Tuesday, September 26, 2017

M.S.O.L.M. may be for Y.O.U.

Last month, Dr. DeVida Rembert walked us through all the opportunities Peirce College’s Master of Science in Healthcare Administration (MSHCA) offers students in advancing their careers through continuing their educational journeys. But that’s not the only advanced degree program you can choose from at Peirce. In addition to the MSHCA, we also have a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership and Management (MSOLM) program.

Not sure what that long title means? Let me explain:

Gaining leadership experience is crucial for growing within your career, so why not gain that experience from the experts? Enrolling in Peirce’s MSOLM program will open a multitude of doors to all the managerial expertise and insight you need to continue moving up in your dream career.

The two-year program will position you for roles in varied and diverse career fields and better prepare you for the challenges you may face as a leader. The MSOLM program provides training in:
  • Leadership
  • Human resources
  • Project management
  • Communication
  • Research
  • Finance
  • Technology
  • Strategic Planning
  • Generational and Cultural Diversity and Leadership
At Peirce, you’ll experience a curriculum that’s directly related to workforce leadership skills while learning from esteemed and experienced organizational leaders. As a student, you’ll also have the opportunity to participate in and lead our Graduate Students Association, which provides many networking opportunities for new leaders.

Many of our graduates have gone on to become leaders in their fields, and you can join them. You’ll be a competitive applicant for management roles in your respective field when you graduate from the MSOLM program.

Our MSOLM program offers the utmost convenience for busy adult learners – and provides a unique value for those seeking to advance their careers. If you or someone you know is interested in earning their Master of Science in Organizational Leadership and Management at Peirce, it’s easy to get started online now! Have questions? Contact the Office of Graduate Studies at 215.670.9325 or masters@peirce.edu with any questions.