Friday, August 11, 2017

A flexible and affordable college program? Brian got it with CBE

Brian Brennan graduated high school in 1989 and immediately found himself in the workforce. He then started a life and moved further and further away from the idea of going to college.

But in 2016, 27 years (!) after last being in school, Brian was ready to make a change. Brian knew he always wanted to go back to school, but he could never quite make it work. Now, things were different; his children were getting older, and he was beginning to find the time to focus on his degree. He knew he was ready to make the move to earn the degree he had always dreamed of.

The company Brian works for, a proud partner of Peirce College, offers an Education Assistance program. This led Brian to Peirce’s competency-based education (CBE) program, a life-friendly way for earning his Bachelor’s of Science in Information Technology.
Competency based degree student Brian Brennan
After some personal research, Brian found that CBE would perfectly balance his education, work and life.

“I chose CBE for a couple of reasons,” says Brian. “Cost was the primary driver; it was the only program with a flat fee for each term that allowed you to take as many classes as possible during that term. The second reason was the flexibility to do the work online so that I don’t need to go to class. I spend 2 hours a day on the train and I utilize that time to do school work.”

As Brian mentioned, CBE allows students to pay one set fee for each term in which they can earn unlimited credits. This affordable opportunity allows students to finish their degrees quicker and cheaper. Brian finished his first 12-week term in spring and has already earned 16 credits toward graduation!

And if you’re a working adult learner like Brian, you’ll love the flexibility it offers you. Brian does all his work online, utilizing his train commute. This gives him the ability to make time for his full-time job, school and family. Brian says “The program has been great. I spend time on weekends doing school but by utilizing my train ride for school, I can still do some things with my family. We are adjusting to it, and I have not missed any important activities for my kids so far due to school work.”

Brian found his niche with Peirce’s competency-based education program. Now he’s on his way to earning his dream degree while staying involved in all other parts of his life. Currently the Director of Workforce Services Operations, Brian hopes the education he’s getting will help him move up to managing more application operations.

If you or someone you know has two or more years of experience in Information Technology or an Information Technology associate degree and is looking to finally earn that bachelor's degree, check out Peirce’s competency-based education program by visiting