Friday, July 29, 2016

Competency-Based Education for IT Professionals at Peirce College Featured in Philadelphia Magazine

Staying at the forefront of innovation is part of Peirce’s DNA. For more than 151 years, we’ve continuously pushed the boundaries on how students earn their degrees – all the way back to Thomas May Peirce himself, when he opened the school’s doors in the evenings and on weekends to help working adults get the skills they needed for better careers. 
Our newest innovation, competency-based education (CBE), follows in this great legacy. Peirce’s first CBE program in IT is affordable, efficient, and gives students access to the most direct path to their degree. 
This caught the eye of Esther Yoon, a writer with Philadelphia Magazine, who sat down with Peirce’s Dr. Brian Finnegan, associate dean of IT and general education, and Dr. Rita Toliver-Roberts, Vice President of Academic Advancement, to learn more.
Her article, published this week, focuses on the benefits of the new CBE program, and highlights the College's long history of providing working adult learners with the most innovative learning opportunities in Philadelphia. 
Read the article here.
Wondering if CBE is right for you? Check out the web page or take our 2-minute self-assessment!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Ready for Something Different? It starts at PEIRCE NIGHT on August 2nd!

At Peirce College, serving adult learners isn’t different for us—it’s been a part of our mission since we first opened our doors in 1865.  Here’s what is different- our revolutionary Peirce Fit ™ learning model is offered across our entire curriculum, and lets you choose week-to-week to attend class in person or online.  And, we’re the only college in Philadelphia to offer a competency-based bachelor’s degree in information technology. 

Want to learn more about the Peirce difference?  You don’t have to take our word for it.  You can take Amanda’s.  Amanda is the face of Peirce Night this month, but she’s also a real student who found success at Peirce. Click here to learn how Peirce helped her access the most direct, affordable path to her degree and gave her the flexibility they needed to make it to graduation.   

In addition to great food, on the spot transcript evaluation, and one on one college counseling with your personal enrollment expert, you’ll also get access to the following exclusive offers:

A free swag bag of Peirce Pride goodies to enjoy as you start to earn your degree
We’ll waive the $50 application fee
A $100 book voucher when you register for classes *
Entry to win a Peirce Fitbit®

Your time is now.  Experience the Peirce Difference, and let us help you earn the degree you need.  Start your journey today!

To learn more about the Peirce Difference, click here.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Success Story: Marisol Ortiz

It was always Marisol Ortiz’s dream to go to college.  Growing up, education was always a priority; Marisol’s mother was a single parent and worked a factory job just to be able to afford to send her two daughters to a Catholic school.  

Life got in the way of her dream when Marisol started working right out of high school, and then began a family of her own.  When her kids were teenagers she made the decision to enroll in community college, and she graduated in 2013.  It didn’t take long for Marisol to set her sights on Peirce so that she could earn her bachelor’s.  She  heard about the school from a friend that had already attended, and was eager to start.

“Starting Peirce was the best thing I’ve ever done,” Marisol exclaimed. “You guys make it absolutely possible for working adults and mothers to pursue our life long dreams.”

Even though her older two children were  grown by the time she enrolled at Peirce, she still had to juggle the demands of being a working mother to her youngest child while attending school.  Taking online classes helped make things much more manageable.  

“I was able to [take classes] online which was fabulous.  One of my biggest fears was that I wouldn’t be able to engage with my professors as much online, but I never felt that way; the discussion board made me feel like I was right there.  You never feel disconnected from the professors.  Recently, I sent my professor a personal e-mail.   My mother and father were both hospitalized at the same time, and he would e-mail me to ask how I was doing and encourage me.  His words empowered me to do my homework [so I could] catch up to make it through the semester.”

Since she had already taken classes at a different school, Marisol was concerned about having her credits transfer.  The credit transfer process was easy, and she didn’t have to worry about retaking classes.  Her advisor helped her develop an efficient registration plan that ensured she was only taking classes that she truly needed.  Marisol also had an excellent support network when she was at Peirce.  Her boss and husband encouraged her every step of the way, and she made some friends in her classes.  

Despite having 32 years of experience in her field and already having a leadership role at work, Marisol found that her experiences in the classroom brought her out of her comfort zone, and encouraged her to learn new skills that proved invaluable in her workplace.  As a leader, Marisol found that the group projects she participated in with classmates improved her communication skills with her team at work, and made her more trusting.  

When Marisol finally graduated in June 2016 years of hard work had finally come together.  She has so many cherished memories from that day.

“Seeing all of the faculty members cheering us as we were walking into the auditorium was overwhelming  I was shivering with excitement.  I had goose bumps,” Marisol described.  “Hearing my kids yell ‘that’s my mom’ while I crossed the commencement stage was amazing.  My CEO called to congratulate me on earning my degree- and it meant the world to me.  For the first time, I was like “ I did it!”

Marisol encourages  new Peirce students to  commit to their studies.  She knows that once you have the drive to do something, anything is possible.  

“You have to be willing to focus, especially when taking classes online.  Manage your time wisely, so that you are able to do the work.  .  Take advantage of the resources at Peirce (Walker Center, Library, etc.)  It’s not impossible and t's absolutely doable.”

To learn about the Peirce Difference, click here.  

Thursday, July 14, 2016

CBE: A new way to earn your bachelor's degree!

Whoops! A previous version of this post didn't link to our CBE video.  Check it out and learn how competency-based education can put you on the most direct path to your degree. 

Peirce College is proud to be the first Philadelphia-based school and one of only six institutions in the entire country to offer a competency-based IT degree.  This unprecedented level of flexibility provides the most direct-path to a college degree and can make going back to school more affordable.
Still have questions about how it works? Click here to watch our new video and then visit to take our self-assessment!

If you want to speak with someone directly, Enrollment Representative Kenny Blair is available to answer all your questions at 215.670.9216 or email Competency-based education at Peirce College: the most direct route to your college degree. Get started today!

To learn more about competency-based education at Peirce College, click here.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Success Story: Amanda Heck

Amanda Heck always had an interest in college, but like many others at Peirce, she didn’t have a clear cut path to school.

“My family wasn’t really supportive of me going to college,” Amanda explained. “I knew that if I wanted to go, [I’d need] straight A’s and a scholarship.  I didn’t have anyone to cosign my loans.  With a lot of effort, I got a scholarship to Burlington County Community College.”

Amanda eventually took a few years off after purchasing a house with her husband.  Despite her break, Amanda was eager to enroll in school again.  She was the 4th person in her family to graduate from high school, and would be the first one to attend college.  She was determined to complete her education and earn her degree, and as luck would have it, she discovered the perfect school for her at work.

“There was a college fair at my office-Peirce answered all of my questions,” Amanda says. “ [At] other schools it was hard to get a hold of people and have my questions answered, but at Peirce my representative was literally on call for any question.  I had her cell phone number and would call all the time!”

Despite her eagerness to learn, a few obstacles stood in Amanda’s way. Money was a big concern, as well as how she would manage her time.

“I had a lot of fears money wise, and [it was also] a big commitment on time.  But Peirce helped me with the money and the online classes made me feel better about time.  I just knew I had to finish,” Amanda said. “I didn’t apply for student loans because my advisor and admissions rep encouraged me to apply for scholarships.  Between the scholarships and a tuition discount from work I didn’t have to take out student loans, and I graduated debt free.”

Finding money for school was easier than Amanda had thought it would be, but she still had other worries about attending.  She had earned a lot of credits from her community college days, and she didn’t want all of the hard work to go to waste.  Fortunately, Amanda had nothing to worry about.

“Transferring credits was my main concern.  Peirce had a smooth credit transfer and partnership with the college. Almost all of my credits transferred.  Since I already had an associate’s in accounting, I didn’t have to test out of any accounting prerequisite classes.  I could go straight to taking an upper level accounting class.”

Amanda’s situation couldn’t have worked out better for her, she now had everything she needed to finally earn her degree.  It didn’t take long for her to finish, and she used one word when asked to describe her graduation: Amazing.

“I was the first person to graduate in my family and I remember thinking, ‘I’m going to make a lot of money!’” Amanda said. “I have my dream job.  I know a lot of people who are miserable in their work life and I go to work every day loving what I do.  I manage costs associated with major projects.  I love numbers, and getting to work with them all day is a dream.”

Earning her bachelor’s was an important achievement for Amanda, but she got more than a piece of paper from Peirce.  Her classes taught her valuable skills, and continue to help her throughout her career.

“My bachelor’s degree is essential to what I do now. Also, Peirce’s classes are professional, and the professors prepared me for the real world. They would even help me if I had questions about my job at the time. Without my bachelor’s degree I wouldn’t be where I’m at now.  I was laid off from my corporate office, but I was able to find another job quickly.  That wouldn’t have happened without my bachelor’s. “

Despite being busy with work, she still manages to find time to talk to others about attending school at Peirce.  It’s truly something she can’t recommend enough. 

“I still recommend Peirce! If I hear someone say that they can’t do it, I’m like yes you can! Peirce can help you.  If I can do it with Peirce anyone can.” 

If you want to know more about how your existing college credits might transfer into earning your degree at Peirce College, click here.