Thursday, June 9, 2016

Featured Learner: Hilda Rivera

In less than a week, Hilda Rivera will celebrate earning her bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration at Commencement 2016.  For Hilda, the break after graduation will be short! She’s the first student to enroll in Peirce College’s new Master of Science in Healthcare Administration degree.   We caught up with Hilda to talk about the excitement of graduation and the new endeavor of earning her master’s degree.

What made you choose Peirce College?
I chose Peirce primarily because of their commitment to working adults.  One way that really stood out to me was with Peirce Fitรค, a course format offered by Peirce that allows you to choose online or on campus attendance week to week.  The ability to switch back and forth makes all the difference if you are an adult student juggling different priorities.  If I have to stay at work late and I’m not able to make it to class on campus, I have peace of mind  knowing that I won’t fall behind, my grades won’t be affected, and I can still get the work done.  I just log into the course at home and complete my assignments for the week online.

 Now that you’ve completed your Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration, why did you choose Peirce for your master’s degree in Healthcare Administration?
I decided to continue my education at Peirce because I was familiar with the college, it was convenient, affordable and more importantly the professors are always available to assist the students.  Plus, all graduate studies classes are offered in the Peirce Fit format, so I knew I could count on that flexibility.

Also, healthcare is my passion, and I realized that if I wanted to grow and move up within my organization, having a master’s degree would give me access to more of those opportunities. 

As an employee of one of Peirce’s corporate partners, did you find the 25% tuition discount helpful?
Yes, in fact the discount was a huge motivator to go back to school for my bachelor’s degree, and to continue for my master’s.  It made it affordable for me to go back to school and continue my education.  I am proud to say that I completed my bachelor’s degree debt free.

If you could speak to your colleagues at work or your healthcare classmates and fellow graduates, what would you say to express why they should enroll in Peirce’s MSHCA program?
I would highly recommend Peirce’s MSHCA program to my colleagues and classmates.  Peirce has a lot to offer and works well to accommodate the needs of adult learning students.  The curriculum is outstanding, the professors are awesome and the flexibility is great.  I would tell them to follow their dream, and let Peirce help.

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