Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Meet Elizabeth Barr - a current Peirce College at Harcum student!

Like a lot of high school students, Elizabeth Barr wasn’t sure if she wanted to continue on to college or head straight into the workforce. Elizabeth had the passion to work, but knew she should gain some sort of degree to start off. She decided on a two-year program at Harcum College where she earned her associate’s degree in Fashion Design in 2011. Once she graduated from Harcum, she had a job lined up in retail and off to work she went.

Integrated Leadership Degree student Elizabeth Barr
After working for several years, Elizabeth realized the only way to move up would be to acquire another degree. The problem she was facing – she couldn’t find a program that would fit her work life and accept her current credits.

Fortunately, in fall of 2016, Harcum College sent her a letter about their new partnership with Peirce College. This partnership would allow for her to take classes at the campus she knew, at a time that would work with her schedule, and through a program that would accept her current credits. This was her ideal situation!

Now, Elizabeth is a current Peirce College at Harcum student where she is on track to earning her bachelor’s degree in Integrated Leadership. According to Elizabeth, one of the best advantages about this partnership is the convenience of being on Harcum’s campus. She said she started on the campus with just the associate’s degree in mind, which didn’t make her feel as permanent. Now that she is pursuing the long-term goal of a bachelor’s degree, she feels as if she is “home” when she is at Harcum rather than wondering where she will need to go next.

Elizabeth, also, has loved the class environment where she has been able to get to know her classmates due to the smaller class sizes. They all work together on projects, course work, and self-improvement. Elizabeth explained how the class’s confidence, overall, has increased as the comfort between them has grown. She feels as if they are all one cohesive group now, including the professor, which helps make the classes and work more enjoyable.

When asked about going back to school as a full-time employee, Elizabeth only had positive remarks to make. She said, “I, myself, don’t feel like it’s been too difficult to balance. I feel like this has been the best arrangement I could have come up with because the class is only once or twice a week, all assignments are submitted electronically, and you submit things at your leisure.” Elizabeth explained how taking advantage of this opportunity as a working adult was not as challenging as she thought it would be because with Peirce College, she never feels rushed or unable to give assignments her full attention. Elizabeth said, “I feel like I am actually learning something rather than cranking out material for a grade.”

Finally, Elizabeth wanted to give some advice to working adults with associate’s degrees who are considering coming back to school to finish what they started. She said, “Timing is everything. Don’t feel like you need to judge yourself based on others’ opinions on when you should go back. Know what timing is best for YOU. Don’t let someone else tell you when the time is right.”

If you’d like to learn more about our Peirce College at Harcum partnership, visit www.peirce.edu/about-peirce/peirce-partners/academic-partners/harcum-college.