Friday, December 29, 2017

Born to be an Information Technology Major – Meet Joe Turner

When Joe Turner was a child, his parents noticed him tinkering with their computers at home more often than they would have liked. But they eventually realized it was the beginning of his passion.

As Joe grew older and considered what to study in college, his parents reminded him how much he loved working with computers and urged him to study Information Technology. By the time Joe approached his high school graduation, his interest in computers continued to develop, so he applied to Bucks County Community College (BCCC) for their Information Technology program and started in 2014.

After excelling during his associate degree program, Joe decided to take things one step further and earn his bachelor’s degree. Joe fondly recalls “discovering” Peirce College in the months leading up to his graduation from BCCC.

“When I saw that I could finish my IT degree, all of my classes would transfer, and I could complete the entire program online,” recalls Joe, “it was an easy decision for me.”

For Joe, now a current Information Technology student at Peirce College, online learning makes the most sense strictly due to his location. The commute from Bucks County to Center City Philadelphia can be difficult, but thanks to the Peirce Fit® model, Joe is able to attend class online while still having the option to attend class on campus whenever he wants.

“It just makes the most sense for me,” says Joe. “I’d like to come in to class a bit more, but the convenience of Peirce Fit really helps me out with the other aspects in my busy life.”

Another Peirce feature he appreciates is the College’s accelerated, eight-week sessions. Like the Information Technology world, Joe finds the sessions fast-paced and fascinating. “Those two-month sessions are a whirlwind, but in a good way,” he says. “When eight weeks are over, you can’t believe the amount of content that was covered and the amount of information you’ve learned.”

Joe is on track to graduate with his bachelor’s degree in 2018, and although he works nearly full-time outside of his current field in Bucks County, he intends to become a computer programmer when he graduates. In his spare time (which Joe wishes he had more of) he likes to read, play video games and cheer on his favorite team, the Philadelphia Eagles.

Peirce College salutes Bucks County Community College for providing Joe the foundations of a great education and wishes Joe success in all of his future endeavors!

If you or someone you know is looking to transfer to Peirce College, please contact me, Tom Tschop, Manager, Institutional Partnerships, today at 215.670.9203 or

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

It’s Time for a Little Time Off

Peirce College is extremely lucky to have dedicated and hardworking students year round. But right now, our students are able to reward themselves for their hard work by having some time off.

From cooking to crocheting to eating lots of yummy food – our students are taking full advantage of the little breather that is winter break before they pick back up for Session 3. We took some time to touch base with a few of our students to see exactly what they’ll be doing over the next couple weeks:

“My family and I will be traveling to Erie, PA to spend the holidays with extended family and enjoy the cold, snowy weather! I can’t wait to see the lake in the winter.” – Kayla Good, 2018

“With my time off, I plan on baking. I recently purchased a new convection oven/stove and want to put it to good use. I have plans on making an Eggnog Cheesecake!” – Gregory Wright, 2018

“I am going to start a lot of crocheting projects, such as: a scarf for my father, baby dresses, shoes and a bathroom set. I am also going to finish my DIY projects, such as the table lamp and yarn balls. And I am going to try to cook all the dinners so my mother can have a nice and work-free break.” – Nazia Bibi, 2019

“This winter break, I plan on watching all my favorite holiday movies, eat an unhealthy amount of homemade cookies, and most importantly spend a lot of time catching up on some much needed sleep. I am however, very excited to be able to hang out with my best friend, be annoyed by my sister (just kidding, I love her), and to have a lovely second Christmas with my boyfriend.” – Dema Zagadinow, 2019

“During my break I will be catching up on some 'much needed' rest! I plan to spend quality time with my family while enjoying my lady’s home cooked meals. Finally, I am going to take the opportunity to read a very interesting book called, The Secret.” – Keith Higgins, 2019

We hope our students have a restful and wonderful winter break and come back eager to chase their dream degrees in the New Year!

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Peirce College Celebrates the Season of Giving

‘Tis the season for giving back and connecting with our community!

During this year’s season of giving, Peirce College partnered, once again, with two remarkable organizations. We led a uniform drive for Thomas May Peirce Elementary School and worked closely with Youth Action on a toy drive.

For the uniform drive, Peirce College’s community of students, faculty, and staff contributed funds that helped us purchase more than 75 new uniform pieces—pants, skirts, shirts, socks—for the students at Thomas May Peirce Elementary School.

Our team members Frederica “Freddie” Flippen and Kelsey Lazicki delivered the items to a school full of eager, energetic and zealous elementary students! There was an overwhelming feeling of gratitude and bliss in the air as the donations were passed on to their new owners. Maybe one day, as several Thomas May Peirce Elementary graduates have done, some of those students will walk through our front doors as Peirce College students.

For the toy drive, now in its 12th year, Peirce College partnered with Youth Action to collect new and unwrapped toys, clothing and books for children of all ages. Together, we donated a plethora of gifts to the Darlene Morris Emergency Shelter in West Philadelphia.

While the drives benefited different organizations, they had a few things in common. Both provided additional cheer to some awesome children. And both drives were evidence of the generosity, good-will, and Peirce passion that are emblematic of our Peirce community.

Thank you to everyone who contributed during this year’s season of giving! We are honored to be surrounded by such a wonderful group of caring people.

Have a safe and healthy holiday season!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Peirce College Winter Break Hours and Availability

Winter break is just around the corner and we hope you are getting ready to spend some time with your family and friends! As a reminder, the College will be closed from Friday, December 22, 2017 until Tuesday, January 2, 2018. Winter Session classes will be available online as scheduled. Faculty members for these classes will be available through their normal means of communication. Haven’t signed up for Winter Session classes yet? There’s still time! Contact your Academic Advisor now at 215.670.9177 to get registered.

While most College departments will also be on break during this time, limited services will be available both on campus and via phone. Please see the list below for details:
  • Academic Advising will be available on campus or via phone on December 27 and 28 from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. If your personal Academic Advisor is not available, please reach out to or 215.670.9177 for assistance.
  • The Walker Center for Academic Excellence will be available on campus on December 27 from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Advisors and tutors can be contacted at
  • Student Financial Services will be available via phone on December 27 and 28 from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. If you are in need of financial services assistance, please reach out to or 215.670.9600. Please note there will be no Financial Advisors on campus during the break, so please call or email with any inquiries you may have.
  • Billing and Accounts Receivable will not be operating during the break, but will be available as soon as the College reopens on January 2. If you need immediate assistance, please reach out to Student Financial Services on their designated dates and times.
  • Undergraduate Admissions will not be operating during the break, but will be available as soon as the College reopens on January 2. Please send all inquiries to or 215.670.9000 and an Enrollment Specialist will get back to you as soon as possible.
  • Graduate Admissions will not be operating during the break, but will be available as soon as the College reopens on January 2. Please send all inquiries to or 215.670.9325 and someone from Graduate Studies will get back to you as soon as possible.
  • The Peirce Library will not be operating during the break and will not reopen until January 3, 2018. Upon opening, there will be a limited schedule until January 16 when Session 3 classes begin. For more information, please email or call 215.670.9269.
If you have any technical issues, please contact the Service Center at

If you have an immediate need during a time our offices aren’t open, please call 215.670.9284 and a team member will be available to help you.

Have a safe and wonderful holiday! We will see you in the New Year.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Peirce Wins Talent Innovator Award from Main Line Chamber of Commerce!

Exciting news! Yesterday, at the Main Line Chamber of Commerce's 2nd Annual Summit on Business Leadership and Corporate Volunteerism, Peirce was honored for our work as a Talent Innovator and recognized for the innovative ways we serve our students.

The Chamber selected Peirce for this honor after learning about our commitment to non-traditional learners and product offerings that provide students with greater flexibility, affordability, and choice. Our flexible delivery options – like Peirce Fit® and competency-based education – along with our collaborative partnerships with regional employers were what made Peirce standout.

The award was accepted by Dr. Rita Toliver-Roberts, Vice President of Academic Advancement, on Peirce’s behalf in recognition of her extraordinary leadership and impact here at the College.

Working with organizations like the Main Line Chamber of Commerce and other regional partners like Comcast and Wells Fargo, has better positioned the College, our students, and our alumni in the market. Awards like this highlight just how special the Peirce community is.

Many thanks to everyone involved who has worked so hard on these innovations and thank you to our students and alumni for representing Peirce so well!

Friday, December 8, 2017

Nothing Could Stop Melissa Jackson from Earning Her Dream Degree

No employee wants to hear their boss tell them, “You cannot move up any further without another degree.” But more often than not, companies are requiring higher degrees in order for their employees to move up the ladder.

Melissa Jackson, a 14-year employee for YouthBuild, felt this pressure when she was approached and told she had the potential and ability to move up to a director position but needed to earn her master’s degree first.

As a lifelong learner, Melissa found no issues in this new challenge, but where would she go?

She started researching and realized Peirce College had a program that seemed to fit her interests: Master of Science in Organizational Leadership and Management. But Melissa wanted to learn a little more before she signed up. That’s when she got the call.

Melissa had a previous relationship with Peirce College as she sent many of her students from YouthBuild to Peirce for the Year Up Program. This connection inspired a phone call from Uva Coles, Peirce College’s Vice President of Institutional Advancement and Strategic Partnerships, who worked closely with Peirce's internship and mentoring program at the time.

On the phone call with Melissa, Uva invited her to mentor and host an intern in the computer science and technology program Melissa ran with YouthBuild. Melissa, of course, accepted, and the relationship began to bloom.

As the two continued to stay in touch, Uva soon learned of Melissa’s desire to return to school.

“I made a connection with Uva, and this connection immediately pulled me in. She invited me to Peirce for an impromptu conversation about the master’s program,” says Melissa. “She told me about the Peirce Fit model, the flexibility.”

After learning of all the opportunities available to her, Melissa found herself applying to Peirce! As she now puts it, “Uva was the icing on the cake.”

Melissa joined Peirce College officially in January 2016 ready to start her new journey. She began taking classes and found herself finding a family with Peirce.

“Out of all the schools I went to, Peirce is the most family-oriented. I know a lot of people say that, but I really mean it. I appreciate the small classroom sizes, the fact that the professors care about you and the accessibility to opportunity,” Melissa explains.

But, as life would have it, in the middle of her graduate studies experience, Melissa got some tough news. She was diagnosed with cancer during one of the toughest sessions in the program. She was enrolled in two courses and knew things were going to be busy. Melissa immediately connected with her professors. They not only supported her academically, but also personally.

“My professors cared, really cared. They kept on me about my studies while still checking in. They allowed me to do work ahead of time, so I wouldn’t fall behind,” explains Melissa. “I had two surgeries during the 8-week session, and I was still able to do it. The professors were flexible and helped me make it work.”

After focusing on her health and getting back to a more normal schedule, Melissa returned to her usual self, attending all her classes and getting the most out of her educational journey.

“I never missed a class unless it was absolutely necessary,” says Melissa. “I learned a lot more from the experiences in class with my classmates and professors than I would have gained online. When you read the textbooks, case studies, etc. they are very high level, but when you’re in class and the professor talks about that topic in their real life and maybe a student has a similar experience then you think about how it comes together with your life. It makes it more enjoyable.”

Now that Melissa is approaching the end of the program, she wants to give one more final shout-out to her fellow Graduate Studies Association (GSA) board members after serving as a student senator while enrolled at Peirce. “I am extremely proud of my GSA board members. We are all graduating and walking in June together!” says an excited Melissa. “I think the past two years we have done and made a lot of changes within the student body.”

After conquering her classes and life’s challenges, Melissa is officially graduating with her Master of Science in Organizational Leadership and Management this month! She has overcome so much in her time with Peirce, and we are extremely proud to watch her go from a student to an alumna.

Congratulations, Melissa!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Earn More Credits While Enjoying the Holidays

Happy Holidays, Peirce Community!

As you continue your holiday preparations, don’t forget to keep your education in mind. The cold winter months leave most of us inside, keeping warm by the fire (or maybe just the heater vent). So why not make the most of your inside days by earning some additional credits?

Did you know Peirce College offers an Online Winter Intensive Session for those of you looking to get ahead and make your way to graduation even faster? It has everything an 8-week course has but only takes three weeks, so you’re able to get more done faster.

All our winter intensive courses are online, so no fear on ever having to trudge through the snow and ice to get here. We bring it all to you in the comfort of your living room!

Students who’ve previously taken Winter Intensive Session courses agree that there are many benefits:

“The three-week intensive course is great for those working professionals who are trying to obtain credits in their major quickly. I highly recommend the program because you are able to earn the normal three credits in a shorter timeframe. That’s huge for those working full time with little time to spare,” says Laura Vu, a current Peirce student. “My motto: study hard and complete the work for three weeks, then on to the next. Three-week courses demand intense work and studying but you know it’s only for three weeks, so it is possible!”

As Laura mentions, you’d be earning the same three credits as you would from an 8-week course. The work amount is the same, so you’ll need to focus in on those time management skills, but like Laura adds, “it’s only for three weeks, so it is possible!”

If you’re interested in taking a Winter Intensive Course, check out the full list of available classes for 2017-2018:
  1. PRC101 – Peirce College 101
  2. HUM102 – Introduction to Ethics
  3. MGT310 – Ethical Leadership
  4. PSY270 – Abnormal Psychology
For more information and to get registered, reach out to your Academic Advisor today at 215.670.9177 or