Friday, October 12, 2018

Meet The First Ever Peirce College Master of Science In Healthcare Administration Graduate: Hilda Rivera

In 2014, Hilda Rivera started her academic journey with Peirce College in hopes of gaining the degree she needed for the career she deserved. By June of 2016, Hilda proudly accomplished this goal when she earned her bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration.

But her story doesn’t end there – Hilda decided to continue on with her education by looking into earning her master’s degree. Due to her previous experience with Peirce College, the opportunity to earn graduate level credits during her undergraduate experience and because the College was officially launching a master’s program in her field of study, Hilda knew where her next journey would take place. So without any further hesitation, Hilda was the first student to enroll in Peirce’s new Master of Science in Healthcare Administration (MSHCA) program!

Dr. Stephanie Donovan, Professor and Faculty Chair, Health Programs, reflects on Hilda’s decision to transition from bachelor’s to master’s, “Hilda exemplifies the student who enters the undergraduate program with extensive work experience in the field and for whom continuing at the master’s level is a natural progression.”

Fast-forward to June 2018, after balancing work, school and life once again, Hilda was ready and eager to cross the commencement stage once again, but this time Hilda would cross as the first ever graduate of the Master of Science in Healthcare Administration program.

After earning two degrees at Peirce College, Hilda reflected back on how she got started with this incredible journey. Hilda said, “I decided to return to school only after my son completed his degree. Being a single parent was difficult and I could not afford to complete my degree because I had to care for him, but education has always been a priority for me. Knowing that I still have over twenty-five years until retirement and working for an organization where there are many opportunities for advancement, I was inspired to go back to school.”

Once inspired and ready to head back to school, Peirce College was a top choice for Hilda not only because of their corporate partnership with her employer, but she was also impressed with Peirce’s unwavering commitment to working adult learners. Adult learners have the complexity of juggling work and family obligations with the added element of returning to school. “My experience was different from a traditional-age student. I focused more in class, managed my time wisely and was able to integrate what I learned in class with my experience at work,” Hilda remarked.

After connecting with Peirce College and learning of the corporate partner tuition discount and the dedication to working adults, Hilda found another piece of Peirce she just could not resist. Peirce’s non-clinical healthcare degrees drew Hilda in as they were a perfect fit with Hilda’s work background. “I chose this degree because healthcare is my passion. My entire career has been in healthcare and, at this point, I would love to retire from my current employer,” explained Hilda, “With a master’s degree, I know that I will have the ability to advance within this field.”

Now, a two-time Peirce graduate, Hilda looks back on her time with Peirce, saying, “Returning to Peirce for my education was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Peirce professors and staff were with me all the way.”

In addition to the internal support received, Hilda also is grateful for her financial relief following graduation, “I completed both my bachelor’s and master’s degrees debt-free. At Peirce, I was able to take advantage of the corporate partner discount provided to my employer and was given the opportunity to go on a payment plan for the remainder of my balance per session.”

Since returning to school at Peirce, Hilda has gone from a part-time position to a full-time position and a promotion. She is currently a Senior Concierge in a healthcare organization. Hilda said, “I am in a good place and love my job. My master’s degree has provided me confidence to have the ability to rise when an opportunity comes along.”

We are so very proud of Hilda’s accomplishments and congratulate her on the completion of the MSHCA program.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Funding Your Education With Student Scholarships

Financing a college education can be one of the trickiest parts of heading back to school as a working adult. Luckily, there are college scholarships and grants available to assist students in funding their dreams one degree at a time.

In addition to student scholarships found online through places such as, Peirce College offers a variety of our own scholarships for working adults to apply for and receive.

Over the next few months, I will highlight a small sample of the financial aid scholarship opportunities to spread the news on these incredible offerings, as well as, offer scholarship tips and advice to ensure all students are able to get the most support during their academic journey.

This month, we start off with the Professor Edwin B. Miller Memorial Endowed Scholarship started in 2017. This reward was created to honor the late Professor Edwin B. Miller and to provide college scholarships to current Peirce Legal Studies students in need of financial assistance. Recently, the first ever recipients of this scholarship were awarded and they were eager to share their insight on the benefits of applying for scholarships, such as this one.

Meet and hear from some of the 2018 Professor Edwin B. Miller Memorial Endowed Scholarship winners:

“Applying for scholarships can be intimidating; it definitely was for me. I kept thinking to myself, ‘Why would anyone want to invest in a woman my age?’ I soon came to realize, though, the answer to that question is because this woman has a lot to offer, based on age and life experiences, and so do you! The first step is to apply; you will never know unless you try. The cost of education can prove to be expensive, but there are money and opportunities out there to help. I encourage everyone to take that initial step, because we all have a lot to offer, and I'm sure we all could use some financial support. Fill out that application, write that essay, wait with anticipation and feel that relief when you receive the reward.” – Juwaurne Hughes, Current Peirce College Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Student


“The best advice that I can give to those considering applying for college is very simple: tell your story. We all have a story about what motivates us to go to school, or in my case, go back to school after fifteen years. Who has helped you to make the decision to go through the long days and sleepless nights? For me, it is my children, and my fiancée, Heather. I talked about going back to school and the regrets I had about not completing my degree and Heather pushed me relentlessly to stop talking about it and do it. Once I started, my children remained behind me, motivating me to show them that if you want something in life, you have to be willing to put in the work to get it. Share these types of stories and open up about your experiences during the scholarship application process!

Another piece of advice is after you have written out your story, let someone read it. It is important to remember that the people who will be making the selection are looking for a well-written and professional looking essay. Let someone whose opinion you trust read it and critique it. Many times they will find grammatical errors or just give you a better way to say what you mean. So use your surrounding resources and take your time! It is worth it in the end.” – Christopher Hinckley, Current Peirce College Bachelor of Science in Paralegal Studies Student


“When I graduated in June 2018 from Peirce College with my associate degree in Criminal Justice, I honestly did not think that I would be able to complete my bachelor’s degree for financial reasons. At first, I was afraid to do anything about my situation, such as apply for scholarships, but the Peirce College staff and faculty recognized that I maintained good grades and had a high GPA, so they introduced me to multiple financial assistance opportunities. To my surprise, after applying to many scholarships, I received not only the Professor Edwin B. Miller Memorial Endowed Scholarship, but five others to assist with my next educational step.

For those considering applying, do it; never be afraid to be considered for candidacy! You have to take your time and make sure you are giving the committee exactly what they need and state your case for why you are a great candidate. I advise providing recommendations from professors and professional colleagues. Applying for scholarships can result in a large burden being taken off your shoulders during your college career. I cannot thank Peirce College enough for believing in me and for giving me the opportunity to earn my bachelor’s degree.” – DeVonte Douglass, Current Peirce College Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Student


“As I recently approached my final year at Peirce College for my bachelor’s degree, I was faced with the disappointing news that I only had a limited amount of undergraduate financial aid left. I was scared, sad, frustrated and disappointed; because I was finally so close to reaching my goal of being the first in my family to graduate. Instead of losing hope, though, I persevered and sought out advice from my family, friends and Peirce College advisors for other ways to pay for my tuition and that’s when I was able to obtain the information on several scholarship opportunities. I was lucky enough to receive four scholarships!

I think that it is imperative to apply for scholarships because it is vital to for not only a student’s success during college, but also post-graduation. Attending college is expensive, but rewarding, so that’s exactly why finding, applying for and receiving scholarships are critical steps for any college student. Show eagerness when searching and applying for scholarships as it will show your dedication and passion. Due to my eagerness, my Academic Advisor invested so much of her time to find and assist me with scholarships to make sure I made the most of my opportunities. You can get so much by applying for scholarships; it certainly opened many doors for me.” – Patrina Hope, Current Peirce College Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies in Business Student

Thank you and congratulations to all our 2018 Professor Edwin B. Miller Memorial Endowed Scholarship recipients! Check back in next month for a new scholarship highlight and some more advice on funding your education as a working adult.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Study Skills For Success

Developing and maintaining strong study skills is key for academic success during a student’s college experience, especially for working adults who are balancing a family, a career, and school. As Peirce College students continue to tackle the current session, the Walker Center for Academic Excellence wanted to provide some guidance on how to stay ahead, stay prepared and stay on track. Check out the following study tips to keep in mind as you take on your final assignments:

1. Study Smarter, Not Harder! Review class and reading notes within 24 hours of your test to help material move from short-term to long-term memory. In addition to this technique, review class and reading notes on a weekly and cumulative basis, so the material stays fresh and relative in your mind.

2. Plan Your Study Sessions! Schedule study times on a daily and weekly basis, and stick to your study schedule. By committing to a structured time and date, you will find yourself creating a regular routine you will want to stick with.

3. Mark Your Calendar With Your Due Dates! You can use the calendar built into your Canvas account to view assignment due dates in order to keep track of what is due when for all your classes. You can also add your own due dates and study sessions to this calendar to keep a full repository of your upcoming academic requirements.

4. Utilize Support Services! Walker Center staff, tutors and your Academic Advisor can help you with study skills, time management and goal setting. Get to know all of the Peirce staff and faculty who are eager to see you succeed.

5. Enjoy the Journey! Keep your short-term, medium-term and long-term goals in mind as you attend class, study and complete assignments. Always strive for excellence, and find satisfaction in gaining the knowledge and skills you need for success at Peirce and in your career.

In addition to these tips, don’t forget to keep in mind if you are looking to get personalized attention with your schoolwork, reach out to the Walker Center for Academic Excellence to schedule an individual tutoring session. You can also join the team of expert tutors this Saturday, October 6 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on campus for Study Day. Carve out time to get extra support with your upcoming assignments, papers and even test preparation. Let the Walker Center know you’re coming by contacting them today at 215.670.9251 or

Congratulations on making the decision to chase your educational goals and good luck as you continue to get closer to achieving your academic dreams every single day!

Friday, September 28, 2018

Combining Two Passions Into One Successful Career: Legal Studies in Business

Interested in a career that intersects law and business, but haven’t yet committed to finishing your degree? If you’ve earned at least 45 credits from college-level courses, Peirce College has the perfect program for working adults just like you! Our degree completion program is a convenient, flexible option that allows you to earn a bachelor’s degree in Legal Studies in Business leading you into the career you’ve always wanted.

A bachelor’s degree in Legal Studies in Business prepares you for a successful career in business law with intellectual tools and practical skills like analytics, problem solving, oral communication, legal and business research and more by taking courses such as business law, legal research and writing, business litigation, corporations, human resource management, ethical leadership and contract law.

This Legal Studies in Business program will prepare you for a variety of roles that focus on the legal side of business, such as regulation, compliance, contacts, research analytics, lobbying and corporate practice. The program also provides a strong foundation for those who choose to pursue a career as an attorney.

In alignment with our dedication to this program, Peirce College has hosted the Mid-Atlantic Academy of Legal Studies in Business Conference three times in the last ten years. Peirce College Professor Cynthia Gentile served as Conference Chair of the event. This year, the two-day conference featured presentations by faculty from institutions throughout the region. Topics included Ethics, Freedom of Speech, Crowdfunding, an analysis of Federal Court decisions in law and business and the #MeToo movement.

The variety of these subjects demonstrates how the law and all aspects of business intersect in a meaningful and challenging way. This, of course, has a significant impact on everyday life. The connection between the law and the business world has never been more complex.

Because of this complexity, it has never been a better time than now to get involved in this career field and to take hold of your future by earning your Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies in Business.

To learn more about the program and ways to get started, contact Peirce College’s Admissions Team at 215.670.9000 or today.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Build Your Network By Meeting Peirce’s Health Programs Faculty

Building relationships with faculty outside of the classroom is an important part of being an engaged student and having positive classroom and overall college experiences. The Peirce faculty is composed of skilled and involved individuals who are eager to share their career and workforce knowledge. The faculty members value the opportunity to connect with students on their experience and guide them along with their career goals and aspirations.

Unfortunately, sometimes, the letters that follow your professor’s name on the syllabus are the most students know about our faculty members’ educational, credential and networking history. In this month’s Health Programs blog series, we dig a bit deeper into Peirce’s healthcare faculty members’ professional backgrounds, so you can feel more connected to your current or upcoming professor and know who to go to when you are seeking career advice, networking opportunities or educational next steps.

To start, my name is Dr. Stephanie Donovan and I am an Associate Professor and the Faculty Chair of the Health Programs division at Peirce College. I completed my doctorate degree in Higher Education Leadership from Delaware Valley University, earned my MBA from LaSalle University and undergraduate degrees in Health Information Technology (HIT) and Health Information Administration (HIA) from Gwynedd-Mercy University (College). After completing the HIT program, I sat for the Registered Health Information Technician (RHIT®) exam and after completing the HIA program I took the Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA®) exam. I have held volunteer positions at the local, state and national levels of the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) including president of the Lehigh Valley Health Information Management Association (LVHIMA), state advocacy coordinator for Pennsylvania Health Information Management Association (PHIMA) and member of AHIMAs Council for Excellence in Education. I am currently a community member of Einstein’s Institutional Review Board (IRB). To contact me, Dr. Donovan, please email

Now it is my pleasure to introduce my experienced and knowledgeable team:

Professor Jamie Loggains, Assistant Professor, returns to school this fall as a student in Maryville University’s Doctor of Education in Higher Education Leadership program. Professor Loggains currently holds the Registered Health Information Technician (RHIT®) credential through the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) and the Certified Professional Coder (CPC®) credential through the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC). She is the current Member Development Officer for the local Yardley/Levittown AAPC chapter. Professor Loggains expertise is in medical coding and billing. Students pursuing the Certificate of Proficiency in Medical Coding or associate degree in Health Information Technology should consider connecting with Professor Loggains, especially those exploring medical coding certifications. To contact Professor Loggains, please email

Professor Todd Nickelsberg, Assistant Professor, also returns to the classroom this fall as a student in Rowan University’s Doctor of Education in Higher Educational Leadership program and holds a Master of Health Administration with a concentration in Health Informatics from Saint Joseph’s University. In addition to teaching at Peirce College, Professor Nickelsberg is a clinical consultant for the City of Philadelphia Dept. of Behavioral Health and performs clinical audits at providers that receive local, state and federal funding. Professor Nickelsberg also sits on the City of Philadelphia’s Opioid Task Force as a subcommittee member. He is also an active member of the Healthcare Leadership Network of Delaware Valley through the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE), as well as the Metropolitan Philadelphia Chapter of Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA). To contact Professor Nickelsberg, please email

Professor Jackie Penrod, Associate Professor, holds a Juris Doctor degree and a Master of Business Administration, both from Temple University. She also earned her undergraduate bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She recently completed the Teaching in Higher Education Certificate at Temple University, where a portion of the program focused on teaching with technology. Professor Penrod is a member of the bar in Pennsylvania and New Jersey and continues to advise clients with respect to healthcare privacy and contract negotiation. She is a member of the International Association of Privacy Professionals and the American College of Healthcare Executives. To contact Professor Penrod, please email

Now that you’ve met the team, it’s time to get started learning and networking with them! Reach out to any of the professors above to learn more about Health Programs, Peirce College, careers and so much more.

Check back in next month to see what the Health Programs division has to share next!

Friday, September 21, 2018

From An Interest To A Career; Information Technology Was Right For Jocelyn

Peirce College students and alumni exemplify what it means to be adult learners, and 2018 Information Technology graduate Jocelyn Valentine is no exception. Jocelyn graduated high school in 1989 and had every intention to attend college, but had to put her education on hold because she couldn’t afford it at the time. She took a job working as a secretary and enjoyed it for a while, but after a few years she began to think about a career change.

Jocelyn had an interest in computers, so she enrolled in a class to earn a networking certification and switched her role at her place of employment from a secretary to the IT Help Desk. After some time working at the Help Desk, she knew that she’d need to earn her college degree if she wanted to climb the ladder, so she enrolled at Cumberland County College, a community college partner of Peirce College, in 2006.

After attending Cumberland County College as a part-time student (since she worked full-time while attending school), Jocelyn graduated with her associate degree in Computer Science and Information Systems in 2010. Soon after that, though, Jocelyn experienced an unexpected layoff at work, so she decided that the best thing she could do would be to continue on with her education and earn her bachelor’s degree in Information Technology.

To find the best fit at a four-year school where she could obtain her bachelor’s degree, Jocelyn reached back out to Cumberland County College’s transfer office for help. Considering her busy schedule and need for flexibility and online classes, and because all of her Cumberland County classes would transfer, Peirce College was recommended to her as the most logical fit. It was a recommendation that Jocelyn is still thankful for to this day, as she speaks fondly about her experience at Peirce.

“My admissions specialist, Karen Hun, was very knowledgeable and worked to make sure I had full transferability with all of my classes. She guided me through the process of getting set up for school, and then once I became a student, my advisor Holly Tillery was always there for me with any help I needed.”

Since she worked while she was a Peirce College student and because she lives an hour away from Philadelphia, Jocelyn attended all of her classes online. She credits her teachers with providing exceptional guidance and support even though she never physically got to meet them. “I had a great experience with all of my IT instructors, but Professor Patrick Coyle, specifically, was amazing. He’s incredibly knowledgeable and he has a great style of teaching that forces you to not only learn the information, but retain everything as well.”

Due to her experience and education, Jocelyn has now worked for several years at a new job as an IT Support Specialist in the local government office in Cumberland County. Even after graduating with her bachelor’s in June 2018 with a 3.96 GPA, Jocelyn is not quite done with her academic achievements yet; she is now taking graduate classes in Cybersecurity. Though she doesn’t have as much free time as she’d like, Jocelyn enjoys road trips and traveling (she hopes to visit all 50 states!) and watching zombie movies.

Peirce College salutes Cumberland County College for providing Jocelyn with a wonderful educational background, and wishes her well in all of her future endeavors!

If you or someone you know is looking to transfer to Peirce College, please contact me, Tom Tschop, Manager, Institutional Partnerships, at 215.670.9203 or

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

It’s Time To Elevate Your Equity Through Business Ownership!

Peirce College prides itself on the opportunity to assist in the development of soft skills for our students and alumni through our experienced faculty and staff, as well as, through unique events where students and alumni can learn from local experts on a variety of topics. Next month, Peirce College is honored to be partnering with the Office of Economic Opportunity, Department of Commerce | City of Philadelphia in support of Minority Enterprise Development (MED) Week.

Through the partnership and support of this city-wide, week-long tribute to minority businesses and resources, Peirce College is proud to host a special event on Peirce’s campus called Elevate Your Equity through Business Ownership. This community-wide event is an opportunity for all those business-focused individuals who seek advice and guidance on starting and building their own company to learn from Philadelphia entrepreneurs and professionals.

To start this fundamental event off, attendees will get the opportunity to speed network with three successful entrepreneurs who are ready to share their knowledge on how each started their own business while discussing professional business structure including financing, marketing and much more.

Wondering who the three entrepreneurs will be? Take a look:

1. Donna Allie, President & Founder, Team Clean, Inc. – Ms. Allie first launched Team Clean, Inc. in the mid-1980s as a solo entrepreneur. Since then she has grown the privately held company tremendously and has hired thousands of employees in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

2. Elaine L. Johnson, CPA, MBA, President & Founder, Financial Business Solutions – Ms. Johnson began her career with the international accounting firm of PricewaterhouseCoopers in Philadelphia. She then transitioned into building and running her certified woman owned small business, Financial Business Solutions!

3. Angelina Perryman, Vice President of Administration, Perryman Construction – Ms. Perryman represents the third generation of Perryman Construction managing contracts, risk avoidance, human resources, technology and next generation strategic and corporate planning.

Immediately following this fantastic networking and learning experience, attendees will get to hear a keynote address from Iola Harper, Deputy Commerce Director, Office of Economic Opportunity, Department of Commerce | City of Philadelphia, who will share her knowledge on business ownership in Philadelphia. Iola Harper is a nationally-recognized, award-winning advocate for small businesses and urban neighborhoods. Prior to joining the Kenney Administration, she had spent well over two decades working diligently with minority and women-owned firms and economic development agencies across the Delaware Valley, helping them gain access to needed financial, technical and contract opportunity.

So come out to Peirce College’s campus located at 1420 Pine St., Philadelphia, PA 19102 on Tuesday, October 2 at 5:30 p.m. to meet and hear from these amazing business-driven and passionate women. Let us know you’re coming, though, by registering today at For any further information, please reach out to me, Dr. Charlene Glenn, at

Friday, September 14, 2018

Get More Out Of Your College Experience!

Peirce College is the college that really works for working adults. Peirce offers accelerated 8-week courses, flexible scheduling with Peirce Fit® and a team of personalized experts ready to take you all the way from your first step at Peirce to your last. Peirce focuses on getting you the degree you need for the career you deserve, but your experience doesn't just end inside the classroom!

Peirce offers student services and student activities year-round where you can get not only assistance with your career and education, but also get involved in ways that boost your resume, leadership skills and network.

With Peirce’s variety of programs, there tends to be a wide array of interests when looking what to join. That’s why Peirce offers unique student groups and organizations for each program to cater to your focus and interests.

With that being said, knowing what is available and how to sign-up can get a bit overwhelming. That’s why faculty and staff have come together to host the Student Associations and Honor Societies Meet and Greet! This event offers students the chance to network, get involved and meet new friends. Some of the organizations and societies in attendance will be:
  1. Legal Studies Student Association
  2. Information Technology Student Association
  3. Delta Mu Delta
  4. Health Program Student Association
  5. Graduate Student Association
  6. Business Division Student Association
  7. Lambda Epsilon Chi Honor Society
Also, before you get swept away by your new group or society, Peirce’s Career Development Services will provide all attendees with a presentation on how to get the most out of these networking opportunities to advance in your professional career. You will get to become more involved while also learning of the ways to benefit most from it. It’s a win-win!

Finally, another reason to stop by this incredible student-focused event is to get the chance to hear from Dr. Mary Ellen Caro, Peirce College’s new President & CEO. She will be in attendance to introduce herself and get to know a little more about the Peirce student body!

So join us on Thursday, September 27 from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. on campus in College Hall, Rooms 51 & 52 to expand your college experience outside the classroom! To RSVP, please visit and to learn more, please contact me, Margie Pannell, at 215.670.9221 or

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Get to Know the 2018 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipient: Shandai Moore-Jenkins

Back in May 2018, Peirce College had the honor of welcoming back Peirce College Alumni to campus for the 2018 Spring Alumni Reception. At this event, two alumni in particular were acknowledged for their dedication, support and excellence not only within the external community, but also within Peirce’s community. We featured our Distinguished Service Award winner, Janet Taylor, back in May, but today, we take a moment to meet and highlight the 2018 Distinguished Alumni Award winner, Shandai Moore-Jenkins.

Just like a lot of Peirce students, Shandai always dreamed of attending college, but when she graduated from high school, she was not financially able to pursue this path just yet. Instead, Shandai entered the workforce and found herself immersed in building and co-founding a homeless outreach non-profit  Chosen 300. After launching this incredible business venture and considering what lay ahead, Shandai found herself re-thinking the possibility of heading back to school.

“I was really passionate about taking the organization to the next level. I knew, in order to be successful, I needed to gain the business skill-set to make this happen. Although, it was a challenging decision for me to make (due to my already busy lifestyle), it was more important for me to take the initiative to learn all I could about policies and economic development all while building effective business strategies,” Shandai reflected. With a dedicated mindset, Shandai searched for the right place to earn her degree. Thanks to a fellow staff member and Peirce graduate, Peirce College came up fairly quickly in conversation.

Shandai was in pursuit of a business degree with a concentration in public speaking. While public speaking was not a viable Peirce concentration, the college worked with Shandai to develop a course of study that best fit her need. In 2008, she entered the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program and didn’t look back.

As Shandai pursued her degree, she was pleasantly surprised with how Peirce fit her lifestyle and how Peirce continued to refresh and update its curriculum to evolve in alignment with workforce needs. One of the courses developed was ‘Public Speaking;’ this was perfect and Shandai was thrilled to connect everything she needed in one place. “My line of work demands a great deal of public speaking. Therefore, I knew I needed to gain more knowledge and confidence when communicating with the public,” explained Shandai. “Luckily, the Public Speaking course [at Peirce College] was made available, so I was able to fulfill my desire after all and I thoroughly enjoyed the course.”

In June 2011, Shandai was ready to proudly walk across the commencement stage. She finally earned her college degree and now it was time to put her public speaking skills to the test.

Shandai Moore-Jenkins was the 2011 student commencement speaker, beautifully leading the audience through her speech, inspiring others to never give up and to always reach for their goals.

After earning a degree and taking courses with Peirce, Shandai stated, “I am more knowledgeable and can make wiser decisions. My studies taught me to better manage my organization as a whole; this includes networking, public speaking, creating new programs and building new projects.”

Now as the Co-Founder and Senior Vice President of Chosen 300 and a proud Peirce College alumna, Shandai does a lot within the Peirce community and well beyond. Her hard work and diligence earned her the 2018 Peirce Distinguished Alumni Award. After receiving the award, Shandai shared her heartfelt gratitude with us, “It took me a moment to realize what it all meant. I am so humbled by the selection made, knowing there are so many great stories to be told from Peirce alumni. I am still in awe of the selection and feel totally blessed to represent Peirce College for the 2018 Distinguished Alumni Award. Thank you once again!”

Congratulations to Shandai on receiving this award and on all her accomplishments within and beyond the classroom. Peirce College is honored to have served and now be represented by such an inspirational community member.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Combining His Peirce Education With External Internships, Jason Zacconi Is Ready For His IT Career

Jason Zacconi, a current Peirce College Information Technology student, knows the benefit of combining his degree with outside-the-classroom experience to land the career he deserves.

After starting his journey with Delaware County Community College (DCCC), Jason moved from his original healthcare path to his true calling in the information technology field. “I took some core classes at DCCC that could be applied to anything. I was originally leaning towards nursing, but then I found my passion with IT,” said Jason.

Jason said he always liked looking at things a bit differently to see how they worked from the inside out rather than how they appeared at first glance, but he never stopped to realize how he could combine this interest with a life-long career. Once he discovered that the field of information technology would take his interests and expand them even further, he was sold. “I like working with networks and I really enjoy troubleshooting. As a kid, I used to take things apart just to see how they worked. This all led to me getting into IT.”

Once Jason found his niche with IT, he started to connect with the IT department at DCCC and quickly learned of Peirce College. “The IT department at DCCC mentioned Peirce College having an excellent transfer program after completing my associate degree. Additionally, a few of the employees within the department are current Peirce students or alumni who had personal experience to add,” explained Jason. “After these conversations, I decided I was going to get my bachelor’s degree and Peirce College was where I was going to get it.”

In spring of 2016, Jason officially enrolled and joined the Peirce community eagerly chasing his Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. Once Jason began this next educational step, he decided it was time to combine his degree with experience, so he would be highly marketable once applying for full-time positions.

Jason started searching for internships around the area and was able to land two fairly quickly. He originally started with Research for Action for a few months. And then most recently, Jason worked for four months with Reinvestment Fund.

Both of these internships were made possible from his previous education with DCCC and his current pursuit of a bachelor’s degree at Peirce. “Pursuing my bachelor’s has really helped me. The more education, the better, in my opinion. I knew four years would be more impressive than two years and I also knew I could do it,” said Jason. “When you’re competing against others who have bachelor’s degrees and you don’t have one, you won’t have the advantage. I wanted the advantage.”

Jason said in addition to becoming more marketable, the internships allowed for him to solidify his decision to pursue an information technology career. “It gave me the hands-on experience necessary to figure out my passion.”

Despite balancing school and full-time internships, Jason was able to make it work thanks to Peirce Fit®. Jason said, “When I was working full-time, Peirce Fit was the perfect option. I took advantage of it as I would try to go to class as much as possible and preferred that option, but if I couldn’t, I knew I had the online option, which was comforting.”

Now, as Jason continues chasing his degree, he is also continuing to look for more internships and experience. He is currently working with Peirce’s Career Development Services team to learn of new opportunities and work on his career skills so he is well-rounded in his classroom and out-of-classroom skills.

As Jason moves forward with his career, he would just like to give a special shout-out to all those who are assisting him reach his dreams, “Thank you to everyone who has helped me get my foot in the door so far. It has been a pleasure to work with everyone at Reinvestment Fund, Peirce College and Research for Action. You all have helped me continue to move forward and progress!”

Congratulations to Jason on all of his accomplishments so far! We wish him nothing but success as he continues landing internships, networking with his new skills and pursuing his dream degree.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Flexible, Rigorous & Accredited – Get To Know Peirce’s Accounting Program

We know Peirce means business, and what is business without accounting?

According to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the projected number of accountant and auditor positions in the US is expected to increase by 10% by 2026, and this growth is faster than the average of all other occupations. If that is not enough, the median pay for Accountants and Auditors in nearly $70k per year.

Now that I have your attention, let me share some specifics on how Peirce College’s Bachelor of Science in Accounting program can get you there.

Last year, I was part of a team who conducted a comprehensive review of Peirce’s accounting program. The results encouraged an increase in flexibility, while maintaining rigor. With that in mind, we adjusted our curriculum to offer students the flexibility to transfer in previously earned credits, as we know many students come in with previous college coursework completed outside of Peirce. In alignment with our rigorous curriculum, if you are interested in becoming a Certified Public Accountant, we offer courses with the content knowledge needed to sit for the CPA exam.

As a student, you will take classes in the areas of business, finance, accounting (Intermediate I, II, and Managerial), international business and cultures, taxation, stats, auditing and ethical leadership. If you have a desire to pursue the Certified Public Accountant exam, we also recommend courses in advanced accounting, government & non-profit accounting, cost accounting and management as electives.

But wait, there’s more! Did you know our accounting program holds a specialized accreditation by ACBSP? If not, now you do! ACBSP is the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs, and recognizes not only our business administration program, but also designates Peirce College’s accounting program as only 1 of 19 in the country with this specialized ACBSP Accounting Accreditation. Most notably, we are the only college/university in Philadelphia with this recognition!

Not only do we have the flexibility, rigor and accreditation, we also have a diverse and experienced faculty with connections to industry associations where students may be able to get involved and earn potential scholarships! These industry associations include PICAP (Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants), NABA (National Association of Black Accountants), Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, and more. As a student, discounted memberships are frequently available and encouraged. In fact, one of our accounting students, Ashley Reed, was awarded one of fifty scholarships in the state of PA! She was granted a $4,000 scholarship for the 2018-2019 academic year from PICPA. Congratulations Ashley!

Eager to get started with this growing and successful program and industry? Reach out to our Admissions team today to learn more at 215.670.9000 or

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

From A Catering Job To Catering To Her Education – Meet Alex Georgiou

As the summer months come to a quick close and school starts back up for many, we have one more incredible 2018 Peirce Graduate to feature for the summer series. Alex Georgiou, an inspirational and determined alumna, shares her story of perseverance, hard work and accomplishment.

When Alex started considering career paths in high school, her immediate passions drew her to the music industry, specifically music education. After auditions and applications, Alex was accepted into a liberal arts school and received a merit scholarship to play the euphonium. Unfortunately, as life does, it threw a curve ball that required Alex to question every plan she had set.

“My excitement to go off to college, far from home, was halted when my father was diagnosed with cancer,” explained Alex. “I had to make a decision – delay my first year of college to be with my family, potentially losing my scholarship – or moving 500 miles away from my family at this difficult time.”

After much debate and support from her family, Alex decided to head off to college where she stayed for about two years. After these few semesters, Alex found it too difficult to be far from home under such circumstances, so she moved back to Philadelphia and joined the workforce.

Fortunately, her father beat the cancer and was on the road to recovery as Alex continued to work hard with multiple jobs in the Philadelphia region. Among the multiple jobs, there was one in particular with a catering company that led her to more than she could have ever imagined.

“For years I did catering service and got to know Peirce by serving students, alumni, faculty and staff at large events like the Alumni Spring Reception. It was at these events that I learned a lot about the Peirce Family – the events were always diverse, accepting and full of joy,” said Alex.

With this new exposure to a college that really worked for working adults, Alex began to contemplate going back to school to finally earn the bachelor’s degree she had always wanted, “When I started to think about finishing my degree, I was encouraged to consider Peirce by my contacts in the school, and having come to know the people here I felt like it would be a great fit.”

In January 2015, Alex officially enrolled with the College and was thrilled to immediately discover her previous coursework would not go unappreciated as Peirce’s Integrated Leadership (now: Organizational Leadership) program was able to accept most of her previously earned credits and set her up for an efficient degree completion process.

During Alex’s time as a student, she said what she valued the most were the people who surrounded her not only in the classroom, but in her outside-the-classroom experiences, as well. Alex was able to gain knowledge about interpersonal dynamics and organizational dynamics, which she could directly apply to the workforce. In addition to these soft skills, Alex gained a well-connected and caring family, “I value the people that I met, the network that I’ve developed both with Peirce faculty and staff and the students.”

It was with this supportive Peirce community that Alex was able to keep going as another difficult time entered her life. Alex's mom, Polly, was, unfortunately, diagnosed with cancer in 2017. Like Alex, Polly had returned to college as an adult and knew the balance it took to manage all aspects of life. With that, Polly encouraged her daughter to keep going, despite what she was facing. She made Alex promise to stay in school and to continue chasing her dream.

"I reallocated my time so I could help with my mom's care and continue with my classes. Without the Peirce Fit® program I don't know how I would have been able to manage everything,” Alex said.

Now, as a proud 2018 graduate, Alex reflects back on her time with Peirce and provides encouragement for all those considering taking the leap of faith to head back to school. “Do it! Schedule your time! Not only for your classwork but also for yourself – you need to take care of yourself so you can succeed in school and so you can take care of everybody else in your life,” explained Alex, “I struggle with keeping things balanced, but completing my degree helped me prove to myself that I can be effective, professional and that I can do it!”

And Alex sure did do it! In June 2018, Alex crossed the commencement stage officially earning her Bachelor of Science in Integrated Leadership. But that was not all she accomplished, she also graduated Summa Cum Laude and was awarded the 2018 Outstanding Student Award. Alex had finally achieved her educational dreams surrounded and supported by her immediate family, including Alex’s extremely proud mother, Polly, who is doing well these days, and now her new and ever-growing Peirce family.

As Alex officially enters the workforce with a degree in hand, she is happy to report she didn’t leave Peirce for too long. “I recently became a full-time team member in the Student Financial Services department here at Peirce. I support students and staff as an Administrative Coordinator.” As Alex gives a lot of credit for her new job to her education, she also gives a shout-out to the department where she was a work study during her college experience, “I learned a great deal from Career Development Services and Leslie and Sharon are the best. All students should make an appointment to further develop their career goals and preparation. They helped me so much!”

Congratulations to Alex on not only completing her much-desired bachelor’s degree, but also landing a full-time position! We wish Alex nothing but success as she continues chasing her goals one degree at a time.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Year Up Greater Philadelphia Graduate Shahrzad Mohammed Shares Her Journey

When Shahrzad Mohammed and her mother suddenly found themselves moving from Brooklyn to Philadelphia, Shahrzad’s life came to a screeching halt.

For as long as she could remember, she had lived in New York with her mother, building a life filled with friends and interests. Then one day, things changed and Shahrzad wasn’t sure what to do next. Moving to Philadelphia was an entirely new world for her; one moment she was constantly go, go, go and the next she was in a completely different environment feeling lost.

During this trying time, a friend from New York came to visit. Unfortunately, the visit was anything but uplifting. Shahrzad and her friend were in a terrible car accident, which led to weeks of physical therapy.

As Shahrzad prepared for physical therapy one day, she stopped and looked around at her life. She asked herself, “what am I really doing?” To her dismay, she realized the most exciting thing in her life was going to physical therapy. That was when she realized she needed a change.

After searching the internet, Shahrzad came across a Year Up advertisement and decided to apply. She felt that Year Up’s offer of job skills training, Peirce College courses, and an internship would be an opportunity to take her life in the direction she wanted.

After attending an information session right here on Peirce's campus, she started prepping for her next steps, which would involve an interview. After scheduling and practicing, she felt ready to go, but, to Shahrzad’s dismay, her interviewer got sick on the day of the interview. She didn’t let this hiccup slow her down though; she still handed in her paperwork, which included a personal essay where she was able to demonstrate her true passion, writing. After sharing this piece with Year Up, they asked her to interview on the spot due to her skill set. Following the interview and a few whirlwind days of paperwork, Shahrzad was accepted into Class 9 of Year Up Greater Philadelphia in August 2017.

As eager as Shahrzad was to get started, there was one personal struggle standing in her way. She suffers from social anxiety, so getting herself to join and take part in an organization filled with complete strangers in a totally new place was a lot. But Shahrzad knew she needed this program, so she pushed herself to attend the first day and take a chance on this new program.

At first, Shahrzad felt pessimistic and unsure of the room filled with fellow classmates and leaders. She had only felt negativity for so long, she wasn’t sure she could find the positive in anything anymore. Then, Shahrzad learned that many people in the room felt similar to how she did and experienced similar life challenges.

“Year Up created such a community and amazing space where even the most cynical people could eventually turn around and start moving forward,” explained Shahrzad. “We all understood there will always be scars, but now we saw how they could become manageable.”

Shahrzad chose to take part in the Information Technology track (Year Up students can choose between IT and Business). “I was hesitant at first and it was a little weird when classes started because I was originally interested in anthropology in New York,” she said. “But, computers have always been an interest of mine so I decided to go this route.””

After taking classes at Peirce for a semester, Shahrzad was placed in an internship with Wells Fargo. However, she found out quickly that IT wasn’t the right career path for her.

“The first thing I realized when I started with Wells Fargo was how much I didn’t actually like IT,” she said. “But, I decided to take the opportunity to talk to people and network to discover what I really did like.”

Shahrzad started moving around the company learning about different departments and discovered her niche with communications. Shahrzad was able to focus on her passion for writing and found herself contributing to company website content, newsletters, newspapers and more.

She credits the things she learned in the first part of the Year Up program with helping her break out of her shell and become “comfortable with being uncomfortable.” Without these skills, she may have never had the drive to seek out other opportunities and find something she truly loved.

As Shahrzad’s internship concluded, she was encouraged to begin applying for full-time positions within Wells Fargo. As she got ready to start the process, to her surprise, she didn’t have to apply to a single one! A manager at the company approached her and offered her a position working for him in San Francisco at Wells Fargo headquarters. She knew this was the journey and fresh start she was looking for. So, as of August 1, 2018, Shahrzad relocated to California to begin her next adventure as an Innovation Strategy Associate.

In just a year, Shahrzad went from feeling lost in her Philadelphia apartment to landing a career in San Francisco with the help of Year Up Greater Philadelphia and Peirce College. Congratulations, Shahrzad! Best of luck on this journey!

Are you a young adult who could benefit from the Year Up program? Do you know someone who might be interested? Visit to learn more!

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

A Valley Forge Military College Transfer, An Eager Entrepreneur & Now A Peirce Student: Meet Corey Hinson

Corey Hinson always knew he wanted to earn his bachelor’s degree, but when he started to work full-time after he earned his associate degree in Criminal Justice, his education was put on hold. With initial dreams of becoming a police officer after graduating from Valley Forge Military College (VFMC), a proud Peirce partner, he instead decided to take a different route and began working with Public Safety at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.

Soon after he started security work with Jefferson Hospital, Corey realized he was great at his job, which inspired him to start his own personal security company which he devotes about 20 hours to per week. Corey said, “I had originally wanted to be a police officer, but then once I was exposed to security and public safety I knew it was a strong suit of mine, and that I could go far with it.”

But after four years of working in this field, Corey took on an additional managerial job at a restaurant that changed his outlook on his future. “I started to get interested in business principles. I wanted to learn more about how to grow my own business, and maybe start another one in the future.” But, more than anything, Corey started to heavily consider a career in teaching and inspiring others. For each of those reasons, Corey enrolled in Peirce College’s Organizational Leadership program in January of 2018.

When asked about how Valley Forge Military College set him up for success both professionally and academically, Corey was very enthusiastic in his praise. “VFMC gave me additional structure and discipline that I was able to eventually apply to my career. Everything from time management, learning study habits, working with the other cadets, it was all instrumental,” explained Corey.

Though there was a four-year gap between Corey earning his associate degree and when he started at Peirce, he says that he was well prepared to begin school again due to his background at VFMC. “There are more similarities than differences between VFMC and Peirce,” he said. “The small-school feel, the way the instructors make themselves available to help you whenever you need it, the family atmosphere; there are tons of things that make them both feel like home to me.”

Corey’s GPA has improved with each of his sessions at Peirce College, currently standing at 3.3. He continues to work full-time at Jefferson Hospital, part-time at his own business and attends school full-time. Needless to say, Corey doesn’t have much free time on his hands, but when he has a moment he enjoys working out, catching up on TV and spending time with his girlfriend.

Peirce College commends Valley Forge Military College on providing Corey with an excellent educational foundation, and we wish Corey nothing but the best of luck in all of his future endeavors!

If you or someone you know is looking to transfer to Peirce College, please contact me, Tom Tschop, Manager, Institutional Partnerships, at 215.670.9203 or

Friday, August 17, 2018

Using LinkedIn to Advance Your Career

Most people know that LinkedIn is a great tool for managing a professional network. But did you know that LinkedIn is also an important tool in job searching and career planning especially as a Peirce College student?

LinkedIn makes it easy to connect with over 7,100 Peirce alumni throughout the Philadelphia region and across the globe. You can reach out directly to people with whom you’d like to connect, or use LinkedIn’s alumni tool to quickly see who is working in your target industry. According to LinkedIn, 70% of people are hired at a company where they already have a first- or second-degree connection, so these connections become an important way to move your career forward. Reviewing the profiles of senior executives (or someone who recently changed careers) is also an important way to inform your own career moves. You can see what types of jobs helped these individuals advance, and think about what types of 3-5 year jobs will help you reach your 5-10 year career.

In addition, LinkedIn continues to develop career-related resources, most recently launching a new job-searching tool that lets you search job postings by industry and region, as well as a salary comparison tool so that job seekers can quickly see average pay rates for candidates with similar levels of experience in their industries.

These tools are important because most workers today will need to develop their own career pathways. The more you know about opportunities that are available, the pay rates you can expect – and, of course, the pathways of others – the more you will be able to map out your strategic moves.

Remember that all of this work builds on a strong LinkedIn profile that includes:
  • A clear photo of you, smiling, in front of a neutral background
  • A snappy headline that captures your core professional skills
  • A brief summary of your experience to date (think: personal commercial or elevator pitch)
  • Your complete work, educational and volunteer histories
But you don’t have to do this alone! Your network starts at Peirce. Not only will Career Development Services (CDS) help you amp up your LinkedIn profile, you can also get a new headshot taken right in the CDS office. Contact us at 215.670.9202 or to make an appointment today!

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

How Do You Find Balance? What Does it Take? – We Are Here To Help!

With the start of the 2018-2019 academic year, the Health Programs division at Peirce College is honored to be starting a monthly blog series where we introduce you to our experienced and knowledgeable faculty and connect you with some of our corporate partners all while giving you the inside scoop on what’s new in the healthcare industry.

For the first post, I wanted to share a bit of inspiration to start us off. I wanted to discuss a bit about pursuing your degree as an adult and how the Health Programs division, and the entire College, is here to support and encourage you every step of the way.

With September just around the corner, some of you will begin your studies at Peirce as first-time college students, others may be returning to the classroom after a long hiatus and some may be joining us from a different higher education institution. Stepping into a new academic environment can feel vulnerable, uncomfortable and downright scary, but it can also be empowering, and it’s a necessary step toward creating the future you envision for yourself.

As an adult learner and current student, I have been reflecting on what it takes to pull it off, to get through it, to balance work, life, school and all the messy stuff that we hope to avoid until we reach graduation. I’ve come to learn that life will throw us wicked curveballs at the most inopportune times calling on us to dig deep, stand tall and keep moving forward.

So how do we balance it all? Getting organized, being able to prioritize and practicing effective time management are among the critical building blocks of academic success. The rapport we have with our faculty members and our willingness to reach out for help, guidance and clarification cannot be underestimated as an important part of the success puzzle. And leaning on our support system of family, friends, neighbors and community is vital, especially when things get tough.

What is it that keeps us going in the toughest of times? This may take some personal reflection. Perhaps it is our perceptions of ourselves and our ability to overcome failure. Perhaps it is trusting that our most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work. Perhaps it is seeing and believing in the final end result.

What does this mean for us? Higher education is designed to transform us as individuals, but expect turbulence along the way. Earning your degree is supposed to be hard; it’s part of what makes the reward of holding your diploma so sweet.

Completing your degree may very well be one of the hardest endeavors of your life. Hopefully, it will also rank among those most worthwhile. When you hit bumps in the road, and it’s likely you will, remember why you started and be kind to yourself along the way. Good luck!

Check back in each month to see what the Health Programs division has to say next!

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

From Bachelor’s to Master’s to Doctorate – Meet Timmi Kilgore

Back in 2016, Timmi Kilgore shared a bit of her story on finally achieving her dream of earning her bachelor’s degree. She spoke of perseverance, dedication and her commitment to showing her children and grandchildren the true importance of education.

As Timmi completed her first goal of earning her Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration, she knew she wasn’t quite done yet. As Timmi approached the end of this first educational achievement, she learned of and eventually took part in Peirce’s Grad Scholars Program. This opportunity allowed for Timmi to begin taking graduate level courses while still completing her undergraduate degree. Once she graduated with her bachelor’s, Timmi was already on the fast track to earning her master’s.

Timmi knew she wanted to continue with her education even after achieving her bachelor’s degree because as she put it, “I believe that education is the best investment that one could ever take. In life, many things can be given and taken but, once you have education nobody can take that away.”

After taking almost 30 years off prior to returning to school, Timmi is now the proud recipient of not only her Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration, but also her Master of Science in Organizational Leadership and Management.

Unfortunately, earning her master’s degree was not as smooth sailing as earning her bachelor’s degree. Timmi suffered a brain injury in December 2017 right as she was finishing up her capstone course for the program. Luckily, with the support and encouragement she felt at Peirce, Timmi was able to complete her courses, tackle her newest goal and proudly cross the graduation stage for a second time in 2018.

Now, after having had to leave her job due to the brain injury, Timmi is eager to get back out in the workforce especially with her new degree and skills. But, as Timmi awaits her new career path, she is certainly not just sitting still.

Timmi recently enrolled in a doctoral degree program where she will continue to pursue her educational goals one degree at a time. Timmi said, “I only came back to school to earn one degree to inspire and motivate my children. Now I am in a doctoral program, which is way beyond any expectations that I originally had and I owe it all to Peirce. My education at Peirce has prepared me to go through the doctoral program with ease.”

Peirce College is extremely proud to serve students like Timmi who exceed their own expectations by achieving their first goal and immediately moving on to conquer the next. We wish Timmi continued success as she chases a new career and a third degree.

Check back in throughout the summer as we continue to feature and share some of the Class of 2018’s inspirational stories.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Applications Are Open For The Professor Edwin B. Miller Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund

Last year, Peirce professors Glenn Barnes, Cynthia Gentile, and Ivy Kempf and friend of the College Dr. Ruth Shaber created the Professor Edwin B. Miller Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund to honor the late Professor Edwin B. Miller and to provide college scholarships to current Peirce Legal Studies students in need of financial assistance. Now, Peirce is excited to announce that applications are being accepted for the scholarship!

Professor Edwin B. Miller served the Peirce learning community for more than 16 years, growing the College’s Legal Studies programs and educating, mentoring, and guiding countless adult learners. Today, the College seeks to continue Professor Miller’s proud tradition of helping mold legal minds by rewarding scholarships to those who are seeking career advancement.

In order to be eligible, applicants must satisfy the following criteria:
  • Be a Peirce College undergraduate student, currently enrolled in the Paralegal Studies, Legal Studies in Business or Criminal Justice Studies programs
  • Completed at least twelve (12) credit hours at Peirce
  • Have a GPA of 2.5 or above
  • Demonstrate financial need
Interested students must submit a completed application by August 10, 2018 using the Professor Edwin B. Miller Memorial Endowed Scholarship application. Applicants must also submit a one (1) page typed essay about his/her activities at Peirce or in the community to illustrate the virtues of commitment and compassion and provide reference letters to further illustrate his/her commitment and compassion. Essay and recommendations must be submitted to by the deadline.

There are a limited number of scholarships available, but we encourage all eligible students to apply. For more information, please visit the Professor Edwin B. Miller Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund page located on Peirce’s website.

If you are interested in making a gift to help grow our scholarship funds, which help our students reach their dream of attaining a college degree, please visit our Online Giving Form.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Remembering Brian Webb

In May 2018, tragedy struck when Brian Webb, a 2018 Peirce healthcare graduate, lost his life. Brian was an incredible student, community member, son and friend. He is remembered and cherished by many, including his Peirce College family.

In celebration of Brian’s memory, today we are sharing his story of persistence, determination, and success.

As is the case with many students, when Brian Webb graduated from high school, he wasn’t quite ready for college. According to Brian’s mother, Mrs. Juanita Webb, Brian was very self-aware of what he wanted and needed at that time in his life, so he joined the United States Airforce. After leaving the military, he established a place for himself in the City’s workforce.

One day, seemingly out of the blue, Brian approached his mother and declared he was going back to school. In recalling the moment between them, Mrs. Webb said, “Brian inspired himself. It was all a personal decision and journey. I was, of course, very encouraging of this decision once he enrolled, but Brian came to this new educational path all on his own.”

Brian first started his educational journey at the Community College of Philadelphia (CCP) where he earned his associate degree. And while this was an incredible accomplishment, he still had bigger dreams to realize. A proud mom, Mrs. Webb watched him seamlessly transition from CCP to Peirce College to complete his Bachelor of Science degree in Healthcare Administration.

Brian’s mother explained, “Brian’s hobby was his education. There was never a time he wasn’t studying, reading or writing a paper. He found such interest in the topics. I never knew of his passion for the healthcare industry until he was so involved in it during college.”

In addition to Brian’s passion for education and the healthcare field, Brian had a drive to be kind to everyone, everywhere. Mrs. Webb said, “Brian found the good in every situation and every person. He would always look for the positive no matter where he went or who he met.” His kind spirit extended well beyond supporting people. Brian also had a passion for nature. In his spare time, you could find him giving time, energy and love to the beautification of surrounding lawns.

Brian completed his degree in April 2018 and was scheduled to walk across the stage at the Kimmel Center this past June. He passed away in May. Although his death was a devastating tragedy to all who knew him, his life was still a gift to those who called him relative, colleague, Peirce community member and dear friend.

As Brian’s family and friends continue to remember him for his passion for education, humility and kindness, Mrs. Webb also wants to underscore some advice she knows Brian would encourage. “For all those individuals out there thinking they are too old to go back to school or those who think they won’t be able to keep up, it is never too late. Brian was as sharp as ever at his age and he would encourage everyone to follow their dreams. Brian had a dream of earning his bachelor’s degree and he made it happen; his dream came true!”

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Preparing Students For A High Demand Industry: Information Technology

Prominent cybersecurity breaches have become almost a daily occurrence. Such events dominate the news, happening on a larger scale than ever before. No one seems immune, and individual computer users, retailers, financial institutions and even the government all struggle to detect, remedy and deter cyberattacks. Despite the costly and difficult battle they attempt to fight, they can't seem to stay one step ahead of the bad guys.

As a result, cyber- and information security knowledge is in huge demand in the job market. This month, we highlight Peirce’s Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with a concentration in Networking, Administration, and Information Security (NAIS) as the program feature of the month to show how Peirce College has been offering a portfolio of security coursework preparing graduates to meet this lucrative, growing demand for over a decade.

Peirce’s Information Technology with a concentration in Networking, Administration, and Information Security (NAIS) program offers six courses that focus on cyber, network and information security. These courses range from those that focus on highly technical “hands-on” skills to courses that tackle the mission-critical administrative, policy and training issues that transcend technology.

Our security coursework starts with Introduction to Network Security, which addresses the technologies and procedures to identify and mitigate risk and identify and remedy security incidents, in the name of maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and availability of an organization’s information. This course aligns to the objectives of the popular CompTIA Security + industry certification, which provide those seeking to build a career in security a respected, vendor-neutral credential to demonstrate to employers their mastery of network security basics.

The CompTIA Security + certification is not only a well-regarded certification in the field of Network and Information Security, it is also a requirement for most IT Security jobs in government and for government contractors.

Additionally, the four information security (“ISC”) courses students will take part in provide a broader, high-level perspective on the many facets of cybersecurity, addressing security and risk management, asset security, security engineering, communication and network security, identity and access management, security assessment and testing, security operations and software development security.

These courses align with the objectives of the International Information System Security Certification Consortium’s (ISC2) much sought-after CISSP certification, an advanced certification which has long been considered the gold standard of Information Security Certification.

In addition to Peirce’s advanced security-based courses already developed, there are currently plans to add a course that maps to the EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacking certification (CEH), as well as a security-related cloud and virtualization course.

In the Peirce Information Technology division, our goal is to provide the education that puts our graduates in the best possible position to succeed in the workforce. By providing a well-rounded core of foundational IT skills in conjunction with deeper, up to date knowledge in high demand specialties like cybersecurity, we are able to do just that.

To learn more about our Information Technology program, reach out to our Admissions Team at 215.670.9000 or

Check back next month to see what program feature will be up next!

Monday, July 23, 2018

A Degree and A Proposal – Machele Jackson’s Dreams Came True

Machele Jackson first attended a Peirce College Commencement as a proud family member in the audience. As Machele watched her sister walk across the Kimmel Center Stage, she felt a sense of desire to also achieve this milestone. This was when Machele knew it was time to head back to school.

As the age of 30 quickly approached, Machele found herself working a job that was not aligned with her true passion. Machele knew she wanted to pursue a career in medical coding, but was never sure how to make the transition. Once her sister encouraged her to invest in her future by attending Peirce and then, furthermore, after discovering the healthcare programs offered, Machele was sold and never looked back.

Machele joined the Peirce community in January 2015 by enrolling in the Health Information Technology program, which would allow for her to finally be on the path to her dream career. Machele said, “I gained so much from this degree program; from a better working knowledge of medical coding to developing many new relationships. Most importantly, I have gained a better sense of who I am and became extremely marketable to employers.”

In addition to the new personal and professional skills, Machele said, “I value the flexibility of Peirce College as well as the consistent involvement from the professors. The professors always seem to understand and respect you are an adult with responsibilities, but, yet they continue to encourage you to push yourself!”

Machele was able to find her success with Peirce and as of June 2018 she was now the one crossing the stage of the Kimmel Center earning her Associate in Science in Health Information Technology.

As if the night of commencement was not already exciting enough for Machele, she had another big surprise waiting for her as soon as the ceremony concluded. Once in the lobby of the Kimmel Center where family and friends gathered to celebrate her successes, her boyfriend, Robert Forrest, got down on one knee and asked for her hand in marriage! Machele said, “I was completely taken back and even more overwhelmed. We have been together for 18 years come this November; we are high school sweethearts.”

Machele said this special moment was the perfect ending to a perfect night for both of them. Robert is not only now Machele’s fiancé, but he has been her constant support system throughout her college journey. “Robert has spent a lot of his time making sure that I made test deadlines and stayed awake to complete assignments. He definitely deserves some of the credit for my successes because he was by my side every step of the way. I am glad that he was able to enjoy this moment as much as me,” explained Machele.

As Machele now prepares for planning a wedding, she still has her career goals in focus. As a Supervisor for Veterans Administration in Philadelphia, Machele said she has already been able to directly apply what she learned and gained at Peirce to her current position. Machele hopes to continue to grow into management one day with her new skills and degree.

Congratulations to Machele on graduation and her recent engagement! We wish her nothing but a lifetime of success and happiness as she continues chasing her dreams.

Check back in throughout the summer as we continue to feature and share some of the Class of 2018’s inspirational stories.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Rebecca Carpenter Found Her Niche In The Small School Setting

Rebecca Carpenter graduated high school in 2008 and immediately started her college career at a much larger university in the Philadelphia area, thinking that the big-school feel would be perfect for her. But like many Peirce College students, she eventually discovered that the sheer size of the campus and lack of student focus left her wanting more. Following the birth of her son shortly there-after, Rebecca knew she needed more of a hands-on experience in a smaller class setting, so she enrolled at Montgomery County Community College (MCCC).

“I had always been interested in health sciences, so when I started college I wanted to be a nurse,” Rebecca said, “But then I had my son, and I knew it would be almost impossible to work typical nursing hours while taking care of him. So, I started at MCCC originally intending to do Medical Billing and Coding, but after I earned my certification I wanted to continue on and get my associate degree.” Rebecca finally accomplished her goal in June of 2017, when she graduated from MCCC with her associate degree in Health Services Administration.

Fortunately for Rebecca, she soon found a great job working as the Manager of Revenue Cycle for the Neurosurgery Department at University of Pennsylvania Hospital. It had been her intention to continue on in this position when, to her surprise, Rebecca was alerted that there was a new job opportunity within her department in a leadership position. In order to achieve this new career goal, Rebecca knew she needed her bachelor’s degree. That’s when she learned about the Organizational Leadership bachelor’s degree program at Peirce College.

“My manager at work was actually a Peirce College student, so she told me it would be a great place to transfer my credits and earn my bachelor’s degree,” Rebecca said. “She knew I would need a flexible class schedule because of my full-time work schedule and my son. I also knew as a visual learner I might need a mix of in-person and online school. Once I learned that Peirce provided what I was looking for and nearly all of my credits transferred, that was that.”

Since Rebecca works full-time at University of Pennsylvania Hospital and also raises her son, she takes advantage of the PeirceFit® format. She tries to make it in to the College as often as she can, but she says that her online courses still effectively foster a community feel. “I know I have all the resources I need to succeed,” she says. “It’s great to feel interactive with other students and instructors even though I attend class online most weeks.”

When asked what advice she might share with anyone considering a return to college after having children or working full time, Rebecca laughed and shared her favorite quote, a line from Finding Nemo, “‘Just keep swimming!’ As difficult and overwhelming as things may seem, people are so much stronger and more resilient than they give themselves credit for.” Rebecca claims that she “doesn’t know what free time is anymore,” but smiles and says that her favorite hobby is hiking outside with her son and their dog.

Peirce College wishes Rebecca the best of luck and congratulates her on her achievements thus far, and commends Montgomery County Community College on providing Rebecca with an excellent educational foundation!

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