Tuesday, November 28, 2017

#GivingTuesday at Peirce College

Today, Tuesday, November 28, 2017 is not your average Tuesday. Today is #GivingTuesday where families, organizations and communities come together to support the causes they believe in.

At Peirce College, we focus our efforts every day on equipping our students with the credentials, supports and tools they need to become workforce-ready within and well beyond the classroom walls. On #GivingTuesday, you have the opportunity to invest in our Annual Fund, which will directly support our holistic approach to education and, most importantly, our students.

You would be supporting students like Josh Slocum who is a current Business Administration student at Peirce College chasing his dreams of obtaining a degree, so he can not only move up in his current department, but make his parents proud.

“My main inspiration for returning to school was to get my degree for my parents. I made a promise to them to graduate and remain focused on becoming a great leader someday,” said Josh on coming back to school as a working adult.

Josh, like many of our Peirce students, did not take the traditional college route. Josh is returning to school as a full time employee balancing work, life and school all at the same time. During the day, Josh is a Cloud Desk Agent at Comcast and in the evening he is a hardworking student, but he is able to make it work thanks to Peirce’s flexibility.

“The schedule at Peirce College fits perfectly for my life. I get out of work at 5, take a small commute, attend class at 5:30 and it’s all very convenient. I can do what I love and still pursue my education,” explained Josh on balancing his work and education.

Though it does get hard at times to juggle it all, Josh said he feels a new sense of maturity and focus returning to college as a nontraditional student. He knows now that he needs to keep his priorities in check and make sure he is staying productive at all times, so he is able to reach the goal.

Josh had some advice for other potential students considering going back to school. He said, “It is never too late. Do it for your kids, your family, yourself, whoever, but find your inspiration. If you have an opportunity to work and go to school, do it. It’s the best experience I have ever had. I was given a second chance and you can have one, too!”

Josh Slocum is a dedicated and diligent student chasing his and his parents’ dreams. He, and many others, are the reason we do what we do every day at Peirce College – equipping adult learners with workforce-related skills and the accessibility to achieve their goals.

Please consider investing in students like Josh by clicking here today for #GivingTuesday!