Friday, February 10, 2017

Peirce College Facilitates Self-Improvement Learning Bursts at Beneficial Bank

Maximum impact in minimal time. That’s the goal of Peirce College’s latest collaboration with corporate partner Beneficial Bank.

Under the guidance of in-house experts Cathy Littlefield, EdD, Associate Professor and Chair of Business Programs and Sharon Thompsonowak, Director of Career Development Services, Peirce College is proudly delivering a four-part series on self-improvement to Beneficial employees. These ‘Learning Bursts’ will cover practical yet powerful topics and provide attendees with the skills needed to continue their professional growth.

Beneficial Bank Corporate Partnership
The series began on Wednesday, February 8th with a topic every member of the workforce encounters: accountability. Whether you’re referencing personal accountability or holding others accountable, the concept can be somewhat daunting. Through group discussions and guided activities, our expert facilitators helped attendees understand the importance of both.

Thompsonowak began the discussion by explaining the close relationship between personal accountability and perception. To illustrate her point, she asked a poignant question, “Do things happen TO you or do things happen BECAUSE of you?” Being willing to ask yourself this question helps you identify your own role in the challenges or difficulties you may have, which can help you avoid those problems in the future. As Thompsonowak went on to explain, the more we evaluate our own role in every situation, the more we build our accountability “muscle.” Subsequently, the more we hold ourselves accountable, the more we can take action to solve problems.

Littlefield then led a dynamic discussion on the challenges we face when holding others accountable and the consequences we’re likely to experience if we avoid the process altogether. How do we overcome these challenges and avoid negative consequences? As the attendees discovered, the key is clarity.

How do you achieve clarity? Simple. Be clear and direct about every step of the process.
  •          Set clear expectations from the start
  •          Share clear measurements and indicators of success
  •          State clear consequences if expectations are not met
  •          Provide clear and direct feedback after the project is complete
When you provide clarity, you strengthen your ability to hold others accountable and empower everyone involved to be successful.

Although the concepts involved with both personal accountability and holding others accountable are somewhat straightforward, the ability to internalize them and apply them in the workplace is extremely powerful.

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