Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Peirce College celebrates 152 years of service

Happy 152nd birthday, Peirce College!

Today, 152 years ago, Thomas May Peirce officially opened the doors to what is now Peirce College. Over the last century and a half, a lot has changed, but one thing has remained the same: our focus remains on equipping students with the workforce skills they need for successful careers.

Peirce College has had the honor of serving thousands of incredible students who have gone on to be hardworking, career-focused alumni. We have had the pleasure of employing passionate faculty and staff who have served our mission every day since the very first one. And Peirce has been surrounded by an engaged and supportive community that has continued to open its arms in a multitude of ways throughout the years.

Today, we celebrate the past 152 years and the next 152 to come. During our celebrations, we asked a few community members to share some thoughts or memories about their Peirce College experience:

“During my time with Peirce College, my admiration has continuously grown for our founder, Thomas May Peirce, and his vision to provide all students with access to workforce relevant education, which endures today.”

- James J. Mergiotti, President & CEO, serving Peirce College for more than 29 years

“One of my fondest memories of my time at Peirce is organizing the College’s archives and reading the correspondence from U.S. Presidents to Thomas May Peirce. The Mark Twain letter was a real find and a delight to read.”

- Debra Schrammel, Assistant Vice President, Institutional Assessment, serving Peirce College for more than 33 years

“One of my favorite Peirce memories was establishing Graduate Studies and offering our first graduate program. That was such an accomplishment for the College!”

- Dr. Rita Toliver-Roberts, Vice President, Academic Advancement, serving Peirce College for more than 20 years

“One of my favorite Peirce memories is my first year on stage during Peirce's annual graduation in 1995. I could relate to the students' excitement of achieving their academic goals.”

- Dr. Tobo Houessou-Adin, Professor, General Education, serving Peirce College for more than 23 years

“I had a work-study position as a computer operator. I have entertaining memories spending hours in the basement working on the IBM 4300 series mainframe and classmates trying to get time on the IBM 029 keypunch machines to fix one of their cards so their program would run correctly.”

- Barry James, President, Peirce College Alumni Association, Class of 1983 and 2007

“One of my favorite Peirce College memories occurred in 2014. It happened the day after I learned I had won the City of Philadelphia's Mayors Scholarship. I walked into Admissions and received a huge ovation from everyone in the office. They stood up, clapped, cheered, and made me feel very, very special.”

- Charles Harrington, current Peirce Student, Business Administration with a Concentration in Management, Future Class of 2018

Thank you to every student, alumni, faculty member, staff member, trustee, employer, donor, corporate partner, institutional partner, and community member for everything you have done to keep Thomas May Peirce’s vision alive.