Monday, September 19, 2016

Peirce College Celebrates 151st Founder’s Day

On September 19, 1865, Thomas May Peirce opened the doors of what would originally be named Union Business College.  His vision was clear; deliver practical, career-focused education to non-traditional learners in Philadelphia, and develop a workforce that would meet the evolving needs of Philadelphia employers. 

Peirce President & CEO Jim Mergiotti cuts the cake at the College's 151st Founder's Day celebration.
Now, 151 years later, Peirce College is still building on what Thomas May Peirce first set out to do in 1865.  “We live his mission every day,” said Peirce president Jim Mergiotti today during a small celebration on campus.  “We meet students where they are, ensure employers have the talent they need, and most importantly, give something back to our community—every day.” 
Thomas May Peirce founded Peirce College in 1865 when he was just 27 years old. 

With Peirce College’s newest innovations, particularly the only competency-based degree in Information Technology from a Philadelphia college, and Peirce Fit TM, our unique course format that
allows students to choose week-to-week if they prefer to attend class on campus or online, the College is continuing Thomas May Peirce’s vision in the 21st century.

“If Thomas May Peirce were here today, if he was walking the halls and knew what Peirce College was doing, he would be so excited,” said President Mergiotti.  “He would be proud that we are following his example of connecting students to opportunities and challenging the status quo.”

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