Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Three degrees. One school.

Giselle A. Marte-Torres started at Peirce College in 2001 with one goal in mind: earn a degree. Sixteen years later, Giselle has done much more than earn just one degree. As of June 2017, Giselle officially has her associate degree in Paralegal Studies, bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and, most recently, her master’s degree in Organizational Leadership & Management.

One day, as Giselle was driving, she noticed an advertisement on a bus. This was not just any old advertisement; this one spoke to her. She read the line, “The College that really works for working adults” and immediately thought this was “a college that will allow me to learn at my pace, given the fact I have family and work responsibilities.” Giselle knew in that moment she was heading back to school at Peirce.

2017 Recipient of Peirce College's master degree in organizational leadership and managementGiselle’s initial goal was to earn her associate degree to grow her career. She completed that degree in 2004 but didn’t stop there. Giselle returned to Peirce for her bachelor’s degree, finishing in 2009. Then off she went to pursue her career and take on the world.

In 2015, Giselle decided she wanted to keep going. As the economy changes, so does the demand for higher levels of education. Giselle knew this, and if she wanted to continue to grow in her career and provide a healthy lifestyle for her family, she would need to head back to school for a master’s degree. So that’s what she did.

“Ultimately, I decided my career success is up to my ambition of where I want to go and how high I want to climb the ladder,” says Giselle.

When Giselle returned to Peirce, she found that Graduate Studies now offered a PeirceFit® option. “This program afforded me the flexibility needed in my quest for knowledge that otherwise I would not have been able to fit in my schedule as a full-time mom, spouse, and worker. The delivery method allowed me to choose on a weekly basis how I was able to participate in the designated course.”

In addition to the benefits of PeirceFit, Giselle said the professors are another large advantage to attending Peirce College. “I value the fact that the professors were very student-focused. They were able to provide real life work examples to help me understand the theories, and I felt they were interested in my classroom success so that I would be prepared for the competitive job market.”

After completing her third degree with Peirce, Giselle is now confident to take her classroom knowledge and experience to the real-world to share what she has learned and accomplished. “[The] graduate program has taught me how to model the way, inspire a shared vision, challenge the process, enable others to act while encouraging the heart of people in a productive, innovative and respectful manner in order to positively motivate mine and their inner work life,” she says.

Giselle left some advice for all working adults considering returning to school, whether it be for your associate, bachelor’s or master’s degree: “To overcome [your] fear or self-doubt, redirect your attention to the opportunity a degree presents to your career and livelihood, and remain focused on that.”

Giselle adds, “To date, choosing Peirce College has been the best choice I have made in my educational life.”

In honor of her hard work and dedication to not only her studies, but also the College, Giselle was the 2017 recipient of the Patricia A. Rucker Graduate Studies Award for Academic Excellence.

Congratulations to Giselle! If you or someone you know is looking to return to school, contact an Enrollment Specialist today at 215.670.9000 or admissions@peirce.edu.