Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Join us to Celebrate, Inspire, Network and Honor!

When I arrived at Peirce College over seven years ago, I felt the unexpected pull of something intangible, palpable, and welcoming. I felt it when I entered the lobby and watched students interact with faculty and staff as I waited for my interview to begin. I felt it in the invitation I would eventually receive to join the Peirce team. Over time, I found it evergreen, ever present--showing itself in the daily encounters I would have with my colleagues.

Today, I still feel that same something, that warmth and energy, and I try to ensure that those I work with-- students, alumni, colleagues and partners, feel it as well. Only now, I have learned its proper name. It is a deeply-seeded Peirce connectedness.

Peirce College prides itself on the wonderful relationships built between all members of the Peirce community: alumni, students, corporate partners, trustees, friends of Peirce, and more! To celebrate this culture of connectedness, we’re introducing a new event this year called Peirce Talks – a celebration of connections, people, purpose and possibility.

We will celebrate the connections that define who we are and the mission we have embraced for more than 151 years – serving the education and workforce needs of non-traditional learners, communities, and employers.

We will be inspired by the personal stories of the women and men whose professional and personal lives have been transformed by their Peirce College experience and the relationships they’ve built within and beyond Peirce College walls.

We will network, socialize and, maybe even dance if we are so inclined during the festive reception with members of the Peirce community at the home of one of our neighbors and partners, The University of the Arts.

We will honor the choice for change that our students, alumni, friends and employers have made by partnering with Peirce.

Join us for the event of the year on Monday, May 15th from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. at the University of the Arts, Dorrance Hamilton Hall, Broad and Pine Streets, Philadelphia.

Tickets are limited so visit peirce.edu/PeirceTalks now to reserve your spot!