Friday, May 27, 2016

Peirce College Launches a New Way to Earn Your IT Degree

At Peirce College, we’re constantly evolving to meet the needs of our working adult learners.  Just this year, we’ve launched Peirce Fitรค, a revolutionary new learning format that lets you choose week to week whether to attend class on campus or online, and expanded our Graduate Studies portfolio to include a degree in healthcare administrationNow, we’re excited to announce a new way for you to earn your bachelor’s degree in Information Technology: we’re introducing our first competency-based education bachelor’s degree in IT with a concentration in Networking, Administration, & Information Security.  

Competency-based education is an innovative learning platform that has been transforming higher education; it’s flexible and affordable, and awards students’ the opportunity to turn their existing knowledge and experiences into college credits by testing out of the competencies they’re already familiar with.  Peirce College is excited to be the first Philadelphia-based college to bring this kind of stream-lined learning to the region’s adult learners.

With our IT CBE program, students will be able to:

  • Earn college credit for their existing skills, professional experience and education.  Big projects at work, industry certifications, previous college credits—all of these things can translate into college credits that count towards your bachelor’s degree in IT with our CBE program.
  • Access an easy-to-follow plan with ongoing support from their personal CBE coach. Since CBE learning is self-paced, there’s no set classroom or professor. Instead, your coach will create a customized plan for you to focus on just the competencies you don’t have yet, allowing you to earn your degree more efficiently.
  • Have the flexibility to study wherever and whenever they like. CBE is a fully online learning option that empowers students to control when they learn.  There’s no set schedule, so you can more easily balance work, family, and other priorities while earning your degree. 
  • Take as many credits as you want for one set tuition fee per term. In addition to being extremely efficient and flexible, CBE is also highly affordable.  Students pay one fixed price per term and earn all the credits they can. There is no limit to how many credits a student can earn. 

In today’s workplace, a bachelor’s degree is quickly becoming the standard. With a Peirce bachelor’s degree in IT, you’ll be ready to say “yes” to that promotion, greater earning potential, and a more accelerated career trajectory.

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