Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Peirce College proudly hosted the 4th Annual Criminal Justice Debate

Peirce College was honored to be the first college in Pennsylvania to host the Intercollegiate Criminal Justice Debate on Saturday, April 1, 2017. The intercollegiate competition included debate teams from West Chester University, Rowan University, Neumann University, Drexel University, Wilmington University, Peirce College, Camden County College, and Cumberland County College. Two outstanding debaters, Gloria Thomas and Candice Jabbar, proudly represented Peirce College.

Criminal Justice Studies Degrees Debate teams
There were three rounds of competition, where each team got the chance to verse another school in hopes of making it to the finals. Each round resulted in points awarded to the winning teams. After three rounds of debate, the two teams with the highest points moved on to the finals.

In front of a crowded room of spectators, the top-scoring teams, Rowan University and Cumberland County College, presented their best arguments on whether police should be required to wear body cameras. While both sides presented exceptional arguments, Peirce College’s Debate Chairperson Prof. Robert Brzenchek announced Rowan University as the top-scoring team, with Cumberland County College taking second place for the overall debate competition. Third place was awarded to West Chester University. A special award went to Teheran Habersham of Wilmington University for Best Orator.

Congratulations to all debate teams for a job well done!

Criminal Justice Debate Winners