Monday, March 27, 2017

Meet Peirce's future Health Information Professionals

Peirce Offers Four Degrees in HealthcareThis week, we are taking time to celebrate current and future Health Information Professionals. Michele Green, Eunice Jones, Lilaila Villafane-Nolan, and Elvia Frederic-Williams are current seniors at Peirce College in the Health Information Technology and Health Information Administration programs. They will be leading this year’s Health Information Professionals Week at Peirce College, which will run from March 26th through April 1st. Learn a little about our future leaders’ educational journeys and why they think you should join them for HIP Week:

“My name is Michele Green. I started my journey here at Peirce College in 2011. In May of 2014, I received my Associates Degree in Healthcare Information Technology. I am in my final classes for my Bachelor of Science Degree in Healthcare Information Administration and I am so excited to graduate this June. I am currently working in the Healthcare Industry as a Pharmacy Services Technician. However, I plan on taking the RHIA (Registered Health Information Administrator) Certification to change my career to a Health Information Management position. Health Information Professionals week is a great way for me to enhance my knowledge on how health information management professionals are the best equipped to understand health data and turn information into knowledge that powers better decision making.”

“I am Eunice Jones and being a mother, my motto is education, education, and education. In my household, once you finish high school, you move on and attend college, no excuses! Unfortunately, I had a secret my children were unware of; fear. I had personal fears about going to college; a fear of failure, a fear of assignments and tests, and my biggest fear of not setting a good example. I decided to face my fears and I enrolled at the College in 2013. Peirce College is everything I needed; the College fit my schedule, my age group, helped me conquer all of my fears by giving me the support I needed to keep going. I received my associate’s degree in 18 months and in June of 2017 I will receive my bachelor’s degree. I plan to continue my educational journey by receiving a CTR (cancer tumor registrar) Certification. Health Information Professionals week, to me, is so important with the theme of “Leading the way to quality data” because it is a great resource for teaching and demonstrating the volumes of health data and information being generated, and how to manage it.”

“My name is Lilaila Villafane-Nolan and this has been one heck of a journey for the last four years at Peirce College. It all started when one day someone told me I wouldn't be able to move up in the world because I didn't have a college degree. Being who I am, I didn't like to hear those words. Despite many struggles of working full time, raising a family, all while being a student, I still kept going. I wasn’t just doing this for myself; I wanted to show my children they can do anything they put their mind to. My next step on my career path is to complete my certification and Master’s Degree. My goal is to get my dream job as a Physician Reimbursement Specialist. This journey all started because of one person and I don't think I would change anything about it now that I'm finally finishing. Health Information Professionals week is important to future leaders like me because it provides me with the knowledge I need in my new career when it comes to improving cost, quality, and population health with the ability to turn data into knowledge.”

“I am Elvia Frederic-Williams and the day I decided to continue my education was the day when I realized my daughter copied everything I did. It was the day when I decided to make a change in my life and pursue a career. Peirce College made my learning transition comfortable, easy, and convenient. From the stress-free enrollment process, to the always available and helpful advisors, and the flexibility offered with the on campus and online options, Peirce College was the right choice for me. I started my journey with the determination to complete an Associate Degree in Health Information Technology. However, now on top of completing my associate’s degree, today I find myself on the finish line to the completion of my Bachelor Degree of Science in Health Information Administration. I’m now not only the first in my family to be a college graduate, but I am also able to show my children that I did it and they can too! Health Information Professionals week gives me the knowledge and guidance on the importance of being a health information professional that I need to keep going with my future career endeavors.”

If you’re interested in learning more about any Health Information Professional degree, check out our degrees in healthcare. If you want to take part in the HIP Week, please stop by the lobby of our main campus to meet the amazing students above.