Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Meet Peirce's New CBE Coach, Christa Donato

Competency-based education is a self-paced program, completely online, in which the student works through their course work and is not pressured with deadlines. It uses experience to earn credits and complete a degree program at a quicker pace. Students pay a flat tuition rate during each term and can earn as many credits as they can! Assisting with this is Christa Donato, the CBE Coach.

Q: Christa, could you please tell us a little bit about yourself?

I graduated West Chester University in 1998 in Elementary Education and started teaching immediately following graduation. I also worked for Sylvan Learning Center as a tutor, Director of Education, and Center Director. In 2004, I graduated Rosemont College with my Masters in Technology in Education. In my first year of teaching, I incorporated technology into my lesson plans and worked with the students in using various programs like Word, Power Point, and Excel. Through my years of teaching, I was very hands-on with including technology in my lessons and also organizing after school camps in teaching computer skills, not only to students but adults as well. In 2014, I accepted an adjunct teaching position and taught Technology Competency at Manor College. Having my Masters in Technology allowed me to use my technology skills in order to allow students succeed in the course. 

Q:  Can you talk about what a CBE coach is and what you do?  How is your role different than a student’s advisor or a professor?

As the CBE Coach, I will provide support and guidance throughout students’ CBE program. I will monitor his/her progress as the student progresses through the competencies and provide feedback. I will meet with the student at least twice a month to provide motivational support whether it is face-to-face or through other forms of communication. The Coach and student will develop a plan for his/her program and work very closely in following this plan for success. 

The CBE role is different from a student advisor or professor since I will be closely monitoring the students’ progress in their program and the competencies they are completing and lead in discussion with the student when needed.

Q: What made you decide to work with adult learners?

Being in the education field for over fifteen years, both in the classroom and in the professional setting, my core belief about education has not changed. The main reason why I decided to work with adult learners is because of their desire and own interest in wanting to pursue their goals. Adult learners are self-directed, but still need the guidance in obtaining their goals and that is where I feel that I can provide the biggest impact to the adult learners. 

Q:  If someone’s interested in learning more about CBE at Peirce, what should they do next?

I would direct a prospective CBE student to the Peirce CBE website to complete the CBE assessment. After completing that assessment, the enrollment representative will make contact. A person can also contact the CBE Enrollment Specialist, Heather DeRitis at 215.670.9124 or the CBE Coach, Christa Donato at 215.670.9492 for further information. 

For more information about the CBE program, click here.