Friday, October 27, 2017

New Student Orientation Recap

New Student Orientation (NSO) is crucial if you’re joining Peirce College for the first time. We like to make sure you feel welcomed, informed and ready to start your newest educational adventure!

If you’re a new student who had to miss last night’s orientation event or are a returning student looking for a refresher, you’ll find the information below vital to your success at Peirce College.
  • Meet the Faculty
    • Last night, Professor Linda Currie, Associate Professor, General Education, and Professor Brian Finnegan, Dean, Information Technology and General Education, joined us to introduce themselves and welcome new students like you to Peirce. They shared some words of wisdom such as:
      • Talk to your families before beginning classes to make sure everyone understands how your life will change with this new journey
      • Reach out to your professors if a problem ever arises – they are here to help!
      • Try to attend class on campus, if you are able
      • Utilize the many resources Peirce offers to students such as tutoring and Career Development Services
      • Stay engaged! The more you participate, the more you will get out of your experience
    • Be sure to get to know your professors as you go through your courses, even if you’re mainly taking online classes. Forming these relationships will help immensely when you need some extra assistance with class, a job recommendation or even just some career advice. Our faculty are fully knowledgeable and excited to help you realize your education and career goals.
  • Campus Safety
    • We want you to feel completely safe no matter what time of day or day of the week you visit campus. Peirce’s Chief Auxiliary Services Officer, Vito Chimenti, joined New Student Orientation to give some examples of how we will keep you safe at Peirce. Please check out the campus security report for full details.
  • Parking
    • As a student, you get discounted parking for just $8! You can park in the parking garage at 15th and Spruce to take advantage of this amazing discount. Pick up your discount ticket from security when leaving campus each day or evening to get your discount. Please note: you must show your white parking ticket received from the garage before receiving the discount ticket. The discount will not be applied without this ticket.
  • Student Financial Services
    • Financial aid is EXTREMELY important when heading back to school, so we went over some points about how to be most successful with your financial aid during your time at Peirce. We covered filling out your FAFSA, the difference between a loan and a grant, requirements for maintaining your financial aid and so much more. For further information about financial aid, please contact Student Financial Services at 215.670.9600 or today!
  • Academic Advising
    • As a Peirce student, you have your very own personal Academic Advisor who is available to assist with scheduling classes, preparing for graduation and providing advice and support throughout your entire academic process. If you’re not sure who your Academic Advisor is yet, please reach out to the Advising Center at 215.670.9177 or
  • Technology at Peirce
    • You should familiarize yourself with Canvas and the Peirce Portal. You’ll be using these online resources every week, and they’ll help you get the most out of your Peirce experience. Canvas is the place to access classes, submit assignments, etc. On the portal, you’ll find crucial information on student services, security, the library and more! To locate Canvas and the Portal, visit and log in at the top. Once you’re logged in, this is your personal Peirce Portal. To access Canvas, select the “More” tab on the right of this homepage, then select “My Classes” and finally “Course Online Access.” For further information or help with either Canvas or the portal, please contact your Academic Advisor. 
To learn more about the materials and tools covered during NSO, please check out the content videos on the Peirce Portal at next week under the “home” tab. We want to see you succeed during your time with us at Peirce College, so please be sure to ask any questions you may have at any time and always reach out for help. Call 215.670.9423 or to contact me, Tracey Thomas, Assistant Dean, Student Support Services.