Tuesday, December 26, 2017

It’s Time for a Little Time Off

Peirce College is extremely lucky to have dedicated and hardworking students year round. But right now, our students are able to reward themselves for their hard work by having some time off.

From cooking to crocheting to eating lots of yummy food – our students are taking full advantage of the little breather that is winter break before they pick back up for Session 3. We took some time to touch base with a few of our students to see exactly what they’ll be doing over the next couple weeks:

“My family and I will be traveling to Erie, PA to spend the holidays with extended family and enjoy the cold, snowy weather! I can’t wait to see the lake in the winter.” – Kayla Good, 2018

“With my time off, I plan on baking. I recently purchased a new convection oven/stove and want to put it to good use. I have plans on making an Eggnog Cheesecake!” – Gregory Wright, 2018

“I am going to start a lot of crocheting projects, such as: a scarf for my father, baby dresses, shoes and a bathroom set. I am also going to finish my DIY projects, such as the table lamp and yarn balls. And I am going to try to cook all the dinners so my mother can have a nice and work-free break.” – Nazia Bibi, 2019

“This winter break, I plan on watching all my favorite holiday movies, eat an unhealthy amount of homemade cookies, and most importantly spend a lot of time catching up on some much needed sleep. I am however, very excited to be able to hang out with my best friend, be annoyed by my sister (just kidding, I love her), and to have a lovely second Christmas with my boyfriend.” – Dema Zagadinow, 2019

“During my break I will be catching up on some 'much needed' rest! I plan to spend quality time with my family while enjoying my lady’s home cooked meals. Finally, I am going to take the opportunity to read a very interesting book called, The Secret.” – Keith Higgins, 2019

We hope our students have a restful and wonderful winter break and come back eager to chase their dream degrees in the New Year!