Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Earn More Credits While Enjoying the Holidays

Happy Holidays, Peirce Community!

As you continue your holiday preparations, don’t forget to keep your education in mind. The cold winter months leave most of us inside, keeping warm by the fire (or maybe just the heater vent). So why not make the most of your inside days by earning some additional credits?

Did you know Peirce College offers an Online Winter Intensive Session for those of you looking to get ahead and make your way to graduation even faster? It has everything an 8-week course has but only takes three weeks, so you’re able to get more done faster.

All our winter intensive courses are online, so no fear on ever having to trudge through the snow and ice to get here. We bring it all to you in the comfort of your living room!

Students who’ve previously taken Winter Intensive Session courses agree that there are many benefits:

“The three-week intensive course is great for those working professionals who are trying to obtain credits in their major quickly. I highly recommend the program because you are able to earn the normal three credits in a shorter timeframe. That’s huge for those working full time with little time to spare,” says Laura Vu, a current Peirce student. “My motto: study hard and complete the work for three weeks, then on to the next. Three-week courses demand intense work and studying but you know it’s only for three weeks, so it is possible!”

As Laura mentions, you’d be earning the same three credits as you would from an 8-week course. The work amount is the same, so you’ll need to focus in on those time management skills, but like Laura adds, “it’s only for three weeks, so it is possible!”

If you’re interested in taking a Winter Intensive Course, check out the full list of available classes for 2017-2018:
  1. PRC101 – Peirce College 101
  2. HUM102 – Introduction to Ethics
  3. MGT310 – Ethical Leadership
  4. PSY270 – Abnormal Psychology
For more information and to get registered, reach out to your Academic Advisor today at 215.670.9177 or advisingcenter@peirce.edu.