Monday, March 5, 2018

A Dedicated Leader, An Inspiring Student - Meet Robin Johnson

Today we introduce a student who has not only made her mark on Peirce College, but has made her mark on the country.

Robin Johnson, a current Peirce student in the Organizational Leadership program, has been serving our country for 25 years. Robin is an adult learner who brings her wealth of human resource and military knowledge to the classroom each week.

Robin originally started her educational journey many years back, but found the other schools she attended were not for her. Then, during a conversation on higher education one day, her fellow colleague and three-time Peirce graduate, William Blackman, encouraged Robin to learn more about the College that really works for working adults.

After speaking with Karen Hun, Robin’s Enrollment Specialist, Robin found her interests directly aligned with our Organizational Leadership program. This offered her the opportunity to tie in her current human resource role while learning and developing her leadership style.

Now, three sessions in, Robin only has good things to express about her educational journey, saying, “I feel at home here. The professors are empathetic. The program is realistic. I love the staff! I immediately felt a closeness when I first came to Peirce and that is what I wanted.”

Robin has a hectic schedule at times with her military commitments, but she has found a system that works for her with our PeirceFit® program, “I love the Fit program. If I can’t make it to campus, that’s okay. I started strictly online and had one problem with a class, came to campus and realized I do much better in the classroom, so here I am! PeirceFit really caters to working adults and I appreciate that!”

Robin definitely has her hands full in her position of Sergeant First Class, the Non-Commission Officer of the 252 Quartermaster Company of the Pennsylvania Army National Guard while balancing school. With her career, she manages anywhere from hundreds to thousands of soldiers' records from the time they arrive in the military to the time they leave. With this much on her professional plate, how does she fit school in? Robin said, “I don’t give up and always stay with it. I talk to my advisor, create a time management plan and always remind myself this is for ME. We spend so much time doing things for other people, but we don’t take enough time to do things for ourselves. I am finally doing something for me!”

As Robin continues to find success in her classroom work, she is far from slipping in her professional career. Robin Johnson was recently awarded the 2018 Women Veterans Award Honoree of the Year and Editor’s Top Picks: Women of the National Guard by The Healthy Caregiver Community Foundation. This honor was given to Robin for her inspiring leadership for women of all ages. With this award, she will be considered the advocate for women in the military and in general for the upcoming year.

As part of the Healthy Caregiver Community Foundation, Robin and others have been able to grow in their effective leadership skills and furthermore help to train the next round of women. Robin explained, “The foundation assists women in the military ‘from boots to the board room’ by showing us how to take the leadership part of the military and how to turn it into the workforce. I started in the organization three years ago and I was asked to be part of the process in developing myself and then moving to develop other women in the military.”

Robin is a true inspiration for women in all fields. From her award-winning leadership to her honorable career to her work-school-life balance, Robin does it all. If her successes weren't impressive enough, Robin does still find downtime to keep up with the Philadelphia sports teams. No matter how crazy life gets, you can always find Robin cheering on her city!

As one final piece of advice for those wondering how Robin manages it all, she said, “I smile, smile through the toughness, smile through the goodness, smile through life."

We wish Robin nothing but continued success as she makes her way through her Peirce journey!