to give a special shout out to our runner up, Grier Nori, whose audition also knocked our socks off.  Peirce students never cease to amaze us.

For more information about commencement at Peirce College, click here.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Featured Learner: Wanda Amaro '16

According to her mom, Wanda Amaro ‘16 has always done things her own way.

“She’s always called me her backward girl,” remembers Amaro. This adage has rung especially true for her over the last few years as she returned to college nearly three decades after graduating from high school.

Wanda Amaro pictured here with her husband, Rick. 
Raised by a single mother from Puerto Rico, when Amaro started Catholic school as a child, she couldn’t speak any English. She and her sister, born a year a part, ended up in the same grade throughout their k-12 experience. When they both graduated, there was only enough money to send her sister to nursing school, so Amaro entered the workforce.

After marrying her high school sweetheart – they’ve been together for 37 years! – and having two sons, Amaro found a position in the human resources department at Episcopal Hospital. Over the next 28 years, her career continued to thrive as she also balanced raising a family. Earning her degree was always something she wanted to do but with such a busy life, there was never enough time.

However, in 2012, she decided it was now or never and started looking into schools.

“I took an online class at Drexel but I knew I needed more flexibility with my job,” said Amaro. “I knew this is what I wanted to do, I wanted to finish my degree. But I needed my degree program to work for me.”

Ultimately, it came down to Drexel and Peirce. “Peirce won. It was the best decision,” said Amaro.
As a longtime human resources professional, Amaro could have received a significant amount of credit for work experience when she started at Peirce, shortening her time to completion. But Amaro wanted to learn everything from the beginning. “I wanted to learn what was new,” she said.

The courses in Peirce’s Human Resource Management (HRM) program aligned well with the areas where Amaro currently works, especially topics like labor laws and cultural communications.
At first, she took one course per session to make sure she could handle everything. But after meeting her new Academic Advisor, Meryl Silver, and becoming comfortable with online classes, she decided to speed things up by taking two classes at a time. 

“What helped me get through was my organizational skills and communicating honestly with my boss,” she said. “I need to have a schedule. At 5 o’clock, I leave work, go home, change, clear my mind, and open my books. And because of the flexibility [at Peirce], you’re not obligated to log on at a certain time. Your participation is what matters.”

As an exclusively online student, Amaro didn’t set foot on Peirce’s campus until March 2016. “It was never like I was missing anything online because I had connections with all of my professors and Meryl.”

Taking courses online also allowed Amaro to fit studying in whenever she had a moment. When her daughter-in-law was giving birth to her first grandchild three years ago, Amaro brought her laptop and did her homework in the hospital waiting room.  And when she and her husband would attend Saturday events with their car club, she would finish her homework while he walked around the show.

“It’s all about how you organize your classes. With the flexibility Peirce gave me, I didn’t feel stressed because I could open my laptop when it worked for me,” she said.

With all the support from her family and employers, Amaro is ready to walk across the stage at the Kimmel Center on June 13 with her bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management.

“Professionally, having this degree will open more opportunities for me,” said Amaro. “Being able to go back with my experience and with a bachelor’s degree in HRM, I can say to folks that I’m a competitive force in HR. I’ve updated myself and I’ve got a lot to offer.”

Congratulations, Wanda! Peirce is proud to have you as a member of the Class of 2016.

Wanda was also interviewed by the Philadelphia Inquirer and featured in a story in April about Baby Boomers returning to college. Click here to read the article.

For more information on how you can earn a bachelor’s in Human Resources Management from Peirce College, click here.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Peirce College Partners with Area Employers to Launch new Master's Degree in Healthcare Administration

I’m pleased to announce Peirce College is launching our second master’s degree program! Classes for our new Master of Science  in Healthcare Administration will kick off in September 2016, and we’re recruiting for the inaugural class now.
Across the country, the healthcare industry is growing quickly. New jobs are constantly opening up in everything from large healthcare systems to smaller providers.  These opportunities are especially expanding in Philadelphia, home to more than 10,000 area healthcare employers*.  With our 151 year history of educating Philadelphia’s workforce, Peirce College is aligned to lead the charge in educating this generation in Philadelphia industry.   
To prepare our students for careers in this field, Peirce offers a full portfolio of non-clinical healthcare programs. Our healthcare programs build off of one another, so you get the most value out of your credits, starting from the certificate, to the associate’s, bachelor’s, and now graduate degree level. So, even if you still need to earn your bachelor’s degree, at Peirce you can start laying the foundation and be on track to earn your master’s in a few short years!
Peirce has a long legacy of creating employer valued degree programs, which is why we designed our MSHCA program in collaboration with top healthcare employers.  With their help, we’ve developed a healthcare curriculum that provides students with the exact skills that recruiters from area employers are looking for in their management candidates.
At Peirce, we’re committed to offering students the flexibility they need to earn their degree, so all our MSHCA classes will be offered in Peirce Fit™, a revolutionary learning format where students can choose week-to-week whether to attend class on campus or online.
If Peirce College’s Master of Science in Healthcare Administration sounds like the degree you need to take your career to the next level, click here to learn more. If you know of anyone else who could benefit from this program, tag them in a comment below.
For more information about Peirce College’s healthcare degree programs, click here.
*From Philadelphia Works:

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Is it Time to Give Yourself a Promotion? Take your Career to the Next Level at Peirce College’s Job Fair

Whether you’re searching for a job, transitioning your career, or looking to take your career to the next level, there are opportunities for everyone at our Spring Job Fair, which is being held at Peirce College on Friday, May 20th from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Click here to secure your spot today. 

Recruiters will be on hand from companies such as Einstein Healthcare Network, the Philadelphia Airport, Wells Fargo, and PGW—and they’re looking for candidates just like you! 

Key things to remember:
  • The job fair is FREE and open to all Peirce College students, alumni, and prospective students—if you’ve already applied to Peirce, but you’re not a student yet, you can still attend! 
  • Candidates of all experience levels and industries are encouraged to attend
  • Some of these companies will do on the spot interviews—so bring several copies of your resume to have on hand, dress professionally, and research the companies that will be attending.  Be ready to tell them why you’re right for the job! 
  • Don't forget to RSVP here!
If you need help preparing for the job fair, CDS is here to help:
  • To make sure your resume is in tip top shape, attend a “Walk In Wednesday” resume review, taking place May 11th and 18th from 9 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
  • You can also attend a Job Fair Preparation workshops, taking place on May 9th and May 12th
  • If you need help securing the perfect interview outfit, email  Peirce has an onsite career closet as well as a partnership with Career Wardrobe to help you look your professional best!
We hope to see you there! 

For more information on Career Development Services at Peirce College, click here.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Voting is now open for our 2016 Peirce Idol!

Who will be our 2016 Peirce Idol? Two fantastic singers auditioned for this year’s Peirce Idol, and now it’s time for you -- students, alumni, fans, family, and friends -- to vote for our winner. The winner of Peirce Idol 2016 will sing the national anthem at this year’s Commencement ceremony on June 13, take home an iPad mini, and have bragging rights -- so your vote matters!

To vote: watch both of the contestants sing their hearts out during their auditions in the video below. Then vote for your favorite, and encourage your Facebook friends to do the same.  Click here to cast your vote.

The deadline to vote is May 16th, so be sure to visit the blog and Facebook page on May 17th to find out who this year’s winner is. Your votes will be combined with the Peirce judging panel to select the winner. Good luck to this year’s contestants!

For more information about Peirce College’s 151st commencement ceremony, and how we’re celebrating, click here.