Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Ultimate Family Support System

Just one year ago, we spoke with adult learners and Peirce College graduates Emma Leigh Morando-Young and Anthony Young about their plans to advance in their careers.

Today, we reconnect with both of them, along with their daughter, Benet’ Morando, as all three have now earned new degrees while supporting one another through their individual educational journeys.

Emma and Anthony graduated in June 2016 from Peirce College with a Bachelor’s of Art in Organizational Leadership degree and an Associate in Science in Criminal Justice degree, respectively. Reaching her original goal of obtaining an Associate in Science in Paralegal Studies and then continuing on to complete her bachelor’s degree in 2016, Emma took her new skills back to the workforce. But Anthony hadn’t quite reached his educational finish line yet.

“After earning my associate degree, I felt that I could go further in my studies and believed that earning my bachelor’s degree was an attainable goal,” says Anthony.

So, he kept going, but not alone. Benet’ was still at Peirce College chasing her dream of a degree in Information Technology. Starting with the Year Up Greater Philadelphia program, Benet’ moved from being a Year Up graduate to a Community College of Philadelphia graduate and then finally a Peirce College student. Together, Anthony and Benet took on their final year side-by-side, encouraging each other to the very end.

In June 2017, Emma was the one sitting in the crowd, having the honor of cheering on both her husband and her daughter as they both crossed the stage knowing all three of them had completed their goals. “The biggest emotion I felt [on graduation day] was pride with a sense of accomplishment,” she says. “For my family, this was a new beginning and a new legacy.”

Both Anthony and Benet’ graduated with their bachelor’s of science. Anthony earned his in Criminal Justice, and Benet completed hers in Information Technology.

Their journeys may have all ended the same, but they certainly did not start the same. Emma, Anthony and Benet' all chose Peirce College for different reasons that were specific to their personal life situations.

Emma says she chose Peirce College “because of the convenience of being able to be a wife, a mom, a full-time employee and still be able to study.”

Anthony watched Emma’s first experience with Peirce when she earned her associate degree and felt inspired to attend. “I decided on Peirce College because my wife, Emma, had a positive experience with her program when she earned her degree in Paralegal Studies,” he recalls.

Benet’, on the other hand, did some research of her own to find the best place to develop herself, personally and professionally, in a way that would prepare her for the future. “I decided that I wanted structure to be able to define the career I wanted to build and to have a reliable support system,” she says.

Regardless of their difference in reasons, they all found their way to Peirce College and, more importantly, graduation. Now all three are taking their well-deserved degrees to the workforce to use what they’ve learned to move forward in their careers.

Benet’ leaves us with a piece of advice for students of all ages considering going back to school. She says, “If you are still on the fence about signing up, just go for it or you will miss out on an opportunity. There is nothing for you to lose and everything for you to gain.”

Benet’ took her own advice and as of September 2017, she will be coming back to Peirce College to earn her Master’s of Science in Organizational Leadership & Management.

Congratulations to the Morando-Young family for all their accomplishments and best wishes to Benet’ on her next Peirce journey! If you or someone you know is ready to take Benet’s advice by “going for it,” contact an Enrollment Specialist today at 215.670.9000 or