Friday, February 16, 2018

From Teeth to Computers – Meet Vandy Sam

For some people, the path they take to earning a college degree can take a drastic turn, steering them in a direction far from where they started. Vandy Sam, a Peirce College student majoring in Information Technology with a concentration in Programming and App Development, is the perfect example.

Vandy originally developed an interest for dentistry when he was younger. Following high school graduation, he immediately began classes in hopes of pursuing this dream. To his surprise, he quickly realized that the field didn’t excite or interest him as much as it did when he was younger, and he started considering other options.

Fortunately for Vandy, he had always loved working with computers, so the decision to enroll as an Information Technology student at The Community College of Philadelphia (CCP) was an easy transition. During his experience with CCP, he expressed a desire to continue on with his education following graduation by pursuing a bachelor’s degree. This excitement for knowledge led a CCP instructor to connect Vandy with Peirce! Since this connection, Vandy has never looked back.

“It’s been a really positive experience at Peirce from day one,” Vandy says. “The location, the tuition, the fact that all my credits transferred, it all made sense.”

Vandy mentioned one of the most valuable aspects of his time at Peirce College so far has been the Career Development Services (CDS) team. They informed Vandy of a Wells Fargo job opening and he has been there ever since.

Vandy credits Peirce’s CDS staff for not only letting him know about the job and encouraging him to apply, but for also assisting him with resume and interview preparation. “I’ve been there since September working on Networking for their IT team,” said Vandy. “I’d love to stay with Wells Fargo and I have Peirce to thank for helping me find the job. It’s been great.”

Since Vandy works full-time at Wells Fargo, he can no longer attend all of his classes on campus, but that certainly doesn’t stop him from still earning his degree! He has taken full advantage of the flexibility of the PeirceFit® program, which allows him to excel in school even if he can’t make it in for class. “I used to come to all of my classes on campus, but now that I work full-time I have to attend most of them online. It’s a great option for a student like me that needs a flexible schedule,” explained Vandy.

When asked what advice he has for other students juggling work and school, Vandy didn’t hesitate and offered, “Time management is everything. As an adult, you have a lot more on your plate, and you really need to be disciplined with how you spend your time.”

Though he’s normally busy with school and work, Vandy still attempts to fit some fun into his schedule. He balances playing video games with working out, and he loves to read comic books.

Peirce College salutes The Community College of Philadelphia for providing Vandy with a wonderful educational foundation, and we wish Vandy the best in all of his future endeavors!

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